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    Show #72- Plug into the Wise and Loving Universe with Nadiya Shah!!!

    in Motivation

    Guest: Nadiya Shah, M.A. 

    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/nadiyashahdotcom TWITTER: twitter.com/nadiyashah

    Nadiya Shah is an Internationally Syndicated Sun Sign Columnist, Author, Television, Media and Internet Personality, and is one of the few people in the world to hold an M.A. in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom. She is the Author of, “Astrology Realized: Your Journey to Understanding Astrology” and is Producer and Host of “Synchronicity WebTV” and “AstroFabulous", Celebrating Astrology and the New Age. Based on daily view counts, Nadiya’s YouTube channel, nadiyashahdotcom is consistently one of the top 5 most watched astrology channels on YouTube Her latest venture via YouTube is “Synchronicity University”, offering free online video classes and answering questions of budding astrology novices, seasoned students, and New Age explorers. Find her online at NadiyaShah.com A more extensive bio can be found at: http://nadiyashah.com/contact/about/bio/

    Nadiya’s book, “Astrology Realized: Your Journey to Understanding Astrology” introduces the foundational knowledge of astrology, ensuring a solid understanding for a lifetime practice.


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    Web TV CEO Mike Aloia new music

    in Social Networking

    What's Up Diamonds,

    How are you this week and thank you, thank you for your continued support #muchgratitude. You know one of the things I love about this show is the diversity of people and entertainment I get a chance to speak with. I love the idea of mixing business with pleasure and I look forward to entertaining and being informative to you at the same time.

    Monday's show is certainly no exception, I have the CEO of Web TV Mike Aloia (I like to think of him as Big Mike) will be interviewing with me on this show. Wow! His job has GOT to be both exciting and stressful at the same time! Can you imagine owning and operating a Web TV network? I don't even know where to start with the questions but you can always help me out with them by calling or Skyping in to the studio and ask questions as well #347-237-4697. You can learn a lot from listening to other people questions...nobody knows everything and we are all learning new things all the time.

    So join me on Monday at 6:00pm with my guest Mr. Mike Aloia lets show him some #DiamondLove which we do so well. I will also be introducing two new music promotions Cold Cash Hip Hop check out my interview with him last August, and new comer to the social network realm Annie Moonbeam get this one Big Band Swing. #luvin this no genre thing! Plus new music from Cosmic Crash and Laird Oli we're gonna have big fun with big Mike and music!

    Don't forget to stop by the #DiamondAdvertisement donation page give if you can every little bit helps to build go find out what its all about. Also stop by and check out the shows new website at http://ljdnshow.com.

    Be a guest at guest@ljdnshow.com

    Music promotions inquires music@ljdnshow.com

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    Lisa Moore, Leslie Fox & Liz Dawn, How to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs

    in Self Help

    Join Liz Dawn as she talks with Lisa Moore and Leslie Fox about breaking through to The Life You Deserve! They will talk about the importance of not letting your old beliefs keep you from your souls purpose.

    Lisa Moore is a Doctor of Divinity, Certified Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist Practitioner and Intuitive Life Coach, who has many certifications which she has acquired over the past 15 years. She teaches and counsels in the US, Canada and Europe, helping her clients realize their own magnificence. Lisa’s depth of knowledge, warmth of heart, and experiences in both the physical and non-physical worlds provide the foundation for her profoundly transformational sessions, classes and live workshops.

    Leslie,  is a change catalyst. Leslie has integrated her life experience and wisdom into a formula called The Bliss Shift, a process that leads to unleashing a person’s voice, vision and true calling. Her other projects include co-creating The LGBT Leaders Association and LGBT SHIFT to Freedom Retreats; as well as Co-Founding an Upcoming Reality WebTV series focusing on the 18-30 age group challenged by addictions, stress and their inability to dream.

    Both Lisa and Leslie will be talking with Liz Dawn on Celebrate Your Life radio!

    Liz, is the co-founder/co-creator of Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events whose mission is to bring powerful life changing events that inspire, heal and transform one's life!  www.CelebrateYourLife.Org

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    Shifa Interviews Ms Fit One Elizabeth Morrell - Her Obesity & Weight Loss Story

    in Weight Loss

    What really happens when you go from a Size 24 to 00?

    Extra skin?  How are your family, friends, co-workers and your mind affected?

    Listen to the most authentic, transparent, revealing heart warming story about the victory over obesity.

    Watch Ms Fit One on Time Warner Cable TV Channel 9  and OWL-MediaNetwork.com WebTV

    Contact Ms Fit One at 704-608-8949


    Shifa!  Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Show

    www.OnenessbyShifa.com   866-612-6189

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    Conover U Highlights The PolitiChicks!!

    in Politics

    5pm PT / 8pm ET

    In 2011, Ann-Marie Murrell helped create a webTV talk show called PolitiChicks(TV). Since then, Ann-Marie, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon have been at the forefront, representing independent, activist Conservative women, providing the latest news, original commentary, and interviews with the nation’s political leaders, newsmakers and Conservative entertainers. The PolitiChicks (FB) believe that conservative women—with their maternal instincts and warrior spirit– can change the world.

