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    The Weggy Test Show Episode #0

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    This will be my first attempt in testing Blog Talk out. It will be the first time in 7 months I have used it. The last time around I was a Co-Host for "The Stoned Monkey Podcast" still archived here on Blog Talk and YouTube. Hope everyone enjoyes me goofing off here.

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    Where ever this show takes us. Episode #1 - "The Weggy Show"? 5.28

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    This will be our first adventure, down this rather rough road, of what may be called "The Weggy Show"? This is a new outlet to broadcast myself and I look forward to getting all my channels linked and hoepfully rebuilding a dedicated audience no matter how small or how big. Politics, Video Games, Sports, Movies, and other interesting topics worth discussing.

    Blog; http://weggyshow.blogspot.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeggyVlogs
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeggySpeaks
    Podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/weggyshow
    Live Journal: http://weggyshow.livejournal.com/


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    Episode 34: Special Guests Mr. Derek Diaz and Ms. Carla Mercedes, Dating Couple

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    This week our special guests are Mr. Derek Diaz and Ms. Carla Mercedes.  This week we will be discussing life as a dating couple.  The question we will be answering is "Can you be Christian and date in this modern age?"

    Ms. Carla Mercedes is an Aspiring Author, a Motivational Speaker, and a former beauty pageant contender.  In addition, she is the Founder of The Daily Chat, an online video blog with over 4,800 viewers all over the world and ranging in all ages, influencing others on leadership and self-improvement.

    Ms. Carla is sharing an encouraging message with youth and young adults about discovering the best version of themselves and how to live a God - driven life.

    Mr. Derek Diaz is a Motivational speaker, an Aspiring Actor and Model for Christ and currently hosts an online video blog called GodSetMeFree. He uses media to reach individuals who have yet to find Christ or are new in their walk of faith to remind them of the hope Jesus has for everyone. Mr. Derek has built a strong platform in a short period of time   and is recognized locally for his works.  He one day dreams of leading his own ministry.

    After dating for only a few months, Derek and Carla have recently started on a new venture on Youtube called "We Official Tho."  They post weekly vlogs covering spiritual hot topics, insights on their relationship, adventures that they experience, and leadership tips. They have a passion for speaking to youth and young adults on the challenges they too face as a Christian couple and as Christ followers. They plan to soon share the stage with each other and have a huge vision of reaching 50 states in 52 weeks.

    Link: http://bit.ly/1E6dFrT

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    61 - It's a Random Life! Talks Video Games and Super Heroes

    in Pop Culture

    Randomly, Danimator stumbled upon a channel on YouTube called "It's a Random Life".

    They were funny, pretty damned entertaining, real and of course ... random. Was it a vlog channel? Yes, but they're alsop making funny fan-films and having fun with production and even sharing tips on how to help make your own YouTube videos feel more professional. They're making entertaining stuff happen by being creative fan boys ... so we had to get them on the show, of course! So we're happy to welcome Casey McCoy and crew to hang out with us and add theme to our Pile!

    From the 'About' section on their YouTubes ... https://www.youtube.com/user/casey2099
    "We make funny videos and vines! All of our acting is Improv and occasionally we'll add special effects. We have fun making these videos and we hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!! (warning most of our videos has foul language)"

    Check out thier stuff!

    Real Life Halo Movie

    Superman Drunk

    Water Into Money (After Effects)


    100th Episode

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    Situations Live

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    Situations Live brings in special guest Youtube producer DiVoye!!! We will be chatting with her about her Youtube channel and how it has touched and inspired the lives of others. She talks about topics on her vlogs ranging from fashion, hair, comedy.....you name it. She describeds her videos as a "video sleepover." Check her interview out on Situations Live. Call in at (347) 945-6867.


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    Hello World: Breaking Through Barriers

    in Education

    Hello World my name is Miyah Sundermeyer and I would like to welcome you to my radio blogs.  There are three main purposes.

    1. Sharing my experiences on living with Autism

    2. Giving my two cents on what is going on with Autism and the Media from my own perspective

    3. Covering topics that I am passionate about

    In this episode I talk about how I was able to learn how to break through a set of barriers and how you can do it too.  

    Next to this radio show I also have a series of vlogs on youtube.  Please be sure to check out "Hello World with Miyah Sundermeyer for more information

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    docrobphotostop-Show 39 in 2014- weekends are nice, vlogs are fun, well kinda

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    docrobphotostop aka Zach updates the progress of the one Vlog a Day in September project at the youtube channel. we also talk about weekend plans, healthy cooking, weather, news and other things like always. happy weekend everyone!

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    The Beauty Of Endings : How To Move Through The Pain

    in Self Help

    In this episode we're going where many others fear to tread. Endings. Endings are a part of life that most of us have been taught to avoid but what I'm loving about midlife is that finally we have the maturity and wisdom to creatively and spiritually work with endings in a way that will help us live a healthier life.

    For this subject, I use the metaphor of sending our kids away to college - something that many midlife women are bracing for at this time of year, as the final year of high school draws to a close. The thing is, it doesn't matter whether you are going through this or not, all of us experience endings and I'm going to share with you five ways to look at an ending and turn it into a beginning.

    Show notes:

    Colleen Saidman-Yee's Blog about Saying Goodbye to her child

    My month (at least a month) of daily posts on Instagram

    You can support my podcasts by:

    Downloading a sample chapter of my book "Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women's Guide for Thriving At Midlife

    Subscribing to my YouTube channel for free, weeky vlogs on all things midlife.

    Liking Me on Facebook

    Following me on Twitter

    and just by continuing to listen. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate it!


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    Vlogging Like A "Boss"

    in Social Networking

    Amy Schmittauer is the President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content 

    Amy is also the Founder and Face of a successful marketing lifestyle blog, Savvy Sexy Social where she posts three videos weekly to help small businesses implement strategies online to build brand awareness.

    In her experience running operations at Vlog Boss Studios, clientele have included small business events, event planners, marketing agencies, video production studios, magazine publications, authors, travel professionals, restaurants, real estate professionals, technology resources, bloggers, and other content creators. 

    In addition to strategy consulting, Amy is a video content creator working with brands to develop interesting informational vlogs (or “video blogs”) to share with their audience. 

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    Who is The @CurvyMomager?

    in Motivation

    You know her from "Cocktails & Conversation" as 1/2 of the power duo, but Robin Peppers-Hunt is doing her on thing on the side.  Enter The Curvy Momager!

    "Living It Up with The Curvy Momager" inspires readers with quotes, empowers people into taking control and organizing their priorities, as well as provoking thought with her vlogs.  Each day is a different theme and different experience courtesy of Robin!

    I'll discuss her website as well as dive into the "Momager" role that so many women across the country have to assume on a regular basis.

    These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."


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    How To Change Your Life (at midlife)

    in Self Help

    Ready to change your life?

    Well, if you're over 40, there's a very good chance the answer is YES!

    On this episode of The Change Guru podcast, we are diving in to the heart of my work and that is helping women over 40 make big, substantial, sustainable change at midlife. Whether it's facing a relationship challenge, delving into a new career or going down a whole new path, I'm going to lay out some facts and info about making change that are going to get your mind spinning! Spinning in a good direction!!

    And a bonus - Watch my secret "Miracle Question" technique that will ramp up your change bigtime here - Even better, subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you don't miss my weekly change vlogs

    Download a freebie sample of my book here

    Come and join my community of fabulous change gurus on Facebook

    And more than anything -Enjoy!