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    Psst! Did You Hear YOU Speaking To Yourself?

    in Spirituality

    One of most the underutilized tools in your spiritual tool box is your intuition.  The most amazing thing is that your intuition is NEVER EVER WRONG!  How can listening to yourself, which is your higher self, get any better than this?  To never be wrong!  Your intuition has the ability to see life from a global perspective, which gives it an advantage over your emotional mind.  Your intuitive mind speak with you continuously throughout the day…it is always touching bases with you especially when you have to make a choice.  And as everything that we do in life starts out with a choice…your intuition never shuts up.  It’s talking to you incessantly.  But are you listening?  Are you afraid to act on intuits?  Are you wanting to know !00% if it’s your intuition speaking or something else?

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and expression coach and artist Olivia Lashley as we explore your intuition.

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    Open Topic Night at TNAILRSWKABS!!

    in Fun

    Greetings Dear Listener!   We, here at the New and Improved Lifetalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show, have been enjoying the open topic format so much the past couple of weeks that we've taken a vote and decided to do it again!  This week's show will be another fascinating and educational, invigorating and convivial, open topic night.  Don't forget to save the date and join us for the happiest half-hour on streaming media -- bar none!  Don't miss the thrills, the spills and the heroic derrings-do as our intrepid co-hosts Ken and Beth wend their way through the veritable morass of current events, weather, politics, religion, literature, pop culture, music and whatever else comes into their collective heads.  In store for you, dear listener, will be stream of consciousness conversation with seemingly effortless segways from topic to topic.  Our hosts make it look easy, don't they?  We welcome one and all to listen to the audio stream, 9:30PM Thursday, January 23, 2014.  Well, don't just sit there like a lump.  Call in and speak with the hosts by telephone at 347-215-9971 or join us in our online chat room.  It's all good. 

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    Ren Allen, Body painter, visits the Be a Beacon Show

    in Art

    Color has always run deep in Ren Allen's bones and these days, she expresses her color sense on the human canvas through body paint and makeup. Ren loves her life in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern TN where she and her husband and photography partner, Keith, garden, kayak, make beautiful photographs, game and cook together along with their five children. Art and words wend their way through everything Ren does -- following her passions is her way of life. Her work is an ongoing experiment in human connections and healing. Ren strives to share with others, the way body paint can help you see yourself as the work of art you always were. For Ren, painting and healing go hand in hand. 
    You can see Ren's work at http://www.facesbyren.com/
    For more on the Be a Beacon Show visit http://www.equationarts.com/about/be-a-beacon-show/

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    Daily Break 09.12.2012

    in Music

    We are back....
    Yes we are...

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    Phil Casagrande Jazz Educator and Keyboardist.....

    in Music

    Yonkers New York will be in the House. We welcome Phil Casagrande to the CoffeeTalk lounge.  A graduate from Westchester Conservatory of Music we'll talk about his life as a writer, performer, producer, keyboardist and more. 
    He's currently working on many smooth jazz arrangment join the jazz conversation with Ms. Bridgette she's the Coffeelady
    Follow the show on twitter:@CoffeeTalkJazz

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    Third Eye Cinema 9/9/12 with Leatherwolf and Grave Digger

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on Third Eye Cinema: Dean "Drum Machine" Roberts of Leatherwolf!

    Formed way back in the dawn of modern metal, with their first demo streeting in 1983,  Leatherwolf not only pioneered the triple lead guitar sound, but delivered a crisp, always well produced and moody approach to melodic metal.  

    Never compromising their sound even while approaching some level of mainstream, radio friendly success, Leatherwolf garnered a well respected name for themselves across three pivotal records, two of which were given the band's name alone as their only title!  

    Join us for a brief discussion of the dark melodic side of 80's metal, with Dean Roberts of Leatherwolf!

    Also, we have with us a man who’s been leading the same band for a jaw dropping 32 years.   With a straight ahead melodic traditional metal style and a strong lyrical focus on literary and historical sources, Chris Boltendahl and his band Grave Digger have weathered the changing trends and served as an inspiration to generations of Teutonic metal bands that came and went in their wake!

    Now casting an eye to Bullfinch and Homeric mythology with their latest album Clash of the Gods, join us as we wend our way through the labyrinth and take down the Medusa, with Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger, only here on Third Eye Cinema!


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    Wanda's Picks: African Cinema Special

    in Art

    This weekend I had the opportunity to visit with two of Africa’s more important artists, filmmakers, Gaston Kabore and Sidi Fassara Diabate. Kabore, honored at the 34th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival which continues through Sunday, October 16, 2011, graciously offered to translate from the French Diabate’s answers to me. Today's broadcast is a unique opportunity to hear from two directors from the African continent who agree that Africans need to continue to tell their own stories especially now. Today many African youth, mesmerized with the West, have forgotten the glory that is their own heritage. African greatness is not limited to European government hostility, in this case, French invasions nor is post-colonial independence (1960) an accurate view of the greatness limited to the recent history that is Burkino Faso (Mossi kingdom) in the case of Gaston or Mali in the case of director, Diabate, a country which was once “part of three West African empires that controlled trans-Saharan trade: the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire (from which Mali is named). Both directors came to film through their study of history. Though Diabate has worked on every major film to come out of Mali for the past 20 years, Da Monzon,The Conquest of Samayana is his first major film which is in Bambara with English subtitles.  Gaston's two major films are: Wend Kuni or God's Gift and it's sequel Buud Yam, screening this evening,Tuesday, October 11, 2011,  at the Rafael at 7 PM. Visit mvff.com

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    A BOOK AND A CHAT with Barbara Bonfigli

    in Books

    A chat with author, lyricist and theatrical producer Barbara Bonfigli about her book Cafe' Tempest. Join us as we wend our way to the small Greek Island of Pharos

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    WordSmitten :: Enslaved By Ducks :: Author Bob Tarte

    in Writing

    Tune in to the fun.
    In a post-Valentine's Day discussion of this holiday, humorist and memoirist Bob Tarte talks with Kate about unsettling incidents and memories of this supposedly romantic holiday that each of us may take too seriously.

    Author of Enslaved By Ducks, Bob Tarte had read all the classic animal books (The Parrot Who Owns Me, The Dog who Rescues Cats, Arnie the Darling Starling, That Quail Robert, The Cat Who Came for Christmas) about the joys of animals, the touching moments. But none revealed what it was really like to live with an unruly menagerie.

    Bob Tarte's witty account reveals the truth of animal ownership: who really owns who, the complicated logistics of accommodating many species under one roof, the intricate routines that evolve, and ultimately, the distinct and insistent personalities of every animal in the house - and on its perimeter. Writing as someone who's been ambushed by the way in which animals - even cranky ones - can wend their way into one’s heart, Bob Tarte is James Herriott by way of Bill Bryson.

    WordSmitten. Tune in to the fun.

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    The Tim Perry Frontier League Talk Show

    in Sports

    This week Tim features an interview with Chillicothe Paints announcer John Wend. Tim catches up some of the transactions over the last week or two and we feature a segment on what to expect when hosting a player. Join Tim and Stan for this week's edition of "The Tim Perry Frontier League Talk Show!"