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    Whats Goin On With Big Grump episode 1 whats going on with black folks and the police

    in Culture

    This episode we will be discussing the rising tension between blacks and the police and the overall culture change throughout the generations and also todays slang and usage 

    Tune in and let me know what you think about this.

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    Whats Goin On With Parenting

    in Culture

    Today we will be discussing parenting and how it has changed in todays day in age. We will also be talking how today's parents have affected today's kids. So join us and lets talk about whats going on.

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    What's Going On withKids now days

    in Culture

    We will be talking about this generation of kids. From there taste in music clothes etc, we also talk about what can do fix the issues, how social media has affected the kids. And if you think there is an actual issue. So tune this Tuesday at 8pm and tell me Whats Going On.

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    Whats Goin On With Social Media

    in Culture

    This week we are talking about social media from twitter facebook even way back to myspace . so lets discuss how social media has changed the way we live. So remember to tell me Whats Goin On , this tuesday. remember to call in 342-850-1182

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    Whats Goin On With Relationships

    in Culture

    Hey everyone this week we are covering relationships. The Good, The Bad, And that really boring part in the middle.

    Let's talk about relationships and lets see if we can help each other out and get to the bottom of all this shall we. Catch the conversation and lets find out Whats Goin On. Tues 8pm 

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    Whats Goin On With Faith

    in Culture

    We will be discussing faith and where has it gone? we will be talking the changes between back in the day and faith today. so make sure to call in and join me has we ask the question Whats Goin With Faith.

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    Whats Going On

    in Social Networking

    Real Men Speak is a radio talk show design to stimulate conversation within our community and amongst men and women and especially the younger generation. The show is designed again to stimulate  conversation to help to change the way things are being developed and executed. I've learned that the only way things will change is if we come up with new ways of thinking and doing. So what I'm asking is that you the listening audience, You my friends and family, You my Colleagues come and join this movement to help make things better. The real man speak radio show is full of different ways to help create options for both our young men and men in general as well as the family. It takes a village to raise a standard for change

    The real men speak radio show does not have a topic of discussion, we want to have open dialogue conversation with you about the matters of the heart ,  and how to change the events  that are taking place.

    I need each and every one to become a player in the game and voice your opinions and your concerns so that our young listeners can hear the love that's coming from concerned  people like ourselves.  Myself and Real men speak cannot Change this on our own We are just one voice one voice.Please get involved 

    Visit Our Website at www.realmenspeak.org

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    What's Goin On With Science

    in Culture

    The inner nerd in me just couldnt help himself. So i hope you guys can join me has we talk about science from where we came to where we're going. hoverboards planets deep sea exploration the whole lot!! lets talk about science. I want you guys to tell me What's Goin On With Science. Remember to call in at 342-850-1182

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    Whats going on?

    in Current Events

    Today we talk about what is going on

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    What do you feel whats going on

    in US Government

    how do you feel about the NYPD

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    The Anthony & B.Fly Show Whats Going On in Our World

    in Radio

    On this Episode of The Anthony & B.Fly Show we will be Discussing several Topics that Many of Us are Dealing with!

    * The Diasaster in Baltimore Maryland- Many are Outraged by the Many issues of Police Brutality and the huge amount of innocent people being shot down my law enforcement. Many Took the streets this week in protest that they want to see a change in their communtiy... But is this the Right way to Go about it???? 

    * Teens and Social Media... What are the Parents Protocol When it Comes to this??? Do parents need to be connected to their childrens pages via social media and know log in information.. Should parents Monitor their kids phones, tablets,ipads, etc??

    * And what are YOU putting back into your community, Alot of people often discuss that the city they grew up in or live in currently is goind downhill, due to lack of resources, jobs, homes, etc. So what are you doing to help the place you call home back to a place where people can grow??

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