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    SMASH COMIX #27 - Indie Fest!

    in Entertainment

    This week, the SMASH COMIX guys are talking all about Indie comics and webcomics! Plus, they'll cover some of the week's big comics news, along with their hotpicks, and shout outs! It's episode 27, heard exclusively on the Con Artist Entertainment Network!

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    Ask A Stuck I

    in Entertainment

    Ask homestuck characters questions..... Ont he radio!
    neXT COMIG:: Sesuon thr3e

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    Not Your Typical Funnies - 'Go Get a Roomie's Chloe

    in Art

    Having explored lesbian storylines in multiple forms of both writing (novels, fan fiction) and filmmaking (movies, webseries), for the first time F4F Radio looks at another fusion of the written word and the visual arts - the webcomic. Comic strips have been a part of newspapers for decades, but the Internet gave creative minds with a knack for both writing and graphic design to reach an audience without muscling onto the funny pages. This was especially important for people interested in pursuing adult, risque storylines and hitherto taboo topics such as homosexuality, transgender, and sexual fetishes. To varying degrees, tonight's guest has explored all three. "Go Get a Roomie", the webcomic created by the artist Chloe, follows the adventures of Roomie, an irresistible lesbian free spirit without a home of her own, and Lillian, the surprisingly indifferent girl with a penchant for narcolepsy and VERY vivid dreams who eventually shares friendship and an apartment with her. Surrounded by an equally oddball supporting cast, GGAR has become increasingly popular since it started a few years ago. Chloe has also created a wide, varied gallery of fanart, from Xena/Gabrielle to Harley/Ivy to the Kim Possible/Shego graphic novel "Anything's Possible". And we're going to talk with Chloe about all of it. Joining us will be cohost Rae D. Magdon, who also cohosted last month's show on "Dragon Age".

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    The WebComic Factory

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me Sunday, night on Blog Talk Radio at 6 p.m. PST with authors of The Web Comic Factory….a comic book on the Web..Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey writer, best known for work on Bart Simpson comic books and a joke writer for Bill Maher,Politically Incorrect. Christian Beranek worked his way up the Comic ladder by printing them and creates content for the site.

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    Episode #192 - Power Point Ranger, Richard Cook

    in Military

    Tonight we'll welcome Power Point Ranger artist John Holmes and screen writer Richard Cook.
    John is an Army veteran and the man behind popular webcomic Power Point Ranger. PPR was also replaced Pvt Murphy in the Army Times after Murphy retired.
    Richard will be joining us to discuss his screenplay that is based on historical details surrounding a Tennesee community that helped win World War II.

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    Zombie Acres with Josh Cook

    in Books

    Television sets across America flicked on almost simultaneously. The country collectively held its breath out of sheer anticipation... “Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your television sets.” So begins the webcomic Zombie A.C.R.E.S. by Josh Cook. Also available The Interview - A Zombie ACRES special intro

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    Gary Terrence Becks on Primetime

    in Culture

    Listen Live @ http://www.swoopsworld.com
    n Thursday, December 29, 2011, at 12pm/PST on Swoop’s World Primetime we are happy to have artist Gary Terrence Becks  as our guest. Join us as we get to know the Gary, his art, and his involvement in the Long Beach Arts Community. Tune in at Swoopsworld.com.

    G.T.  Becks was born in the Washington DC metropolitan area June 18, 1968.  He became interested in writing and music at the age of 6,  and after a few years of collecting comic books became inspired to draw his own. Mostly a self taught artist, his style is a mix of both Japanese Manga and American comic influences.

    In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles and completed his first comic series called Vixen 6 which was adapted into a screenplay.

    In 2001 he started the series Mazscara, a webcomic whose story elements mix horror, drama and fantasy. At the same time he began to discover 3D software such as  zBrush, Cinema 4D and Poser, which took his art in a whole different direction. G.T is currently working on several 3D projects as well as two new comic series called the Humorville Hillarrions and Fiendy.

    Join us at 12pm/PST! Listeners can call in live or join in via our online chat right here at Swoops World Live, there’s more than enough fun for everyone! Not near the computer? You can also listen to Swoop’s World streaming live on your Android or BlackBerry using the Norbex Radio Companion, the iPhone with the Talk Stream Live app or Yourmuze.fm, which works with all smartphones.

    Keep up with what’s happening here at Swoop’s World.  Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming guests and shows.

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    Graphic Policy Radio: Politics and Comics of the Multiverses

    in Entertainment

    It's Sunday and that means the latest episode of Graphic Policy Radio.  On tap for this week:
    Comic creator Jim Zubkavich joins us to discuss his series Skullkickers and his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.  In a twist to promote Makeshift Miracle, Zubkavich is releasing the first issue free thrrough torrents to build buzz.  We talk to Jim about his work as an indie creator and this bold marketing move.
    So join the whole gang, Brett, Elana and Ken this Sunday to chat.  Join us by calling in and chatting on Twitter.

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    #76: Atomsplit Returns, Nathan's Movie Review, & Virtual Con

    in Entertainment

    Atomsplit: Are they a webcomic or a band, or both? Mike and Doug join us once again to catch us up on the latest with their comic and their music. Check them out at http://www.atomsplit.com
    Nathan Cormier shares his Summer Movie Review with us.
    We will share details of the upcoming DragonTalk Virtual Con!
    DragonTalk Radio can be reached at dragontalkradio@gmail.com

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    Interview with Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien

    in Podcasting

    Tonight Freek interviews webcomic writer and podcaster Bryon Beaubien, known as Psyguy (and sometimes Robopsy) in the webcomic GG-Guys (http://www.gg-guys.com )and the weekly podcast Wha-Chow! (http://www.whachow.com )

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    Art of The Red River

    in Art

    Artists and show hosts, Carolyn Watson Dubisch, Wade Zahares, and Mike Dubisch interview artists from all over the world. For our first guest we'll have Tom Brown,  joining us from his new residence, on a long boat in England. Over the years, art has taken Tom to some strange conceptual places including a Christmas card featuring Lovecraft, and H.P. Lovecraft mythos themed designs for a deck of cards. He'll be talking with us about his  webcomic "Hopeless Maine", which was recently nominated for an Eagle Award. Our third guest is New York native, Bruce Spaulding Fuller is a sculptor, Makeup Artist, Puppeteer, and Concept artist on scores of motion pictures. His filmography includes such classics as Army of Darkness, Misery, Resident Evil Extinction, AVP, and all three Underworld Films. Currently his handiwork is on display in such features as Marvel's Thor , Xmen First Class, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. He lives and works in Hollywood, California. Following Bruce is Steam Crow. Steam Crow is a Phoenix, Arizona studio, that designs, illustrates and creates some astonishingly good monster goods. Established in 2005 by artists Daniel and Dawna Davis, they’re dedicated to making amazing and odd goods using the Steampunk aesthetic.  Daniel Davis will be joining us to discuss their books, their toys, their prints and other crafted products.  I hope you'll listen in to this fascinating group of artists!

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