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    Have you ever encountered a person with such a demeanor so annoying you just wanted to reach out and hit them?
    Well, good. Me too. Tune in.

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    January Jones - Summertime & Whining Kids

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    No Whine Zone!
    How to Stop Your
    Kids from Whining!
    Humorist January Jones 
    Author: #1 amazon.com
    Thou Shalt Not Whine...
    The Eleventh Commandment  
    Top Ten Things
    Kids Whine about...
    & Cures!
    NOW Meet January

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    January Jones - Married Couples & Whining What do Whining

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    Married Couples & Whining!
    What they Whine about?
    Why they Whine?
    How to STOP them!
    with January Jones
    January Jones is the author of "Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment" that reached #1 at amazon.com. Her book is based on a survey of the "Top Ten Things" that people whine about.
    Ms. Jones deals with the complaints, the causes and the cures. Her book has over 100+ cures for whing that will amaze. amuse and astound you!
    Today January will be sharing the Top Ten Things that Couples Whine about? Get ready to sit back and enjoy one of the most genuine humorists that you will ever meet.
    January's humor is in the housewife tradition of Erma Bombeck! 

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    Whining / Tuning into Your Childs Emotions

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       Want some cheese with that whine? I don't know about you but this is what my parents always said to me when I whined about not getting my way. All kids are whiners, its like they are born with that trait and no matter how hard we try we can't avoid it. However there are some helpful tips we can try to teach our kids that whining won't get them anywhere.
       Also on todays show, we are discussing tuning into your childs emotions. Whether your child is 5 months or 5 years, it can be hard to figure out what they are feeling. Do you know the difference between anger and frustration? Messy Moms is taking a look into the minds of children to figure out the best way we as parents can tune into their emotions.
       In the news today, two male highschool students were humiliated and a principle is ridiculed for a creative punishment. Listen to our show to learn more.
    Plus we are interviewing our Messiest Mom of the Week!
    Remember, If at anytime during our segments you have a question or comment Just call into our show by dialing the call in # listed below. You can also leave questions on our blog or email and we will read them during the next show.  
    The Call In # is 1-914-803-4038
    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Wednesday Whining LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Join Garrett for great celebrity interviews, music, headlines and so much more!  Missed last night's show?  Get your Whining ready tonight live 10pE/7pW.  

    Call 323 657-1493 to join the fun!

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    LIVE! with Cathi-"Stop Whining"

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    STOP WHINING...there's no excuse for not exercising.  No debate, if you want to enjoy optimal health, EXERCISE LEADS THE PARADE.
    WHINE #1...I don't have tim, then wake-up a little earlier than normal a few days a week and get it done.
    WHINE #2...I'm too tired.  Exercise can improve mood and boost energy levels.
    Schedule your workout as you do...etc.
    I'm not fat, don't need to exercise...etc.
    I don't know where to start...etc.
    My body hurts...etc.
    I'm too old...etc.

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    January Jones How 2 Stop Teenage Whining!

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    How 2 Stop 
    Whining Teenagers!
    with January Jones
    Thou Shalt Not Whine...
    The Eleventh Commandment
    #1 amazon Bestseller
    Top 10 Things
    Teenagers Whine about
    & Cures!
    Meet January

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    Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment with January Jones

    in Business

    Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment What We Whine About, Why We Do It and How to Stop with January Jones is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. January Jones is the self-proclaimed Whine Tester. She is an expert Whine-ologist and a reformed whiner who lives every day in the No Whine Zone. Her book published by Beaufort Books is entitled Thou Shalt Not Whine…..The Eleventh Commandment and reached a #1 ranking at amazon.com. Ms. Jones is the author of Jackie Ari and Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle, Oh, No…Jackie-O! and an e-book: The Christina: The Onassis Odyssey that can be downloaded free of charge when you sign up for her e-zine at www.januaryjones.com.

    It's not just you. Anyone who goes shopping, watches TV, or has children knows there is a world-wide epidemic of whining that is out of control!January Jones surveyed a wide cross-section of people to find out why they whine and what they whine about. She used this information to write Thou Shalt Not Whine, a humorous look at why people whine and how to cure it. Whiners come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. January reveals the top ten whines from all age groups and shows you how to deal with them using cures that work. Thou Shalt Not Whine is guaranteed to make you laugh at yourself and others.

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    6-30-14 SPECIAL GUEST: Larry Winget author "Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life"

    in Finance

    YOU HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS BROADCAST.... We are honored to have as our special guest on this broadcast renowned speaker and author, Larry Winget.  Larry's tough love message of "Shut up, stop whining and get a life" is exactly what our industry needs, especially at this time, which is why David Lykken invited him to be on this broadcast.  No questions that our industry has gone through and still dealing with our share of difficulties and challenges, BUT we need to stop the whining and complaining, and TAKE ACTION to seize upon the abundant opportunities that ARE out there!!  EVERYONE in our industry needs to hear Larry Winget's message that he shared on this week's to this broadcast.  You can be assured, it will not be like any other show you have listened to on Lykken on Lending.  

    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of Inside Mortgage Finance giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update, Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and TONY GARRITANO providing a TECHNOLOGY UPDATE.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry. 

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    Inside the War Nest #10

    in Sports

    O Holy Night? Well, it should be . . . except Jim Williams and “Frat House Mike” McShane are breaking down, analyzing, crying, whining, and screaming about this past week’s developments with the Philadelphia Eagles on the latest edition of Inside the WarNest.

    Three weeks ago, the Eagles had a 90+% chance of making the playoffs. Today? They’re making vacation plans! How in the world did this happen . . . and HOW did they possibly lose to the Washington Redskins? It really didn’t appear to be a bad game plan; so did penalties and two missed field goals seal their fate?

    Chip Kelly says the Birds have to go win a tenth game against the New York Giants this week, but does it really matter? Who cares?

    Well David Aitken, Giants staff writer for TheGiantsBeat.com, DOES and he joins the program to talk about this week’s G-Men – Eagles match-up; the team’s three game winning streak; the future of Tom Coughlin; and more

    Pour yourself another eggnog and share an hour of Christmas Eve with Jim and Mike. Get into the fray. Commiserate and rant along with them . . . AND give them a call at 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Wellness Wednesday-Venting, Whining, Complaining

    in Women

    What is venting, whining, and complaining. How are they different and which one is healthiest?

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