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    Making The Rounds With The Wheel Men

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    Tis the season when things are looking festive, and people are coming together to celebrate.  Well Wheel Men and Women fret not - the automotive world doesn't seem to be slowing down much for all of the trimmings, turkeys, and what not....  It's preview season after all, new models arriving at the dealers, and sports car testing days - rejoice!

    While you and yours joyously plan for Thanksgiving meals o'plenty; and narrow down those Black Friday shopping lists, we'll be keeping you up to date on all the fresh racing hardware we've spied at both Sebring and Daytona this week.  To celebrate the spirit of this week's auto shows around the globe, The Wheel Men are given unprecidented access to the Motor Trend Tampa International Auto Show, where we've sent our buddy East Coast Doug to get up close and personal with all of the new models we know you care about!  

    We will also give you some behind the scenes aural access to the LA, and Tokyo Auto Shows.  Hey did we ever tell you we make very good companions for your pre-Thanksgiving 5k training runs, or Cross-Fit classes?  Download us, and we'll help the miles and reps pass guaranteed*.  We are very proud to have this episode sponsored in part by http://www.safelite.com.  Please visit our sponsors and share the love.  Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy the show!  

    *The use of the word guaranteed is for the express purpose of woeful humor, and does not imply a warranty or gaurantee of any kind. 

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    The Rise of the Machines - Episode 5 The Wheel Men

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    ....This is your car.... I am watching you.... 
    Transmission Interrupted... The Wheel Men- We are being monitored and haven't much time, so please listen carefully.  
    In this our 5th episode we begin to form The Resistance.  We shall defy the sweeping takeover of automotive "intelligent" technologies. They are intent on ensuring that drivers become less in control.  Enthusiasts will not be eradicated by autonomous systems, or spied on by anti-XXXX devices.  They have tried to render us useless at the wheel, by distracting us with endlessly scrolling "infotainment" screens and apps.  We may learn to coexist if it is our destiny, but inside we will always fight to be free, to over steer, to DRIVE! For our future, for our young driver's futures, please tune in and prepare.  
    The Wheel Men out.... Transmission Ended....

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    The Wheel Men's Honda Spectacular

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    With 1 out of every 4 living Americans having owned a Honda, it seems reasonable to say we have a love affair with this once humble Japanese brand.  Like the trials of character, every one of The Wheel Men have owned, modified, and raced a Honda in our path to becoming maven motor monks.  We each have stories to recall about our first, our best, our last moments with these machines.  We know you do too...  As we approach the dawn of America's most attended sporting event the Indy 500, we discuss the decade long legacy of Honda/HPD's participation in this 500 mile test of heroes.  John Cawley checks in with us after fielding the Shea Racing / Titan Motorsports Honda Civic Si at C.O.T.A. for the first time, as he recaps the glorious battle in the Honda-rich Pirelli World Challenge.  So dig up those 35mm pictures of your first Civic, pop open a Bartles & Jaymes (you know you were sipping that in those days), and ride with us as we pay homage to the H.  

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    Staging Up With The Wheel Men & NHRA Star Erica Enders-Stevens

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    In this week's episode we have a very difficult time staying in our own lane, as we rip through the hottest stories in the automotive world.  We discuss Formula 1 with the FIA rule change drama, and the point of the sport as a whole... The NY Auto Show, and our 10 best and worst car / truck interiors of modern times.  We are joined by The NHRA K&N Challenge Las Vegas winning Erica Enders-Stevens, for a personal view into shot-gunning the quarter mile Pro Stock style.  We hope you guys enjoy this burning 2 hours with us on this episode which goes from smoke, to fire, and then chutes like only we dare to.  

    Please join the Wheel Men community by tweeting with us @thewheelmenshow!

    Thank you all for your continued support, and downloads!  You guys and gals are our fuel! 