    Conover U believs in recognizing hard work and productivity in this fight we are in to defend our Liberty and Freedom. The work on behalf of the PolitiChicks (TW) and their great team of contributers has consistently rated an A+++. Each day, they help us win the battle of misinformation coming from the left.

    Join Rodney Lee and I as we welcome these hardworking Patriot women, the PolitiChicks, to discuss their work and the issues of the day!

    Join Rodney Lee Conover and his sidekick Scott as we take a (sometimes comedic, sometimes serious) look at politics, current events, the state of the Union, and the current climate between establishment politics and the grassroots.

    Rodney Lee has been a conservative Republican activist for over 30 years. He was a writer for the Rush Limbaugh Show, a conservative stand-up comic for 12 years - entertaining people and troops all over the world and co-hosted Talk Radio for SiriusXM for 9 years. Along the way, he was on staff with Fox News, Sony Worldwide Network and has been published in every medium, including print, television and online.

    Join the conversation: (347) 205-9620

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    Essence Of A WOMAN Conference ~ Dawn Causey ~ FREE Event March 15, 2014

    in Business

    Get READY for the 2nd Annual Essence OF A WOMAN Conference! Tune in to hear about all of the wonderful and uplifting activities that will take place at this FREE event that's open to the public. Register Now.

    Dawn Loney Causey, the host and Founder of this powerful and inspiring conference was born in California and has traveled extensively around the world, as her father served in the Armed Forces. She is Founder of the Essence Of A Woman: Health, Wellness & Empowerment Conference and host of the new WEBTv Radio Show "Remarkable Essence", which will launch April 2014. Dawn is also the founder and Executive Director of a youth program called “Danciquette” which combines dance technique and etiquette for children ages 3-12. Children are able to learn the importance of self-esteem, body movement and self-image. She has also facilitated conferences and workshops on dance ministry, health and wellness. Her many gifts and roles have equipped her to educate, encourage and empower others to utilize their unique God-given gifts to make a difference.

    Dawn received her a Master’s in Public Administration from Troy State University and B.S degree in Computer Science from South Carolina State University. She currently resides in Ellenwood, Georgia, with her husband, Milton and has twin children, Nubia and Marsalis.

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    Where the Bears are Season Three

    in Entertainment

    Candi and Friends welcomes Ben Zook, Rick Copp and Joe Dietl from Where The Bears Are. The gang is gearing up for Season 3. Self-described as "The Golden Girls, meets Murder She Wrote with big, hairy, gay men".

    You can find Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD as well as the web on WhereTheBearsAre.tv. The zaney, sexy antics of the case of "Where The Bears Are" is a can't be missed series. They do an excellent job of weaving the mystery while throwing in comedy that will have your sides hurting from laughter.

    The gang is doing a Kickstarter campaign for Season3. Let's give them a helping hand. Hey you can even get your name on the DVD.

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    Freestyle Artist - LISA LISA joins the Comedy Girls!

    in Comedy

    Your COMEDY GIRLS will be joined by the amazing Freestyle Diva - Lisa Velez-Mello (aka: Lisa Lisa)!!!!!  We will be talking all about her life and about what she's doing now - including her role in the new webTV series sitcom - BECOMING RICARDO!!!
    We'll also be talking about another saucey topic....
    Trust us - you NEED to listen to this show!

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    The Arts Reporter

    in Music

    Mimi Johnson is The Arts Reporter. She is the daughter and heir to the throne of Diva Joan Cartwright (Diva JC). Mimi is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and actor. Her premiere stage play "Woman: The Musical" in which her mother and 17 other talented actors and musicians were cast debuted in March 2013.
    Mimi produces a weekly WEBTV Show "The Arts Reporter". Her newest endeavor is the production of "The Siblings Sitcom" that will debut on MJTV Network at YouTube on November 1. Filmed in Atlanta at Mark Squared Studio, this sitcom promises to tickle your funny bone.
    Mimi serves as the Secretary of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. and is featured on the second, third and fourth compilation CDs of fabulous female composers.

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    Your Tech Questions & Our Answers + Tech News 7/13/13 - 43

    in Technology

    We discuss all the tech news from the past week, select the Ipad App Of The Week and take your "help!" questions and input.
    This Week: Apple App Store turns 5, Microsoft kills WebTV, Google+ is growing, Google patches major Android security issue, Microsoft Windows Patch Tuesday, Apple e-book price fixing, Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, Trade in your Ipad 2 at Best Buy - $200, Flexible E-Ink displays, Hulu gives up, AT&T grabs Leap Wireless, T-Mobile continues to disrupt the Wireless Industry.
    Tip of the week - IOS typing shortcuts Smartphone and Tablet users should go to our mobile site to listen to the shows.
    Check out our Blog and Video Netcasts at:
    See Also:

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    The Future of Web Video - Candid Camera for Everyone

    in Internet

    Businesses use them, websites showcase them, people prefer them 5 to 1 and they are the most believable of any medium on the web today. Yes I’m talking about internet videos! With YouTube streaming 4 billion videos a day and growing, isn't it time your business started using video to tell your story?  So tune in and turn on to WebTV and learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to producing your own business and YouTube videos.