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    ISIS, Delusion, Insanity,Religion,Schizophrenia,Creation,Giza Intelligences

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    Creation is an immense, neutral, energetical and evolutive Wesenheit* BEING that is not a Wesen as such but a Wesenheit as a pure natural state of energy, a natural evolutive spirit-energetical activity-energy. The Wesenheit Creation is a pure spirit-energetical BEING-state, a radiating energy of spirit-light, and therefore not a Wesen in the sense of a human being, other creature or other personified Wesen, therefore also not a divinity in superhuman form.

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    Grimm- One Angry Fuschsbau

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    Thank Grimm it is Friday. Grimm season 2 Episode 17 “One Angry Fuschsbau” now that is a mouth full. Looks like this week we are going to get some answers. We hope. Juliette is taken to the “trailer” which will be a big deal if she remembers and or she will be scared to death at what she sees. Rosalee and Nick are dealing with a Wesen lawyer who is trying to get a murder overturned. And Our wonderful alliance with Adalind and Eric may reveal a few more details to what game Adalind is playing.Join us Monday at 8:30pm for a recap.

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    Grimm - Mr. Sandman

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    Thank “GRIMM” it’s Friday.  This week we have Season 2 episode 15 Mr. Sandman.The Wesen of the week is a Jinnamuru Xunte- a bee like creature with a long proboscis tongue.  He is a tear stealing evil spirit. He likes to suck the tears from the victim’s eyes. He finds his poor victim’s at a support group.   Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee are working on theories about the Captain. They agree with us he may be half royal.  Juliette is still dealing with eerie sounds from the abyss that is under her house and ghost they are roaming around.

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    Grimm She's Back. "Season of the Hexenbiest.

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    Thank “GIMM” it is Friday.  This week we have the Fall Finale! Season 2 episode 12 “Season of the Hexenbiest” airs November 16th at 9pm on NBC.  SHE’s BACK!!!  Adalind returns to Portland with vengeance as her top priority, and no one is safe.  She gives out some ultimatums to Captain Renard he has only 48 hours to get the “Key”.  And how will the obsession with Juliette/Renard play out?  How will Hank handle Adalind’s return? Nick has to deal with Juliette’s issues and Adalind’s  vengeance.  Join us as we talk about some of our questions being answered and how will Grimm leave us hanging.   

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    The V.R.O. - Grimm & Haven 10/04/2012

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    This week we have Season 2 episode 10 “The Hour of Death” airs November 2, at 9pm on NBC.  This week Monroe tells Nick and Hank about the Wesen’s consider their own version of “fairy tales”.    Wesson parents would tell there children of this Grimm that had no compassion killed women/children/animals with no mercy.  Now there is another Grimm who shows up in Portland that sends the Wesen community into a panic.  He is a vigilante with kills that go public.  As Nick looks into the killings he realizes it is another Grimm that is a sadistic killer.  Mean while Captain Renard takes care of Juliette and her confused feelings.  Join us as we recap this episode Sunday at 4pm.
    “Magic Hour” will be a two part show.  First part air this Friday 11/2.  We have a guest star Claudia Black who will play a bitter and possibly homicidal beauty.  The “Troubles” this week focuses on someone killing people then asking their loved ones to pay a ransom to bring back from the dead.  Also Audrey uncovers a lead to the location of the Colorado Kid and heads West with Duke to investigate.  What will happen on this road trip will we see sparks with Audrey and Duke while they are away?  Will she finally discover the mystery about the Colorado Kid? Join us as we recap this episode Sunday at 4pm.

  • Norvell and Associates: Customer Service definieren

    in Business

    Wie definieren wir Kundendienst, damit wir wissen können, was es ist und was es dauern wird, um es auf einem Niveau bieten, die konsequent als auch finanzierbar sein wird? Dies mag wie eine schwierige Frage für jeden zu Fragen, vor allem, wenn man nicht die Erfolgsbilanz vorzuweisen. Aber Norvell und Mitarbeiter verfügt über die Erfahrung und Glaubwürdigkeit einige Tipps zur Verbesserung eines Unternehmens.

    Hier sind die Tipps, wie Sie die erforderlichen Mitarbeiterfähigkeiten für exzellenten Kundenservice zu entwickeln:

    1. gut, wenn nicht einwandfreie, Kommunikationsfähigkeit

    2. zuhören können

    3. Produkt-Knowhow

    4. Ausdauer

    5. Wesen positiv zu allen Zeiten

    Norvell and Associates Unternehmen glaubt an unseren exzellenten Kundenservice. Und sie haben bewiesen, dass diese paar Tipps die besten Tools für jedes Unternehmen ihren Kunden sind weiterhin Geschäfte mit der Firma zu überzeugen.