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    The Effect Mobile is Having on Webdesign

    in Management

    Episode 139 of Online Marketing and Communications, direct from the Dog House Studio in Sweden 

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    WebDesign Expert and Instructional Trainer

    in Christianity

     Today I have Ayana Black a web designer and teacher at Illinois Center for Broadcasting. She is   an expert webdesigner and uses pluggins when she creates websites for businesses in the local  Chicago Area. She is also in TV administration here in the l Chicago area. Mrs. Black has her own web business, she is an Instructional trainer, and is  a Word Press Expert. For more information you can contact Mrs. Ayana Black at http://Facebook.com/ABlackwebDesign.She is on e of the best Web Design teachers here in the Chicago Area. Ayana Black has an outstandinging reputation at IllinoisCe

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    The Next Step-Moving Forward After Chronic Disease and Illness

    in Health

    How do you recover from chronic disease or illness? How do you renergize and renew your spirit so that you can arrive to wellness?

    Lisa Gulotta a certified cancer exercise specialist, Yoga instructor and creator of "The Next Step" exercise program for breast cancer survivors and Nancy Smith producer of "The Next Step" and breast cancer survivor shares with us about Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation andhow it aides the healing process.

    Allison Smela, expert on eating disorder and addictions, Social Infulencer on www.BlogHer.com and weekly contributor to www.EmpowerHer.com shares with us her powerful story of dealing with an eating disorder and how overcame this chronic illness.

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    Creating A Better Life for 2014 NOW- Why wait?

    in Health

    Are you ready to move toward 2014 with positive energy and enthusiasm? Have you thought about how to improve your mind,body,spirit connection? Are you ready to start NOW?

    Dr. Katherine Kelly PhD, M.S.P.H,  Psychotherapist,  Marcia Cody, R.N.,BSN , both who are Contributing Writers for the Winter Issue of “Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond” E-Magazine, share  how to journey into the New Year with a unique approach to attaining mind,body, spirit wellness through soul health and movement.

    Tune in and be renewed and reenergized!

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    Eric Ladouceur and Jeff Claeson

    in Business

    Eric Ladouceur and Jeff Claeson join us to talk about business, web design and how to improve one's online presence.    The two are the leadership behind TERRAIN, a service which promotes "Simple Powerful Websites for Everyone."  The two of them work with business professionals who are looking for a simple, clean and dynamic web presence.    For more information: http://www.goterrain.com   ANOTHER PODCAST YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN:   Go check out our interview with Sharon O'Dell as she talks about the do's and don'ts of gamification:    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthedeanslist/2013/06/19/sharon-odell  

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    Coping with Un-cope-able Parents-Managing Elder Care w/Love

    in Self Help

     "Coping with Un-cope-able Parents: LOVING ACTION for Elder Care" by Carol Hamilton,Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author,   is a wonderful book that provides real answers to the difficult issues when it come to caring for our aging parents.
    Carol shares with us her philospphy of dealing with the many issues that come with caring for aging parents. With a sense of humor, honest, and spirituality Carol provides great wisdom approach the reality of the aging parent with love, caring and a sense of humor.
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    "3 Steps to a Website that Gets You Clients" Dawud Miracle

    in Marketing

    "You have a website, but it's not getting you clients. Sound familiar?If having a website has been confusing, complex, and overwhelming, I've got great news. It doesn't have to be that way!What if I told you that it only takes 3 steps and 5 pages to have a website that gets you clients you love? That's what I'll be talking about with Jory on Heart & Soul."Before and after the show, post your comments and questions for Jory and Dawud on Jory's Facebook Business Page."Whenever I ask my clients what they value most from working with me, it always comes down to how easy I make it for them to have a business online.That's my goal as both a website designer and business coach - to brush aside all the complexity, overwhelm, and conflicting information about doing business on the internet and make it all easier for you.No canned programs or approaches here. Since I've lived it, I know it.That's why my approach is organic and tailored specifically for your business needs, your personal wants, and your comfort with the internet.Since 2003 I've worked with more than 600 individual coaches, alternative healers, and many other types of service providers to help them develop a website, a solid marketing plan, and a step-by-step process for reaching their client load and revenue goals.If you're not the 'techie type,' that's all the better. The bottom line is I can make the web simpler for you to use for your business."Learn more about Dawud at www.DMiracle.com.

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    The Keys107: Marketing Your Business for Success

    in Self Help

    Host Sis. Rafika and Bro. James continues the Women in Business and Those Making Things Happen series and welcomes songwriter, model, and business woman Brandi Jackson and marketing expert and future host on The Keys 107 Network Carolyn Marsh. Brandi will be one of the songwriters featured in the upcoming reality TV series The Writerz Rumble on Punch TV and is the VP of Hiz and Herz Ink (Song writing and production company). @writerzrumble @hisandherzzink @TLMModel
    Carolyn Marsh is the CEO of Contemporary Christian Concept (CCC) known for their graphic, webdesign, financial review, life coach, accounting, marketing, and fundraising services. www.cchristianconcepts.org
    The Keys 107 focuses is on identifying the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of life, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores one or a combination of the 7 keys such as: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and social with an emphasis on acts of kindness. It was and is our intention to invite guests that specialize in specific areas that through informative dialogue offer solutions that motivates a progressive change and stimulates active action. We believe the 7 keys are the essential building blocks to taking you to the next level as you pursue love, peace, and happiness. www.thekeys107network.com
    Twitter: @thekeys107

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    in Entertainment

    What are the most embarrassing moments you have every had while being in the entertainment field? If you have great memories or if you have sad memories, how has that impacted your life? What are you most thankful for? Call me Thanksgiving 3479890761...Let's talk  Also make sure you visit www.futurenetworkproductions.com. Contact us for webdesign or for advertising on the radio show to receive free tv promotion.

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    Social Media Overload - How to Find Quality Information

    in Business

    Are you overloaded with the amount of social media sites, information, tips, tactics and advice?  Not sure where to turn? Well, you are not alone!
    Join The Social Media Chef, Chris Tompkins, as he takes you through his own personal methods of finding good quality information in addition to telling you how to do it all without lifting a finger.
    In the third segment Chris will talk about the importance of your website....and giving it a check up once in awhile.  He shares his tips for you to perform your own personal website audit.
    New to the show?  Find out more about the show, host and have access to lots of exclusives by visiting our official website: http://www.servedfreshmedia.com

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    Overcoming Challenges of Being an Internet Business Owner

    in Business

    Is your internet business stuck in a rut?  Not feeling inspired?
    Every business owner goes through challenges when starting and maintaining an online business.  Join host, Maria Palma and guest, Monica S. Flores, as they talk about the challenges of being internet business owners and what they do to maintain successful businesses.  
    Monica S. Flores is a principal web developer at 10K Webdesign, Founder of A Successful Woman which is "devoted to supporting, celebrating, and highlighting women's successes", and Founder of GreenBusinessWomen.com, a membership directory of green women business owners.