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    12/16 - Fantasy Championship Week, It's All Good

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    Hey gang,

    Been on this road for quite a while now, so it's also bittersweet when we get to the end of it. From the draft to preseason to the home stretch and now into the final playoff games of the year, this is what it has all led up to. Waiver wire picks for this week could be the reason that you win or lose the all-important championship game. Trends can help you determine who to start over someone else in your lineup. We'll go over both and bring up a few other interesting topics along the way. Ah, football. Looking forward, we'll also discuss some ways to continue fantasy games past the usual post-season of weeks 14-16 and let you know about our plans going forward for 2015.

    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Blame WHO For The Mumps?

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    On this episode, Chris Pacheco, Michael Clifford, and myself break down the crazy fantasy hockey world and especially the DFS wing. Daily fans it has been nuts but profitable and as we get closer to the end of 2014, we begin to look ahead to 2015. 

    However, we will looks at the mumps epidemic too and the fact that no one outside of the NHL really cares about this but it does affect our fantasy bottom lines. No one is really sure when this will end because just when you think it is going to, someone else contracts it. Sidney Crosby had it, now Duncan Keith may have it. You get the idea. This is impacting your daily rosters because a player has to be isolated, according to the CDC, for at least five days. Ouch!

    Tonight the show starts at 9pm ET and I do believe our friends from Loverino should have the archive on their site. Do not forget that you can download the show off iTunes also and Stitcher. We may even talk about "The Dink" who won the Millionaire Maker last night on DraftKings (NFL). Us hockey guys can hope for something close in DFS someday....someday.


    The Phone Number is 1-347-826-7358 and bring those damn questions! We have nothing to answer if you don't. Thanks again for listening and being apart of a fantasy hockey show that is for the fantasy hockey player. 

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    A Kind Voice on Music Hunter Monroe

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    This show features the blues rock diva and two time American Idol finalist, Hunter Monroe. Her honey and whiskey sound and her crisp vocals, at a time when female singers have been arriving in waves, she is a rarity; an authentic artist who brings an irresistible blend of musicality and lyrical insight to everything she touches.

    Host Mitch Ruth will visit with Hunter as they discuss, modern blues, growing up in Harlem, moving to Music City USA and the importance of having a good club to be your home base. Mitch may even get to ask the eternal question, "Why is it that your sinuses always act up right before a big gig?"


    Hunter's website http://www.huntermonroe.net/

    Hunter's Kickstarter Project Page

    Like Hunter on Facebook!!!



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    Denny Carleton- You Tube Experiment

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          I have uploaded some new You Tube  Videos that have some good stories behind them. Whiskey Island which traces the history of Cleveland Ohio's first  settlers, This Is Your Life based on TV Game Shows, JourneyTo The  Manger an Advent Song and My Rust Belt a song that I wrote about my home town region and then recorded it  with Randy Klawon who I played with in The Choir (It;s Cold Outside)..First three callers will recieve a copy of  Randy Klawon's and I new CD Where Angels Sing

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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    You'll never think of an ice cream pop as common when you've tried Buzz Bar, pops infused with real alchohol and not simply the flavor.  There are presently six flavors.  Larry King Heart Bar of berry sorbet and merlot wine. The Buzz Café of coffee ice cream and Irish Cream. Blitzed Berry with strawberry ice cream and rum.  Bourbon Street Chocolate has chocolate ice cream and whiskey. Citrus Berry Drop with raspberry lemon drop sorbet and lemon vodka.  The Drunken Cookie of cookies and cream ice cream with bourbon.  Vanilla Daze has vanilla ice cream with cognac.  Amy Freeman will give us the lowdown. . www.buzzbaricecream.com  

    Going to Charleston, South Carolina?  There are various tours going but Bulldog Tours has a culinary tour that not only takes you for the tastes of low country cuisine, gives you history of the area as well.  Kathy will take us on this tour. www.bulldogtours.com

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    Anyone want to coach the Giants?

