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    Polar Opposites #194

    in Sports

    Big Tee and Cool Hand Phil discuss the latest NFL free agent signings and Russell Westbrooks historic tear.

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    Tune IN as Dr. Westbrooks Re-opens Our Eyes to the Alarming New Cases of STD's in our community!

    in Health

    Join the Dr Wendy Westbrooks Show as we discusses STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases.) This silenced epidemic has become transformed into an unspoken state of emergency. STD’s are on the rise again and no one is talking about it.
    Tune IN as we identify these diseases, discuss the importance of re-education, and shed light on our duties to re-introduce this vital information back to the public.

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    Join Dr. Westbrooks as she Instructs you on How to Pamper Yourself for the New Year

    in Health

    Start your Year off right by Spoiling (Pamper) yourself!
    Join Dr. Wendy Westbrooks as she gives us insight and techniques on how to spoil ourselves, the New Year is at hand and we need to reconnect with our bodies
    Release all of the stresses from the previous year, and pamper ourselves.
    Start the year off right before you jump on that big diet make the 1st resolution to take care of you. Take time out for you!

  • 00:22

    Rondo for Westbrook Trade?

    in Sports

    This episode is full of interesting topics! Should the Celtics trade Rondo for Westbrook? Is Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins the next Matt Schaub? The Knicks and Heat stand pat at home in the playoffs and is Revis to Tampa Bay good or bad for the Bucs?

  • 02:01

    The RAM!

    in Sports

    We will discuss game 6 of the NBA Finals, will we remember a Heat loss or a Spurs win more? Lebron's incredible 4th quarter/OT, where Ray Allen's shot ranks all time and was Ginobilli fouled? I have something to say about ignorant Lebron "haters" and conspriacy theorists, Trey Hunter from OKC Thunder blog of SB Nation will join us to discuss Russel Westbrooks injury and what the teams plans are for the offseason, Jeff Munn announcer for the Diamondbacks will join us to discuss their hot start, Patrick Corbin and the brawl between them and the Dodgers, US Open, Yasiel Puig and plenty more!

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    The Sports Kritik!!

    in Sports

    The Kritik is up for another episode!! Call 347-994-2337 to get on the AIR. JerzeeWorld (@nicethegr34t) of www.sportzfam.com joins the Show in the 2nd hour for "Ask The Kritik" ... Tonight we discuss a variety of Topics including the 30 year anniversary of N.C. State winning the national title over heavily favored Houston. Mike Vick's book signing tour was abruptly canceled after threats of violence were made against him, store employees and his family. You'll hear my spirited take on the reasons why. Russell Westbrooks performance from the other night brings a cause for concern but it's not the playoffs. You'll hear my extended take on why analyst should calm their nerves..Why the Anquan Boldin Trade isn't that disastrous for Balitmore and why Free Agency isn't all that its cracked up to be... Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer of our sports generation but can the aging Yanks still be relevant? Is Tiger Woods due for a major this year with two wins already this season? These topics and so much more on the Tuesday Night Sports Party!! Of course runback the podcast if you miss us LIVE !!! The podcast support has been outstanding !!!

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    Trod the Stony Road: The Joseph West Story

    in Health

    Father's Day Edition of the Dr. Wendy Westbrooks Show. Join me as I welcome author, professor and father, Dr. Joseph West to the show as we are set to have a warm, candid and inspiring discussion centered around his personal journey. This man's story of struggles and triumphs, turning despair into hope, has a message for everyone, ESPECIALLY young people. Be sure to tune in and chime in as we would love to hear from each of you!

  • 00:45

    Fitness Tips for Women

    in Fitness

    Happy Mother's Day edition. Ladies are we fit and ready to live the best year of our lives? If not, tune in as the discussion will center around essential fitness tip especially for women. YOU do not want to MISS this show. Join Dr. Wendy Westbrooks in welcoming Mr. Nevin Brittain, owner of Range of Motion Fitness, to the show. Be sure to tune in for the question of the hour to win a gift pack from the Dr. Wendy Westbrooks show!

    Email all replies to askdrwestbrooks@drwendywestbrooks.com

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    Gun Violence vs. Flawed Judiciary System: Which is Worse?

    in Health

    With all the gun violence ocurring across the country, one has to question will we ever regain control of our streets and children? Might it be possible to gain control over the situation? What is at the root of the problem? What can be done to address the issue? What role does the judicial system play in all of this? The Violence must come to an end!

    Join Dr. Wendy Westbrooks as she welcomes, Criminal Attorney, Mr. Arni Chambers,representing the Law Offices of Arni Chambers, Detroit, MI. The gun violence within urban area has been staggering, what can be done about? In Chicago, it is quite possible that the National Guard will be called in to curb the stemming violence in that area. Is that necessary? And how will that impact upon day to day living? Join us for this insightful dialogue that you don't want to miss! Let's reclaim our streets and sons and daughters too!!

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    BDPA iRadio: July 10, 2012

    in Technology

    The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders. 

    July 10, 2012 show:
    Glenda Chappell, Founder, National BDPA, BDPA Baton Rouge Chapter
    Dr. Craig Brown, Vice President (2012-2013), National BDPA
    Portia Westbrooks,Talent Acquisition Consultant,
    West Talent Acquisition
    Host: Franne McNeal.
    BETF Executive Director: Wayne Hicks.
    Producer: Michele F. Ortmann.
    Online Chat: Everaldo Gallimore.
    Technical Advisor: John Malonson.
    Sponsor: BDPA Education and Technology Foundation.

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    Sexual Health: The Missing Link to Overall Health and Wellness

    in Health

    You might be in fairly good health, but the question is, are you sexually healthy? What truly comprises sexual health?

    Join me as I welcome Dr. Grady Garner, Jr, Assistant Professor, DePaul University, Department of Psychology, as we discuss sexual health, race and sexuality, along with HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

    This is a show that should not miss! Tune in and Chime in on the DISCUSSION - SUNDAY, 4:30 PM CST.