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    Steubenville Aftermath: Guest Jill Watkins

    in Current Events

    The Steubenville verdicts are in: Trent Mays and Ma'like Richmond have been found guily of raping a 16 year old from neighboring Weirton, West Virgina..
    But the story hasn't ended with the verdicts: the viscious attacks on innocent people in Steubenville  cotinue.
    Guest Jill Watkins is a Steubenville resident. She and her son has been attacked after her appearence on Dr. Phil and the attacks continue after the verdict.

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    Steubenville Fact Check

    in Politics

    Setting the record straight on the media failues about the controversial rape case Call in with questions.

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    Careers & The Workplace-Journalist Sue Sipprelle

    in Current Events

    "Over 50 and Out of Work" Video Stories-Currently unemployed: a steelworker in Weirton, West Virginia, a bank manager in North Fort Myers, Florida, a paper mill worker in Little Chute, Wisconsin, an auto parts factory worker in Otter Lake, Michigan, a senior information technology executive in Wayne, New Jersey…

    The stories they tell are not only about the hardships they have faced due to joblessness during the Great Recession, but also about their hopes and fears, their expectations and disappointments, their setbacks and their dreams. The Boomers, generally regarded as self-centered and indulgent, have left their distinct impact, magnified by the size of their demographic bulge, on the United States as they have navigated their way through the turbulent social and economic history of the country’s past half century.

    Unexpected depths of courage, faith, perseverance and resilience emerge out of the lives of the Boomer generation.

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