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    Alien Visitations: We Are Not Alone

    in Paranormal

    Are we alone? Have we ever been alone? Perhaps after listening to tonight's episode you may never feel that way again, or even feel comfortable taking a shower! 

    If you've ever wondered about UFO's and their connection to our world, listen in as Reverend Maria D'Andrea & Mimi take a look at alien visitations to our planet and how these beings have played a very important role in the development of our world. Is our planet a gateway to other dimensions? Why have they interacted with us for thousands of years? Could those ancient monoliths found in various locations of the planet be actual interpretations of these other wordly visitors? Tune in for another insightful discussion as Maria & Mimi explore a subject that has always shown to have more questions than answers.










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    confused.....can we all get alone

    in Business

    looking at the june 20 lock in list....where are the east  coast racers?

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    Parents we are not Alone.. Whether you are Parents or Single Parent..

    in Relationships

    Do you know where your child or Children are at? 

    Do find it hard to work and bring enough home to support your kids?

    Do you have good Support system in place for you and your Children?

    Who do you have to lean on when they chips are down? 

    What does the picture look like with  both parent in the home and only one is training the kids?

    What can you do to keep your children positive in the times are Change?

    Do we have to be of the same race , class, or demographics to lend a helping hand to one another? 

    What brings you sadness?

    How do help our Sons become Men ?

    How  to raise Our Daughters to be Women? 

    What tools have you give your children to be young adult and not to give to  peer pressure? 

     Did your parent skills influence your skills as a parent?

    How to talk to our babies ?

    How to talk to our children?

    How to talk to young Adult/teenagers?

    How important is the Elders in our Parenting Factors?

    Do know I what to say about Sex,  Drugs, Racism, Classism, Prejudice of any kind?

    What is accetable punishment for  children to Young teenager?

    We are prepare to answer thes questions. I will Single Parents and Parents  to come give you guidelines from Experience and see where their Children are and doing today. The Experts are about to weigh in on this.. Bring your pencil... Makesure you call in for this show... 

    www.chefsessyfoodalchemist.com.... Counseling is available after show!

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    Loneliness in a Crowded World; What Surrounds Loneliness in Todays World?

    in Motivation

    We do not have to be alone to feel lonely. We can feel lonely in a room full of people. What are the markers of feeling lonely and why would we make a choice to be alone? There are many reasons that we talk about and many things that we have not yet put into words. Our wounds and our strengths come together when we make decisions and the decisions we make can be looked at in a different light when we can see passed the wounds. Sometimes we choose being alone because we get so busy in our heads that we are alone solving our lives that our lifetimes are affected when it could all be different and when do not feel we are isolated in how we feel. Being alone and loneliness are two different things. What is the difference? Tune in and Join the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    And We Pray

    in Christianity

    The Celtic Cross Radio Network is pleased to bring you a new prayer for your spiritual walk from the land of the Celts. The Dalriadan Rosary is not a standard Catholic Rosary but is similar in some ways.

    It is our hope you will join us as we journey down the path of life in a more meaningful desire to communicate with our Heavenly Father and Lord. Praying sincerely the beads of the Dalriadan Rosary.

    So join us every Wednesday Evening at 6:00 PM (EST). It is our prayer and hope that you are spiritually enriched and renewed with a greater love of devotion to the creator.

    If you have a prayer request, please email us at; (info@celticcrossministry.com) and in the subject line, reference this broadcast program. In the body of the message state your prayer request and please be sure to sign it and let us know where you are from. (ie; Country, State, Town). We would love to help and pray for your needs and requests.

  • The Maverick #5: We Are Anti-PC

    in Current Events

    The Maverick is back with another episode.  This week, We The Vigilant founder Benjamin Knight discusses the following topics:

    -"Anchor Babies", is this term really offensive?

    -The stock market is crashing, what you can do to protect yourself.

    -Is a hurricane coming for Florida?

    -Hillary Clinton propaganda.

  • We Are Everyday People - Host Keith Bledsoe with South Shore "75" Pt.2

    in Current Events

    This evening Thursday 8/27 at 7pm…Leading up to our 40 year reunion this weekend, I will broadcast the second of three  (1st show recorded this past Tuesday 8/25) featuring the South Shore High class of “75” but including those classes immediately before and after if they desire… Please call in and share your experiences before, during, and after SSH.

    Join us online: 

    Be a part of this history.

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    in Education


    My guests gave us this title. So "Teaching the elephants" today will be Penn State profs Kyle Peck and Dave Passmore along with the one and only John Foster (Nittany Lion he), president of NOCTI.

  • Espisode #5

    in Sports

    We will be talking MLB playoff race, MVP and Cy Young canidates, NFL and LLWS.

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    We have to live the life by imitating Christ!

    in Radio

    Praise the Lord everybody , 
    truly God is amazing and he is doing extraordinary things for his people  , call in and join us for the word of God and prayer , we love the presence of the great I am , yes , we are celebrating the greatness of the Lord,Monday through Sunday 11 PM central standard time and 12 AM Central standard time, yes , Jesus on the scenes ministries, love lifting up the name of Jesus, call in at 347-850-1990 no code needed Jesus is  great !

  • We are Survivors with Wanda McKinley and Patricia Chipman

    in Religion


    Mission: Our purpose is to provide a stable environment for abused and battered women and children in providing temporary shelter, counseling and provide employment training. We want to help women transition from abusive situations to being self-sufficient women in society.

    Vision:  To empower women to know that they can and will survive and thrive in society on their own and to uplift them and provide them a new life, a new prospective of normalcy by enhancing and elevating their lives.