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    After the pathetic performance this week by the Giants, I thinks its time to at least explore the possiblity  of finding a new Head coach. Does it end there? is Jerry Reese safe? Lets break Down this Giants Team. Also, good news is the Jets didnt lose, better news is that they didnt play at all. I think we all needed a break from the Circus that has become the Jets and their Season. The Knicks and Rangers are in full season mode and there is plenty of baseball to talk about. Anybody have an issue with Clayton Kershaw winning the MVP? No? well thats a touchy subject for me. As always pleanty of A-Rod stories and Yankee Moves to discuss. Oh and the Mets are so desperate to be relevant again they moved the fences in again. By the way arent they built on Pitching? Great Job. gona play some Music from a band I loved by in the 90's and Talk a little about their story. If you have nener heard of Sister Whiskey, I want you listen in. i think they came on the Hard Rock scene just a little late. But tune in too listen to what I have to tell you. Because I will keep in real and Rockin!!! See you This Thursday @ 6:30pm est.

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    Fall "Wet your Whistle" series with Bulleit Distilling Company

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    Good things come to those that wait. Bulleit’s Master of Whiskey, Gina Fossitt, will be joining us on Wednesday, November 19th at noon to tell us why the Bulleit Distilling Company has been over a century in the making.  Our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series continues as we learn how the original creator of the high rye whiskey, Augustus Bulleit, mysteriously went missing one day in 1860.  It wasn’t until his great-great grandson left a successful law practice 127 years later that the old family recipe was revived.  Now the company boasts a bourbon, a specialized rye whiskey, and an aged bourbon reserve, all of which are the recipients of multiple awards.

    We can’t spoil ALL of the fun.  If you want the full story then you are going to have to tune in this Wednesday at noon!

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    The Thomas Loop Radio Show - Jim Candytree on AM-1440 WJJL 11/12/2014

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    Jim Candytree debuted his first Solo EP - Candygram on 11/11/2014 - Candytree's interview is on here - The Thomas Loop Radio Show Podcast on WJJL 1440AM (Niagara Falls/Buffalo, NY) 

    Check out Candygram on itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp 

    Jim Candytree's Music page on facebook can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Candytree

    Also on twitter at http://twitter.com/JimCandytree

    Three tracks from CandyGram were played here - also - three more from the band in which Jim Candytree is a memeber of - Whiskey Reverb (CD - Nathan Bates Rejects The Illuminati)

    Whiskey Reverb's info is at www.whiskeyreverb.com



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    11/11 - Trending! Julio Jones, Le'Veon Bell, DeAndre Hopkins and more..

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    People of the world..

    Take us to your pizza and beer! No, seriously.. so begins another episode of the drinkfive podcast and tonight we're joined by one of our favorite guests, drinkfive.com contributor and resident rookie expert Shawn Foss. Tonight we'll be talking about trends going into week 11 and whether they will continue or come to a screeching halt, the state of the rookies in the NFL so far this season (plus a little preview of what to expect next year in the rookie class) as well as some good advice on waiver wire pickups this week. We're heading for the playoffs! Help us help you into a playoff spot by listening in and asking your questions via chat room or by calling in on a weekly basis. See ya there!

    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    Preparing for the Holidays with a taste of Whiskey

    in Lifestyle

    The Holidays are upon us, how are you preparing for it? Let's talk..you know I love Christmas because it brings people together. Join me and we will talk about how to get yourself ready for year end events.

    Industry insider Bryson has spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of whiskey — writing about it, thinking about it, drinking it, and talking to the people who make, sell, drink, and collect it. He has traveled the world tasting whiskey, and has acquired an uncommon breadth of knowledge and a full-spectrum experience of international whiskies. In TASTING WHISKEY, he shares his passion for whiskey in a fun, approachable guide designed to enrich and educate readers as they embark on their own whiskey journeys.

            About the author:   Lew Bryson is the managing editor of Whisky Advocate, where he is also a feature writer and columnist. He frequently presents tastings and lectures on whiskey and has written several books on craft beer. He lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

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