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    Writing Sweet Romance with Suzanne and Wendy

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    Show hosts, Suzanne Lieurance and Wendy Dewar Hughes talk about their new anthology - Sweet Christmas Love - and they offer tips for writing sweet romance. They'll be giving away e-copies of their book to those who call in during the live show.

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    Titus 2 Tuesday With Keva Renee & WENDY KEY

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    Titus 2 Tuesday With Keva Renee & Evangelist Wendy Key

    Come join us as we encourage you in your transitions in life.  This year is almost at its end but we can still accomplish what we began at the beginning of the year with some encouragement and empowerment. Our Titus 2 guest will assist you with just that!

    Evangelist and Author Wendy Key is a God fearing wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  She is founder of Woman 2 Woman Ministries and is a licensed and ordained minister. Wendy has a heart to reach, teach, and mentor young women, especially women who are in transition and ready to embark upon better opportunities in life. Wendy also consults individuals in writing, publishing, and marketing clean and positive based books.

    Meet Wendy before the broadcast on social media:


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Wendy MacKay Coaching

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    Okanagan Falls, British Columbia – The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you will attract, but you can’t just put a smile on your face and expect to become happy. There is an inner process that must first take place, a connection between your inner intuition and the decisions you make.

    Wendy MacKay is the founder of Wendy MacKay Coaching, dedicated to igniting the inner SPARK in the souls of women 50 and older to live happier and healthier.

    “My perfect clients are everyday women who are at a stage in life where it’s time to be selfish and take time for themselves,” says Wendy. “If you have lived life serving the needs of others it’s your turn. You matter and it’s time to bring your SPARK back to life!”

    According to Wendy, your SPARK is the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental feeling of being happy. Spark stands for “Soul awareness,” “Passion with purpose,” “Appreciation,” “Reciprocity,” and “Knowledge.” While each person’s SPARK is unique to them, it always begins with an awareness of our inner intuition, a sense of purpose, an appreciation for our lives, a willingness to share and a desire to learn. In short, SPARK is the recipe for happiness.

    “Soul awareness is our inner intuition. It is important to learn to trust that intuition,” says Wendy. “Ask yourself, ‘Where is there resistance that needs to shift so I can begin to ignite my SPARK?”

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    Ep17: Wendy and Charles Siefken - Monsters 4 Kids

    in Pop Culture

    Wendy and Charles Siefken - Mom & Son Writing Team

    This duo writes children's books that utilize our favorite monsters but in a kid friendly way.

    Let's all take a bite out of the inter-waves together as we learn how they got into publishing and the books they write, and maybe why they are writing them.  Truly a special success story just in time for the holiday season!!


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    Wendy Addison, Speak Out, Speak Up: 21st Century Whistle Blowers

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    Wendy Addison's life is the stuff that makes up a great film.

    Wendy shares her experience as a whistleblower who spoke out long before Assange and Snowden made it mainstream and prior to protective legislation being in place. Her ability to have won an eleven year war of attrition is motivational as is her ability to forgive, her drive to walk a path less travelled and the stepping stones she has laid down for others to follow her lead. Wendy's battle has been for what's 'right'. It's an exposure of much of what is 'wrong' in the world. It's about Truth or Dare or rather 'Daring to tell the truth'.  

    She has shared speaker platforms with Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Whistleblower), Coleen Rowley (FBI whistleblower), Dr Phil Zimbardo (Stanford Prison experiments) and Professor Roger Steare of ethicability. Find out more here: www.speakout-speakup.org

    Linda Lombardo and Tom Goglia host.

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    The Wendy Powers Show

    in Spirituality

    The Wendy Powers Show. Join "Psychic/Medium Wendy Powers "First Saturday" each month. Show starts at 10:00am EST. Topic/Guest:  Samira Rao, who is an author and an amazing survivor, born in South Asia, raised in the West, influenced by two different religions, her mother was a Roman Catholic, and her father a Hindu both who were raised in Mumbai, India. She will share the miracle of positive thinking, survival and manifesting miracles. To get your Mini readings call into the show: 646-378-0378. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Wendy J. Vitalich and Liz Hanley Raci

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    Liz Hanley Raci:   Angel book

    Wendy J. Vitalich   OCEAN BLESSINGS:  http://www.oceanblessings.com/

    A few years ago I started taking walks to the ocean, mostly to clear my head and feel centered when my life was on shakey ground. I realized that the ocean and its beauty was very healing for me and I became very motivated and inspired to go to the ocean for my blessings as much as possible. I began to take photos of the amazing ocean and it's waves and all the birds that gathered for their blessings. I showed a few of my friends my photos and pretty soon I was asked to keep sharing them as they brought joy and healing to others. Ocean Blessings came to me effortlessly and the vision I caught has pulled me to create this book of 50 of my inspirational quotes along with photos of the ocean and sunsets. In wanting to share the healing power of the ocean, I also created 2015 wall and desk calendars along with greeting cards so people can bring it home with them.

    Liz Raci is an Agape Spiritual Practitioner and has taught with Rev. Michael B Beckwith in the Science of Mind One classes for many years. She also was a speaker at the Revelation Youth Conference which is in its 28th year.  Liz has taught teens in the science of mind teaching at both the Agape International Spiritual Center and North Hollywood Church of Religious Science for twenty years.  Liz is a small business owner, wife, and mother


  • Words from the Well: Conversations for Single Parents with Wendy L Harvey

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    “Your Best Friend!” (YBF)

    Stacey Schieffelin, Ford model and makeup guru, successful entrepreneur and true believer in empowering women to live the life they dream, is as approachable as the girl next door. Stacey shares her knowledge about how to look and feel your beYOUtiful best every day. For Stacey, putting your best and fabYOUlous face forward is a sign of self-respect, not vanity. She believes every woman deserves to have her own customized and personalized blueprint that maps out her unique path to bold beYOUty and self-confidence. Stacey founded Models Prefer 18 years ago; an international cosmetics company that has been sold on HSN in the U.S., QVC in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. The MP brand remained the #1 color cosmetics line on QVC in the UK for more than eight years. 

    Beauty is a natural extension of Stacey’s fun, engaged relationship with her customers (girlfriends); best demonstrated through her Pajama’ Party at Sea Cruises. “I started out talking to women one-on-one about what makes them beYOUtiful; first on HSN and QVC, and then in our unique Pajama’ Parties at Sea, traveling the world on a cruise ship devoted to fun, beauty and empowerment. Women embraced the ideas, products and friendships we were sharing. The phrase “best friend” was voiced over and over as they described their feelings about the products and being part of our community. Without question, the perfect name for our new brand “your best friend” (ybf) came from our girlfriends!” 

    Stacey is on the board of directors of Fashion Group International, Count Me In and is an active member of Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD), Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Girls, Inc., American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. 

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