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    WideShut Webcast

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    Monday 20:00:  WideShut Webcast with WideShutUK's Keelan Balderson
                                   Global politics and news from a UK perspective

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    Mark Bray for Congress - Webcast - Your Q&A

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    The response has been overwhelming. Keep the questions coming.

    Tonight we will discuss the following as time permits and take your calls...

    1. September 11, 2001. Long term effects and what lessons did we learn.

    2. ISIS and Israel

    3. Tea Party, 99% ers

    4. Income Inequality and Immigration

    5.Campaign Finance

    Please join in the discussion on via phone 347-857-1067 or email questions@brayforcongress.com.  I look forward to hearing from you,

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    Mark Bray for Congress - Initial Webcast - Your Q&A

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    Represent means to stand in the place of or to act or speak for someone else. That someone else is you. Notice that the meaning of representation has less to do with the Representative and everything to do with those whom he represents. His title is Honorable Congressman.  The question that we are all asking is, “Has the 5th District of North Alabama been honored by the words and actions of our current representation?” The answer to this question can be found in my motivation to run against the incumbent and in your enthusiasm and support for this campaign.

    There are many, many of you who want and need to be heard.  Your voice is so important and it has been missing for too long. This program is the opportunity for you, me and our fellow citizens of the 5th District to discuss ideas, concerns and possible solutions.

    Honest dialog, rooted in the desire to solve problems, is the way to move forward and ignite hope in our country again. Differing views need not make for adversaries.  We need to carry our compassion for our loved ones into the political sphere and treat our fellow constituents with the same grace. Blog Talk Radio is a good first step in that direction.  It is time for action.  This is your election and you deserve to have your voice heard even if it differs from mine.  

    Please join in the discussion on via phone 347-857-1067 or email questions@brayforcongress.com.  I look forward to hearing from you,

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    DLIGU: Our Founders Can't Spin In Their Graves Fast Enough

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    Weekly live webcast/podcast devoted to discussion of news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.

    Between the new Intelligence Authorization Act, Cromnibus, the new NLRB rules issued yesterday, and a few other gems, it seems our Founders can't spin in their graves fast enough to keep up with the pace of the march toward statism. Join us during tonight's show to discuss and vent a bit. See Program Notes at www.dontletitgo.com for all the stories, etc., we plan to discuss.

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    Money Magic & Miracles Meditation Event With Brenda Pearce Live Call In

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    As 2014 draws to a close, I thought it would be wonderful to create this almost daily event over the course of the remainder of the year as we set special intentions for manifesting our dreams come true for 2015 and beyond.  Join me for part of or all of this hour webcast.  You are invited to call in live to participate in individual work as well as the group work.  Distance Reiki, group or individual work, along with the expansive guided meditative work and possibly some 1:1 Quick Pulse work will be offered.  This is my heartfelt gift to you in grateful thanks.  Dates will be December 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29

    To work with me individually...  check out www.biomatrixtherapy.com

    Enjoy amazing podcasts , gifts, books, workshops and so much more visit...  http://www.efactorlive.com

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    DLIGU: How Can We Make Truth Matter Again?

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    Weekly live webcast/podcast devoted to discussion of news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.

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    Crimson Circle - Adamus Saint-Germain Live Channeling

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

    Monthly message from Adamus Saint-Germain, live from the Crimson Circle Studio & Connection Center in Louisville, Colorado, home base for the Crimson Circle. Adamus is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe with assistance from Linda Benyo. After a bit of breathing and some music, Geoffrey and Linda bring in the energies of Adamas Saint-Germain for up to two hours of information, laughter, New Energy spirituality and intrigue. There's never a dull moment with Adamus and the live audience at the CC Studio. Tune in here or watch the live video webcast at www.crimsoncircle.com.

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    What We Want Radio: Sally McGarvey - Ghetto Nerd Girl

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    Ghetto Nerd Girl is a web series about a teen sick of her girlfriends and does the unthinkable during high school. Leaves her 'cool clique' to find new friends! Creator of Ghetto Nerd Girl, Sally McGarvey (Hassan) will join Our Blog Talk What Women Entrepreneurs Want Radio Show, talking about her experiences bringing Ghetto Nerd Girl to life! 

    What WE Want is a Women’s Networking Organization dedicated to Women's personal growth and business development. 

    Our appeal is to strong, diverse, multicultural, caring professional women of all ages. We aspire to help you increase your bottom line while also sharing your knowledge and resources so other can do the same

    Special Guest Co-Host Stephanie Ellen Almeida she is the definition of ambition. She's done it all from TV, Runway, Real-Estate, Medicine, and More!  A Spiritual being and a religious yogi! Blessed with a beautiful family and partner, living life to the fullest.



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    Energy Transfer Webcast; Dr. DREAM with Ethann Fox

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    Join Ethann Fox and special guest Dr Dream for a Free Energy Transfer Webcast. During the first hour, Ethann and Dr Dream will discuss consciousness and the true nature of reality as well as how to raise and maintain a high frequency.

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    VFTB 206: Jerome Corsi - Who Really Killed JFK?

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    FIVE SHOTS by three shooters changed the course of history. On November 22, 1963, a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, we are told, assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Except that modern analysis of the forensic evidence proves that this simply wasn’t possible.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi, senior reporter for WND.com and author of the best-sellers Who Really Killed Kennedy?, The Obama Nation, and Unfit For Command, discusses new research into the JFK assassination outlined in his new ebook Who Killed John F. Kennedy?  Corsi explains that audio recordings prove that the most likely scenario involved three shooters located in the Dal-Tex Building, the Texas Schoolbook Depository, and on the grassy knoll, as well as other compelling research that indicates who might have had the means and motive to want President Kennedy dead.

    Also: #OpFerguson; the H-word; and a good interview today about Ebola and transhumanism on The Josh Tolley Show (see his archives for November 26, 2014).

    Please join Derek and Sharon Gilbert Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM Central Time (GMT -6) for the Gilbert House Fellowship. Our plan is to study through the Bible in a live webcast every Sunday morning. Log on to www.GilbertHouse.org for more details.

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    DLIGU: Why Obama's Amnesty Is Worthless to Immigrants (And the Rest of Us)

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    Weekly live webcast/podcast devoted to discussion of news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.

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