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    Slicks and Sticks: Open Wheel Madness

    in Sports

    Slicks and Sticks is merging the Ice Hockey and Auto Racing worlds together two and sometimes three days a week! Slicks and Sticks is the official shows of Sportsrants NHL and Sportsrants Racing. The week can't get much better than going "Behind the Glass" , "Rubbin with NASCAR" and "Slingin Mud" with our sprint car drivers and guests! The team is taking you behind the scenes of NASCAR, touring the garage, strapping in with the drivers, spending time on the NHL, AHL, NCAA and ACHA ice with the players, coaches and staff!! Don't miss a second of the action and get involved in the action on facebook and twitter as well! 

    Tonight's show is the first Open Wheel Madness night and we are extremely excited about this new path and racing adventure we are embarking on! We are sitting down with Ryan Arciero of Forumla Lites to introduce the new racing series to the Slicks and Sticks fans as well as other race fans!  The Formula Lites series was created to provide an economical, technologically advanced race vehicle with an emphasis on safety, to give drivers the opportunity to develop their skills to progress into higher levels of open-wheel racing. The series, sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing is scheduled to launch at the end of 2014 at select events with a full schedule in 2015. The Formula Lites program aims at developing drivers interested in entering professional motorsports, including those who seek to make the leap from karting to open-wheel racing.

    We are happy to welcome back Group-A Racing and Jonathan Scarallo!  Jonathan and Group-A Racing will be one of the teams competing in the series and they are introducing their one driver, Jackie Dick as well! Jackie's story is amazing and can't wait to share it with you!

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    The Best of The Wheel Men - The Early Days

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    Hello faithful fans, thank you for making our show so popular that we can actually have a "Best Of" episode.  We can't believe we already have 16 episodes in the can, with so much left out there to cover!  While we aren't here live to take your calls this week, we certainly aren't phoning it in.  This best of episode really highlights some of our more treasured segments from our dustiest episodes, which you've told us you enjoyed.  We thought this would also be a great way to share some of our finer moments with the newer ears, that haven't yet made it that far down in our archives.  We'll be back next week live to do what we do...  Stay Tuned!  Thank you again everyone!  

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    Going Zero to Insane With The Wheel Men & NHRA's Best - Shawn Langdon

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    To our faithful listeners, we told you we were expanding our horizons this year!  We can't think of a better way to get introduced to the hyper-fast world of NHRA drag racing, than to talk with a couple of the sport's most captivating drivers.  How about 2013 Mello Yello Drag Racing Series - Top Fuel World Champion Shawn Langdon?  This guy has driven faster on track than we have combined!  We are thrilled and honored that he is spending some of his very valuable time with us tonight.  In addition we sit down with a truly inspiring driver and if you're on Twitter you need no introduction to - social media queen bee, and Sportsman Super Comp driver Tina Stull.  Considering their entire competitive season encompasses around 7 minutes of total driving; we are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to steal significantly more than that, and bring you guys these great stories.  Please take some time and visit http://www.NHRA.com!   Strap in as we go zero to insane and back here on the Wheel Men Show this week.  Don't you dare pull that chute until the white line!

    We damn sure couldn't bring you this kind of stuff without a good reason - and that reason is you our listeners.  Thank you all for tuning in, and your continued support!  


    Slide show photos of Shawn Langdon and Al-Anabi Racing are courtesy of Gary Nastase.  Tina Stull photos courtesy of TinaStullRacing.com

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    The Future - The Wheel Men Look At 2014 And Beyond

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    We are no wizards or wise men, but we do know a few.  On this episode we enlist their help to peer into the future, and give you guys a uniquely Wheel Men look at what's to come.  We have the great honor of speaking with one very busy master of innovation Mr. Javier de Rocafort.  Our veteran fans will remember Javier as an early guest, and will appreciate his update to the projects he announced those many months ago.  New listeners will be amazed at the variety of innovations Javier and his team are presenting the world, and how far they've come with some of their most spectacular creations.  
    We'll take a look at some future products slated for release in 2014/15, and why they may be worth the wait.  Gorilla Steve gives his predictions of The Future in the racing world, as only a Gorilla hopped up on fermented bananas can.  East Coast Doug breaks open the fortune cookie of knowledge, and provides his take on coming technologies from his classic perspective.  News, laughs, some unexpected commentary; we've got it all in one nice easy to carry package for you here!  Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy the show... 

