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    Getting Healthy

    in Politics

    Everyday Americans are bombarded by multiple government approved toxins in our food, drink, medicine, etc. Don and Tomas have been warning our fellow citizens for years about corruption, treason and whatnot but the message is just not getting through. Why?

    It's because the body and brain of so many Americans has been overwhelmed by poisons designed to debilitate the body, mind and at the end of the line the spirit - the soul. So Don and Tomas thought it might be a good idea to discuss cleaning up our act from these brain and body numbing elixers that have rendered so many of you to mere numbskulls who'll believe anything from a TV set.

    Ask yourselves this question. When someone warns you of the deadly, debilitating effects of vaccines, fluoride, aspartame, GMO, etc. do you ponder and weigh that information or do you ignore, ridicule and chastise the person? Tune in Friday at 6PM and hopefully tune out your mind programmers and poison pushers in government and industry getting rich and powerful making you sick and dead.

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    Crimes of the CIA

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    While the majority of employees at the CIA are well intentioned, compartmentalized dupes, top officials at the agency are filthy, treasonous criminals that need to be prosecuted. The same goes for its sister agencies like DEA, AFT, NSA, etc.

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? You can call up to give Don and Tom your take on this topic.

    Previous listeners of the show may think we're all real angry because of the screaming and whatnot. But angry we're not. We're just Cubans.

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    Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder Preview

    in Sports

    Welcome to 2015, ye oulde fans of boxing. Not enough has happened yet this calendar year to be able to say how it's starting out, but like always, we'll complain both before and after, no matter what. This weekend is the first bigger boxing weekend of the year, though, centered around a match between two heavyweights that's actually interesting. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor preview Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder on Showtime, and accompanying undercard. Look alive and you might just catch some movie quotes, lame humor, pessimism and whatnot. Thanks for tuning in!

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    Shenanigans and whatnot

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    Join the crew of A-HdR as they broadcast guaranteed orgasms for your earholes!

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    its the POST TURKEY PLATE REVIEW EDITION......talking week 12 and whatnot...talking FINAL NCAA COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF picks....NBA....NCAA.....NHL ....some hot stove too ......and the picks of week 13 NFL style....and YOUR calls......the third annual THANKSGIVING DAY PLATE REVIEW........and the THREE MINUTE RANT will be epic tonight.....646 -478-5337 ...you know what to do !!!

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    At Eye Level - Hair of the Dog

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Matt G and "Doc" Savage


    This week, we're still reeling from our post-election hangover... at least some of us are. The morning after Election Day does feel a bit like waking up after a night of heavy binge drinking, especially when the results come in and we find our how we actually voted as a people. More often than not, and I'm sure others have felt the same way, we ask ourselves, "what the hell was I thinking?" That said, we'll spend a bit of time discussing the outcome and what we think will/should happen next. Once that's all out of our systems, we'll move on and talk about less serious stuff.


    Feel free to call in and either share your thoughts on the election and beyond or something else that will change the subject. Prizes and whatnot, so join the fun live.

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    Soap Chat tonight plus special guest frmr WCW wrestling star The Stro

    in Television

    We will be talking our usual soap chat  and welcome our guest The Stro 

    and whatnot tonight come and join us!

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 57

    in Soccer

    Do we really have to talk about the game against the San Jose Earthquakes? Really? Like, we have to spend time talking about the tactics and whatnot from the worst soccer game that most of us have seen in a long time? Come on.

    Nah, I think we'll just talk about the upcoming game against the Seattle Sounders and maybe mention Shane O'Neill eating a Geoduck or something. I'd sooner not even mention the words 'San Jose Earthquakes' again in my life.

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    Weapuns uV Blakk Destrukshun (message to all melanated people) Part II

    in Social Networking

    We are constantly bombarded with finance talkshows; legal talkshows, and whatnot; and it’s very rare that anyone speak on true spirituality. I hear opinions about false religious teachings and then encouraged to follow in the footsteps of people who never existed; but what about our ancestors? What did they talk to each other about concerning other realms of existence?  What did they do when communicating and traveling in the dream state?

    Weapuns uV Blakk Destrukshun (message to all melanated people) has a lot of sprituality in it, so I will read excerpts from the book, and see what the Grand Sheik & Divine Minister Mijakelita Isa-Al has to say.

    Peace and Love

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    Honor Amongst Moors – My Word is Bond

    in Social Networking

    Sisters and Brothers, out of all the blogtalks, youtubes, and whatnot; We have listened and viewed talks about constitutional violations, and the diligent work that it takes to fight for justice and remedies; we’ve listened to the gurus on House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192 and the STRAWMAN and different ways fight the fraud; we’ve talked about economic security, and listened to what we should; and should not eat to the point where hostile divisions have developed between vegans and non-vegan Moors; but where is the discussion about honor and the good practice of our word being our bond so that we can experience true prosperity?

    Let’s Talk…

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    TER Episode 91: See? I told you so. Really, you should have believed me

    in Politics

    I told you she'd be back. What does this mean? How will it calaclysmically affect the rest of the series? Are they really just pandas? Let's dicuss it tonight!

    Also, I've been chosen as a Guest of Honor at Trotcon! Huzzah and whatnot

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