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    Missy Hill is Back and Joined with Wendi Morrison from Gaia Rising NOW TV

    in Spirituality

    Missy is back from hiatus and hibernation and joined by Wendi Morrison from Gaia Rising NOW TV a show Exploring Humanity's Origins: Artists, Activists, & Alchemists in Support of Gaia and HU~manity.

    On this short impromptu show~We will discuss my interview on her show, what has been happening on planet, where the collective is now, tools for advancement and Wendi's soul mission work this internet tv show being an out reach program to help beings awake and become motivated to change the timelines and anchor in higher frequencies to restore a golden age on Planet Earth~Gaia Rising once again.....and more!

    Wendi is an artist, sound healing coach, works with crystals, music and animals.

    Her website is http://www.orangeray.com



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    30 Minutes Raylow and Wendi

    in Current Events

    Talking about day topics and what's happening and whats around us. Just talk.You welcome to listen. Soon our premium show start in a few weeks. 

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    #TurntableThursdays w/ DDei&Estate

    in Entertainment

    #KingOfUndergroundMedia's Tee Recx & Wendi on the 1s and 2s to play some of the upcoming hits before even going on FM Radio! Check us out!

    #KingOfUndergroundMedia with Tee Recx & Wendi brings an entertainment talk show to you via interviews, music, & talk radio on a globally Internet show platform. Our audience tunes in to listen for their favorite entertainers, seasoned veterans, & people of all walks of life. The show engages our guest to interact with us and take questions or comments from callers around the world during our interview. It's all about the talent & the biography of the true artist.

    S/O to The Hype Magazine, College Underground Radio, TuneIn Radio, iTunes, Soundcloud, AudioMack, and Reverbnation!

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    #KingOfUndergroundMedia @DShepWorld

    in Entertainment

    Special Guests & More (Subject To Change)

    D-Shep - @DShepWorld

    D-Shep is more than a just a southern artist with a regional sense of hip-hop. His lyrics tell of his struggles to make it out of his rough beginnings in Miami's Naranja neighborhood. Success is not something that's given to you its something you must take for yourself; D-Shep learned this at a young age as he struggled to survive on Miami's south side. Signed to an independent record label, D-Shep, born Darrell Sheppard, is the real deal; he's been on the streets, with the stories and credibility to back it, but still his southern background is apparent in his sense for good music.
    After his first two mixtapes, "Rent Money" and "Eviction Notice", D-Shep has managed to resurface with another compiled mixtape of growth, hood and truth. Honestly titled "Rent Money 2nd Impression", it is his renewed drive to restore hip hop in Miami. While some rappers have decided to follow a certain pattern to define Miami music, D Shep has decided to recreate that lane for his own personal use. His track "Snap" took a music trend in Miami called stick music and made it work for him. It addresses some of the frustrations most talented artists encounter in this industry. Songs like "Living that Life" ft Akon and "Can't See Me" ft Git Fresh take you through a journey of his thoughts causing you to understand his reality. Not to mention with the help of Veronica V, "Rather be with you" allows D-Shep to keep it real with the ladies to become that side dude.

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    in Health

    This week we will re-visit one of our most listened to shows...ADDICTIONS!!

    Do you have addictions to alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, sex/love, co-dependency, etc.?

    Been to 12 step programs, counseling, took various meds but still relapsing?  There may be an answer!

    On May 5, 2015at 8 pm (Eastern) Dr. Jess Armine will discuss addiction and relapse and the common neuro-physiological basis for addictive behavior as well as the genetic polymorphisms that lead to relapse. He will discuss how consistent cravings, "JONESING", or "white knuckling" are what lead up to relapse. Until now, The Build Up To Relapse has been treated predominantly with psychosocial modalities. The physiological causations are downplayed or remain un-attended. Based on the research of Kenneth Blum, PhD & Bill Downs PhD, these physiological and genetic imbalances are key causes of the cravings that build to relapse. Pioneers like, Dr Ben Lynch, Shawn Bean, h and Dr. Jess Armine have furthered the genetic/epigenetic portion of this research

    This week Dr. Armine discusses the physiology of all types of addictions, the genetic contributions, and the new non-drug methods of addiction treatment NAAAT (NeuroAdaptive Amino Acid Therapy) and how combined psychological and physiological treatment gives the best prognosis for long term recovery.

