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    "B.I.T.C.H." WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Your Host "Lady Inquisitive" Spet. 2012 9pm-9:30 PST

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    Relationship Accountability 

    Relationships  can cause folks to deal with liars, meaningless heartbreaks, and unwanted behavior.

    How does one deal with disappointments, unfaithfulness, scandalous man and/or women, cheaters and heartache?

    Conveying your thoughts on the subject.  

    Call in and tell us, I want to know, 

    "B.I.T.C.H.", what were you thinking? 

    How did you get over the HUMP?

    Beautiful, Inspirit, Tough-Minded, Commander, Healer




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    What Were You Thinking? Healing Your Thoughts

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    LaToya Brown asks this sobering question on this weeks edition of the LaToya Brown Show, "What were you thinking?. How many times have you been asked this question? This blunt yet profound question can bring enlightenment to our dull senses and bring us to the point of mental awareness and spiritual awakening that will truly alter your destiny. Don't believe me? Well, tune in this week to hear LaToya Brown expound on this notion of mental wholeness and learning to unlock your destiny from self-defeating thoughts and words that bind you in negativity and lack. LaToya will challenge your beliefs, shoot down the lies and shine a light on the power you posess to set yourself free. If you are ready to FINALLY be free from yourself then be sure to join us this week and be prepared to be equipped to walk in the freedom you long for and for the freedom you deserve. It is time to break the chains of yesterday and run towards a new life full of joy. hope, abundance and wholeness.

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    Passport 2 Your Passion: What the 'H' were you thinking?

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    Who are the false prophets in your life?  What have you been taught that you later learned was false?  We are imperfect people try to teach imperfect people in a perfect manner.  It will never happen.  History is full of societies that have tried to have absolute control. One speak. A way to control the thoughts and behaviors.

    All these societies fail. These false prophets will tell us to follow them in order to be free. And if we don’t follow them freely and fully, many times they will force people to comply or die.

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    KICK: What WERE You Thinking?? It's a choice, you know.

    in Motivation

    We all do it - every minute of every day - thinking, that is. What's going on in that mind of yours? Positive, self affirming thoughts helping you have a great day,  or the other kind that get stuck in there making you see the down side of things??

    It's a matter of choice, my friend, which ones you will choose to think.

    Listen in to this brief segment where host Debbie Lousberg shares one of her wallops of wit and wisdom to help you move to the positive side of the tracks, thus helping you live a better life.

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    What Were You Thinking?

    in Religion

    Ever wonder where thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc., come from? Join Host Darrell Hykes as he takes a look at the human soul from a Biblical perspective.

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    Design Thinking for Clinical Trials

    in Science

    Design Thinking is a human centered approach to innovation that helps uncover the sweet spot of opportunity where the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success all converge. The application of the Design Thinking methodology (originating out of Stanford’s d.School) as a new approach to looking at solutions can lead to disruptive innovation in clinical trials for drug development. It allows for designing new ways of working, including the needs, challenges and insights about the complex world we work in.  

    In this discussion, we introduce the basic principals of Design Thinking and an understanding of how the methodology teaches empathy for the end user (the patients). We explore its ability to reframe questions and unleash innovative thinking as well as the "downside" of creative tension. Most importantly, we address how Design Thinking can drive more successful trials.  

    Hosted by Valerie Bowling, Executive Director of the Conference Forum, guests include:

    Kate Helber
    Co-Founder, The Helber Group

    Jen Reichuber
    Co-Founder, The Helber Group

    Komathi Stem
    Strategic Innovation Leader, Genentech/Roche

    Kate, Jen and Komathi will also be leading a hands-on program, May 11-12 in Boston. For more information, click here.  

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    SATURDAY EDITION: If you were reincarnated, who or what would you come back as?

    in Radio

    It is Saturday and welcome to the Saturday edition of the jrilshow!!!! Tonight, we are asking you all the QOD:  If You were Reincarnated, Who or what would you come back as?  Sounds like this is going to be fun!!!  Plus an R&B pop icon passed away earlier this week, we will talk about it all tonight on the SATURDAY EDITION OF THE JRILSHOW!

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    What if You Were Already Alone?

    in Art

    When people are considering the incredibly difficult decision to leave a relationship, many times the thing that keeps them stuck long past the relationships’ expiration date is the fear of being alone.

    But what if that thing they fear the most – being alone – has already happened, slowly over time?

    People leave relationships long before the relationship actually ends. 

    Let's tell the truth about it.


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    If You Were Rich What Would You Do?/How to maintain a rich attitude and keep it

    in Motivation

    You are as rich as you preceive yourself to be.So if you were rich what would you do?and how would you maintain it?Your thinking will ensure your riches and help you to maintain it, as you expand in your consciousness diviine ideas will flow that will guide and direct you to attain more and more wealth this is called the inlet, and outlet, to receive from this resevior of eternal GOOD, that will continue to pour its abundance in your life.As you assume the responsibilty of circulating your weath in a meaningful manner the return will be successful.Riches do not contribute to material things alone because as you know they do not last forever, however it is the Law of Attraction that will last and remain forever.

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    What WE Want: Ms. Long Long

    in Women

    Ms Long Long is a Juilliard School trained Young soprano, off Broadway performer, playwright and painter. Here what people are saying about her!

     “A talented singer in western performances with an eastern soul,a vital role in developing the mixture of cultural art for our Symphony.”---Gregory Singer, founder of the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra“A future star with unlimited potential, she has an exceptional voice and she has got a lot of charisma...I am one of her fans now”---Howard McCrary,Michael Jackson’s team singer and an American Grammy Award Nominee“A golden heart and a golden voice,she’s got all the qualifications to be the greatest star!”-Rodney Jones ,professor at Juilliard School, Music Director and Guitarist of Lena Horne “The Golden Voice!”---The China Press, NewYork. “Her voice in music harmony are absolutely superior. Her high pitched voice instantly penetrated the sky that could make people more aware of her "golden voice" reputation.It was a very beautiful harmony and it reached the point of perfection.Sichuan people are baptized, by the excellent international music Concert !” Sina.com, China “Beautiful Melodies in Ms. Long’s Graceful Singing...an international culture pioneer!”---New World Daily,  Peru“Besides from her professional skills and her extraordinarily international beautiful face, she made it because of her frankness and enthusiast personality. She has a broader mind, a charming personality, a positive attitude, a diligent application , a sincere efforts and a daring display.” --- NY Goings On/The New York’s Gods and Goddesses “ Great Talent! The best player and the first one I’ve ever seen who can sing a classic piece causing audience to jump for joy so much!”--- Simanan, Judge of CCTV Avenue of Stars

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    Transitional Thinking ~ Pastor D.L. Douglas Sr.

    in Christianity

    Have you ever been stuck in a place; have all the tools needed but just can't seem to get out, so it seems as if you are trapped? I want to tell you today that God can still use your prison to show his power. Come here, lets talk about Paul and Silas for a moment. If Paul and Silas could talk, they would tell you that your prison time is never God's off time. But the type of power you give to it will determine how you get through it.  Ultimately, when it is all said and done it is the power of  God that is able to tear down the walls and loosen every band. 

    Today, Pastor Douglas is going to give some vital and valuable information on how to not just recover must to move forward in your thinking by changing your perception. Join us today at 11:30 am CST on Blog Talk Radio.

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