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    5 Ways Building a Business is Like Building a House

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    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Vincent Molina started his professional career over 30 years ago and became one of the youngest Fortune 500 trainers at age 20.

    He is a Speaker, Trainer, Business Strategist, and founder of Vincent Molina & Associates. His company provides support to entrepreneurs in such areas as corporate formation, business development and growth, as well as capital acquisition.

    Vincent works closely with entrepreneurs to support them in creating a solid foundation for growth and obtaining other  necessary resources to achieve success. Vincent has supported a variety of industries such as consumer products/services, technology entertainment, green, and others. As a result of his work, other professional have dubbed him, “The General Contractor of Business”.

    How Building a Business is like Building a House 
    5 Keys to Success
    Profit Centers
    Capital is Never an Obstacle
    Journey to Capital
    Presentation is 90%

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    Shark Tanks Across America: We Pitch & Fund Business Ideas for Profit & Fun!

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    Shark Tanks Across America is a nationwide community network of everyday people who are interested in learning first-hand, how to become a profitable Entrepreneur and/or Small Business Investor. No experience is necessary to participate. If you would like to learn how to pitch and fund business ideas for profit and for fun, you should consider joining a local chapter of Shark Tanks Across America. 

    Did you know that every time a small business start-up earns a dollar, YOU could be getting a piece of the action? Not just in YOUR community, but a piece of the action from start-ups in communities across America? Do you know anyone with a great business idea but lacks the funding, know-how, or connections to launch it properly? 

    Shark Tanks Across America is an earn as you learn educational training program for Investors and Entrepreneurs. STAA provides GRANTS for small business start-ups, which have to be paid back over time, plus a minimum 10% donation to STAA. Traditional, online, home-based, & not for profit businesses ideas are accepted. 

    Shark Tanks Across America Chapters are made up of 100 everyday people located in communities across America, who collaborate each month to brainstorm, pitch, fund, promote, and launch business ideas for profit and for fun. Members make small financial contributions to the program each year in the form of Tuition, which is used to fund the Grant Program. At the end of each training cycle year, each Chapter will receive perks and rewards for participating in the program. Opportunities for advancement are built into the training program. No experience, income, or credit is required to participate. 

    For Info: http://www.iTrainInvestors.com

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    4 Unexpected Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Build Your Business

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    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Marissa Marsala is a recruiter, career coach and frequent motivational speaker at networking events on career related topics. She is the founder of Employer & Candidate Connection.

    Marissa is an expert marketer of 15+ years and a former HR management professional of 12+ years who blends both areas of expertise to assist clients. 

    Marissa is well-networked and uniquely qualified to help today’s start-ups and growing companies cut through the clutter and invest their energies in productive activities that help them to staff their companies. 

    How to recruit when so many want to start their own company?
    How a recruiter can be worth the investment
    Using Linked-in to find people
    The job offer - who goes first on comp?

    More about Marissa Marsala
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    "20 Ways To Build Your Business and Showcase Your Expertise Through Content

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    Join us on Nov. 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. EST as we discuss "20 Ways To Build Your Business and Showcase Your Expertise Through Content", as well as what to look for in a writing coach. We will also be discussing Shannon's new book Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher.

    M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of The Writing Whisperer, has been passionate about writing since a very early age. One of her unique talents lies in helping small business owners and brands solidify the words and content they use across a variety of platforms, so they can connect more completely with their markets. She is a leading voice in the world of authentic business writing and writes regularly for The Huffington Post.

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    Fund-raising Strategy: How to Secure Business Capital

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    Successful entrepreneurs knows that starting and sustaining a business requires financial capital. Most of today's businesses struggle to make it because ownership is unable to secure the capital needed. Which business fund-raising (crowdfunding) channels are available for today's new start-up entrepreneur?  That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    New Business Paradigms: Conscious Commentary on Business and Society

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    Join us for the World Business Academy's monthly podcast featuring Academy President Rinaldo S. Brutoco in conversations with Executive Director Matt Renner. Our monthly podcast covers the latest macro-economic trends as well as in-depth analysis of politics, business and society.

    The World Business Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit network, think tank, and action incubator. Our views and analysis are given without any motivation other than helping to ensure our listeners know how to protect their savings in an unpredictable and chaotic economic climate. 

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    Business Planning with Barbara Eldridge of Mind Masters

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    Today my guest is Barbara Eldridge, of Mind Masters.

    What would you give to have a trusted advisor who was also a small business expert? Someone who understood your concerns, had talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and was right on top of today’s most progressive thinking. Someone who could connect you to other small business owners, hook you up with resources and give you the direction you need to avoid the pitfalls of business ownership. Look no further. Barbara Eldridge is that person.

    For more than twenty-five years Barbara Eldridge has been contributing to other people’s business success. Her many years experience in the corporate world provided her with knowledge, insight and presence to help thousands of entrepreneurial men and women nurture their business ventures into thriving successes.

    Barbara founded Mind Masters in 1991 as an organization for entrepreneurs to master the challenges they face in an ever-changing market place. Barbara has a vision of Mind Masters to provide a value based program so that business owners could harness the power of each members’ success, make wise business decisions and realize their dreams.

    Today we are talking about the planning process, given we are about to start a new year.

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    Get Government Grant Money To Fund Your Business Career.

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    rtconnects radio would like to thank all the callers, listeners, and talent that is submited in the showcase.

    Tune-in today at 1pm est. to hear helpful hints from the marketing guru Charlie Blue on how to get government grants to fund your business career.

    Catch THE GREAT DJ ASIV'S musical selection.

    MONEY TALK$ is brought to you by rtconnects radio

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    Practical Business Entity Tips - Is Your Business Safe?

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    Have you ever wondered what terms like, “Articles of Incorporation,” “Organizational Meeting,” “Bylaws'” and “Minutes” actually mean, and do you know when and how to apply them to the smooth operation of your business entity? In this show, Bill and Rick discuss these issues and much more as it regards the practical everyday business tips you need to keep your entity protection the best it can be.

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    On the Edge Women In Business Christmas On-Air Party

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    The On the Edge Women In Business Christmas On-Air Party is for all the women out there that are hard working, and put it in, in 2014!  Business Owners, professionals, students, mothers, wives we do it all, its a little holiday girl fun!  Dial into the show and share a little holiday cheer, own a business tell us about it, and what do you want for Christmas!  

    A little holiday fun with Silicon Valley's top Business Purpose Coach and Radio Host of AM 1220 KDOW Money 2.0 Business on the Edge with Margaret Jackson.  

    Tune-In grab a cup of your favorite holiday drink and goodies.   



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    Your Business Your Legacy - December 17, 2014

    in Business

    Amy Demlow of Critchfield, Critchfield and Johnston, Al Morrison of SCORE, and Dave Corrado of The Medina County Fiber Network will share ways to improve your vendor relationships and choose exceptional advisors.

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