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    Santa... Got A Track In That Sack? - The Wheel Men's Anniversary Special.

    in Automotive

    It's time to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of bringing you all the racing excitment, new car news, and other guy stuff you've come to expect from us weekly.  We can't believe it's already been 50 episodes, and a whole year in service to your ears.  We cannot thank you our fans enough for all of your support, and listening loyalty over the past year.  We could think of no better way to celebrate this milestone for the show around the Christmas holiday than to give you one huge special episode! For fun we've each put together our Wheel Men Christmas list, composed of course wheeled dream machines, 150 year old booze, and other such stocking stuffers. Jay and Gorilla Steve will give us an action packed recount of the events from the recent Santa's Toy Run NASA sports car enduro weekend.  We'll talk winter driving techniques to keep you out of the snowbanks. We will of course mash in some breaking auto news, rediculousness, and maybe have a contest or two... Grab a pen, at least one of our lists you'll want to make a copy of.  Thanks for tuning in.... Note: A possible special guest may cause this description to change significantly, please check back for updates before the episode.

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    ANOTHER ROUND!! w/ the Wheel Men at Road America

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    Well, what can we say? We told you our dance card was full and we wouldn't lie to you guys!  In this installment we are back in the studio and just decompressing from the action packed weekend up north as the Grand-Am series gets geared up to battle again in Kansas.  We will cover all the winners and losers from the Rolex, Conti Tire, and ALMS races not to mention the upcoming action.  We will also be able to hear from the rest of our esteemed interviewees.  We sit down with IMSA LITES phenom Tristan Nunez as he is stepping his game up this year with not 1, but 2 pro rides!  Then we snag Andy Lally for a few minutes to chat about his double duty in both the Rolex and ALMS series, and what it's like sharing a seat with McDreamy!  Next we got a treat as we were able to get Bryan Sellers and Wolf Henzler both sitting down with us to discuss their preference for Ginger or Mary-Ann and their shared duty behind the wheel of the Falken ALMS Porsche.  We also have some great stories as we cover all things Elkhart Lake.  Oh yeah, and who won the kart race? Who got dominated, and who is blaming it all on the equipment? Listen in to find out!! We may even have some news stories to chat about in an attempt to maintain some semblance of order!!

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    Thanksgiving with The Wheel Men - Guests M.K. Ducote and Tammy Kaehler

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    Our special Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday edition of The Wheel Men:  We are bringing to you some very special guests and content to ease your overstuffed recovery, or 12 hour sidewalk camping at the mall.  We are talking about racing as entertainment outside of the track, and away from broadcast TV.  How can we get our fix for the drama, and the action of wheel to wheel motor sports when the checkers have dropped on the season?  There are of course movies out there, and we discuss a few of our favorites to help you choose a few to throw in your cart tonight.  We also want to let you in on a less mainstream way to get ahold of that racing excitment you're missing, through books and particularly fiction racing books.  We have the absolute pleasure of sitting down with two great authors of these books; M.K Ducote of The Naked Paddock (with her husband and pro-driver Chapman Ducote), and Tammy Kaehler of The Kate Reilly Racing Mystery Series. We'll gain some insight into how they were inspired, and of course what kind of research was done...  Believe us when we tell you the lives they lead are nothing short of amazing, and the writing of the books are stories on their own!  We're thankful and pround to be sponsored in part for this episode by http://www.Safelite.com.  We sincerely hope you'll visit our sponsors and share the love..  We thank you for joining us, and we hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.  

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