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    Buzz-saw Briefing: Wes Welker Buzz-spiracies!

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    In this 20 minute Buzz-saw Briefing, Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti articulates his well-thought out Buzzspiracy invoving New England Patriots wide reciever Wes Welker and the reasons behind his decreased production. As George "the Howitzer" Gerbo listens in disbelief and with humor at what he hears, the Buzz-saw will explain how Welker is apparently being manipulated so he cannot gain the "straight cash homie" that should be entitled to him at the end of his contract. The Buzz-saw covers all possible crazy scenarios in this briefing. It's an outlandish but shockingly plausible Buzzspiracy from The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show...conquering sports radio, one day at a time...
    (Original show air date: 9/20)

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    NFL Free Agency: Wes Welker to Denver, Amendola to Patriots

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    Chris and Jeff team up tonight to talk about Free Agency news that shook the NFL and changed the look of the NFL landscape. Join them as they discuss Reggie Bush to the Lions, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and Cliff Avril. (347) 945-6008 or on twitter @231SportsAddict

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    Charles Clay drives a Prius

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 2.26: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion recounts his worst show ever.

    West Coast offense offers more flexibility to morph the play on-the-fly but it's also why the QB and WR position is getting more and more difficult to play. 

    Percy Harvin has less than 80 total catches over the last 3 years and has never had a 1000 season, because he's a slot receiver and his name is not Wes Welker. 

    Hybrid players make for solid tight ends and bad wide receivers.

    NFL Veteran Combine is sad.

    Buying C.J. Fiedorowicz in dynasty leagues.

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    All Things Spiritual and Supernatural with Wes Forsythe - March 26,2015

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    Tonight on All Things Spiritual and Supernatural, your host Coyote Chris Sutton welcomes very special guest Wes Forsythe of www.ihuntghosts.com!

    Wes' website iHuntGhosts.com exists to catalog and display what he has captured, discovered, thought about and just plain had fun with. Not everything there is evidence...but everything there is real. He is not famous. He will probably never be on television unless he is the witness to a tornado. He is not trying to validate some past personal experience. He may never prove anything to anyone. Wes hunts ghosts because he is driven to do it and his only true personal agenda is to share what he learns and experiences along the journey.

    Wes came to this field fairly late in his life. However, he spends a lot of time researching ideas, theories, and equipment and approachs his investigations with enthusiasm, professionalism, and as much skepticism as he feels is warranted on a case-by-case basis. As the cliche says, "There are no real experts in this field." So the opinions he presents on his site can be measured on that scale. He investigates with a mix of technology and traditionalism. He does not believe that we can expect to solve all aspects of the paranormal by using the normal. However, he does not believe that personal experiences constitute proof. If Wes finds nothing, that does not mean there is nothing to find: The absence of proof is not the proof of absence. If he does find something he is also aware of the reality that he may not have found what he thinks he found. That is not to say he is not skeptical of claims. Even when Wes believes a location has paranormal activity, he does not see the value in believing every noise and shadow are ghosts.

    Be sure to follow Wes on Twitter @ihuntghostscom!

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    CTC Just Tennis talk show with Susan & Wes with MTM Lucile Bosche taking calls

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    Join us as MTM coach Lucile Bosche take your calls and answers your question.

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    Hells to the yeah!

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    We are back!!! round three of hells to the yeah, this show is of course ganna have some killer tunes from the main main Wes and some great topics from Renae as well as wes. come join us for the comedy and amazing music.

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    Greetings to all God's people thank you for tuning into another broadcast From Insanity to Sane Radio blessings to you. My guest today is no other than Ashley Brinton one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood. In just a year’s time, Brinton has launched an impressive acting career, landing high-profile roles in national television commercials, major motion pictures and music videos including her most recent for her new single "You'll Know" which features Disney Channel star Jake Short. This follows her premier single "Fairy Tale Ending" which was release in October 2014. 

    Ashley will make her big screen debut in the thriller Broken Vows, a psychological thriller starring Wes Bentley and Jaimie Alexander scheduled for release later this year, where she plays the role of Daisy, who is the flower girl and sister of the film’s bride-to-be. The South Florida native has also appeared in Animal Planet’s World of Dogs. 