    READ THIS PLEASE!!!: Guys, I am a great supporter of the 12 Step Programs and other forms of conseling. NAAAT is to treat the physiological "part" of addictions and is best utilized IN ADDITION TO, NOT INSTEAD OF the 12 Step Programs, etc.

    Join Us and Learn! There will be a .pdf and time for Q&A. See you then!!

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    Your Dream Job: Get Motivated Now and Take Your First Steps

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for life changing Interviews on "Your Inspiration Station" hosted by your coaches Wendi, Christa & Shermin!

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    #KingOfUndergroundMedia @Puma213 @Quani_Dee @Brewski773

    in Entertainment

    Special Guests & More (Subject To Change)

    Puma - @Puma213

    Quani - @Quani_Dee

    Brewski - @Brewski773

    Paul "Puma" Robinson, and Quani Robinson, VH1's highly controversial yet widely respected Reality TV personality. Known for being the "black sheep" on Vh1's Black Ink Crew, Mr. Robinson has begun a campaign tour called #PaintMeTheVillian: Meet The Robinsons.  This tour is to promote how he is more than just a reality television star, but a visionary with a plan. A visionary of all forms of art, with roots from contemporary urban culture-who also knows when and where to have fun, though popular belief feels otherwise. Let him tell you his story, his truth.

    Brewski's The Confidence LP coming 4/13/15! Pre-order now on iTunes http://bit.ly/BrewskiCLP. 

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    S3-E15 West Coast Port Crisis Continues! Special Guest Congressman Rod Blum

    in News

     Think the West Coast port situation doesn’t affect you – or your kids?  Think again!  Special Guest U.S. Congressman Rod Blum joins us LIVE to discuss the worsening situation at the ports. Tune in to hear how the intentionally created congestion at the ports, and the products needed by America’s manufacturers to keep the jobs engine firing on all cylinders, is being ignored by the White House while retailers squirm under the scrutiny of customers who don’t understand why they can’t get the goods they ordered or the products they want.

    The ripple effects of raw materials not making it to manufacturing assembly lines, retail goods from the holidays arriving late but clogging warehouses, and retail products not being available for your spring shopping season are throwing sand in the gears of commerce across America and around the globe as the waves of disruption increase in size and intensity, washing against our productivity shores and erode America’s GDP, dragging more and more pieces of the 2015 economy out to sea.

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    Chat Time with Raylow and Wendi (30)min

    in Radio

    Basic talk about the world that plaqe us and what going on with todays's world and why the law is not our justice. We think and we talk but it's time to do. Join us 

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    A 30 min talk with Raylow and Wendi

    in Radio

    Just basic talk of current events and count down to our premiem show date. Come and listen in and comment is open...

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    #KingOfUndergroundMedia @SamScarfo

    in Entertainment

    Call in number to speak with the host (646) 378-0298

    Host - Tee Recx - http://www.kingofundergroundmedia.com

    Admin - Wendi - @_wrenee

    Send questions or comments to thelivebyterrenceshow@gmail.com or Twitter @LiveByTerrence

    Special Guests & More (Subject To Change)

    Sam Scarfo - @SamScarfo

    Sam Scarfo is a gifted songwriter who began his musical career with local emcees from his hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey. Bubbling under the surface for years, he calmly created a movement powerful enough to catch the attention of acclaimed video director Bennie Boom. As a former battle champion and Def Jam artist, Scarfo has released his own independent albums like The Package in 2012 and 5 Million Stories in 2014.

    Sam signed a management deal with IBC Entertainment in 2003 with hopes of securing a major label deal. With limited media resources available in the Garden State, Scarfo decided to enter the underground New York City battle circuit to attract attention to himself and his own record label, Gorilla Pimp Recordings.