    Ashley’s extraordinary vibrant stage presence, coupled with her lively “girl-next-door” personality have all enabled Brintonbecome one of the most sought after teens in the acting world. At a very young age, Ashley developed a love for acting. Inspired by her idol Natalie Portman, she played the role of Lucy in West Palm Beach’s prestigious BAK Middle School of the Arts’ production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Among many lead roles in the Boca Raton Theater Company’s productions throughout her early childhood, she landed the role of Christine in the Boca Raton Children’s Theater production of Phantom of the Opera, where she garnered the audiences’ acclaim for her flawless vocals and performance. It was crystal clear to her parents, her peers and her various audiences….this girl had a gift, and it was time to begin her professional training.

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    Aliens, UFO's & more with CONTACT's Lesley Mitchell-Clarke & MUFON's Les Sutch

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    Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in working with individuals who feel that they have had experiences with extra-terrestrial/ultra-terrestrial being.  This fascinating work takes place at Lesley’s Toronto hypnosis clinic www.lightworkhypnosis.com. Lesley has been the host of a popular UFOlogy-focused programme – TIWB BlogTalkRadio’s “CONTACT” with co-host Wes Roberts.

    Lesley will be the MC of the upcoming Alien Cosmic Expo, Conference on Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life & Occurances, in Brantford Ontario June 26-28 2015.  ACE has attracted the world's leaders in the field of extraterrestrials, UFO's, Aliens, Conspiracy Theories and more.  www.aliencosmicexpo.com

    Les Sutch is the Host of Alien Cosmic Expo.  Les is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Reflexologist amongst other intuitive modalities.  His interest in UFO's led him to MUFON, The Scientific Study of UFO's for the Benefit of Humanity, where he now heads the local MUFON chapter in Brantford, Ontario.  You can find out more about Les at www.newconsultinghypnotist.com

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    Crackerjack featured film producer Bryan Coley is our special guest

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    MarVista Digital Entertainment is releasing CRACKERJACK, a heartwarming Southern-style comedy of one man’s journey down the “road less graveled,” executive produced by Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?). 

    An irreverent tale, narrated by Foxworthy, follows softball-obsessed loveable-loser Bill "Crackerjack" Bailey IV, who, upon learning his longtime live-in girlfriend is pregnant, inadvertently commits himself to a men's ministry and their softball team to avoid impending fatherhood and the “Bailey family curse.”   Will Crackerjack repeat the curse, break it or just go play ball?


    Winner of the Knoxville Film Festival and the Charleston International Film Festival Audience Award, CRACKERJACK explores universal themes of parenthood, manhood and the struggle to combat generational curses. The film is a testament to the fact, as Foxworthy noted, “that curses can be broken, change can be found in places other than your pockets, and the water in your gene pool can be treated.”

    “From Waffle Houses to gas stations that sell fireworks to church league softball — and our narrator, Jeff Foxworthy — that’s a decent recipe for a good evening of entertainment.”


    This film stars Wes Murphy (as CJ, “Crackerjack”), the late Rick Dial (as Pastor Shelby), Bethany Lind (as Sherry), L. Warren Young (as Paul), Dowd Keith Simpson (as Glo), Aaron Beelner (as Bucky) and Phillip DeVona (as Boomer).

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    CTC Just Tennis with Susan and Wes with MTM coach Lucile Bosche

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    Due to technical difficulties this show is scheduled for Sunday 22 at 11pm est join us

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

    in Paranormal


    On this week's 'LIVE' episode of "CONTACT", please join Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE, as she and Co-Host and Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS, explore all things UFOlogy-related with the help of renowned, expert guests!  On tonight's show, we are thrilled to welcome back to the programme noted magician, escape artist, expert remote viewer,  Clinician, "OBEnaut" and graduate of both the prestigious Monroe Institute and Gateway Programme, MICHAEL TELSTARR.  Mr. Telstarr is appearing on "CONTACT" in support of his appearance at the upcoming ALIEN COSMIC EXPO (www.aliencosmicexpo.com), taking place in Brantford, Ontario, Canada (a short drive from Toronto) on JUNE 26, 27 & 28.  We'll be LIVE, so be sure to call in to chat with MICHAEL TELSTARR!

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