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    Keeping Faith & Conviction When Real Trouble Overtakes You - Wayland Matthew Fox

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    Have you ever been confronted by real injustice, the kind that can change your life forever?

    When Child Protective Services showed up at the house of Houston native Wayland Matthew Fox in March 2006, his life changed forever. Fox learned that he was being falsely accused of a horrible crime. It would be the beginning of a trial that left Fox in jail for 17 months, though there was no tangible evidence. It's a charge that Fox has always maintained was completely false, and this assertion was supported by numerous professional evaluations. He was eventually exonerated, but not before he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and his life, and family, were thrown into utter chaos. To keep his sanity Fox wrote in his journal. His appeal was eventually upheld on the grounds of prosecutorial violations during his trial and all charges were subsequently dropped, his sentence was reversed, his record expunged and Fox was freed in January 2010.

    His book, First in the Mind and Heart - A true story about the resilience of the human spirit, is a compilation of Fox's prison writings. It's a tale of human endurance in the face of gross injustice. It reveals the effectiveness of human love, peace and kindness and how the Spirit of God illuminates even the darkest of conditions and can soften even the hardest of hearts.

    Wayland Matthew Fox is a native Texan and a long time student of The Urantia Book. He has a huge extended family of friends and loved ones across the US. He spends a great deal of time writing letters to lift the spirits of the downtrodden, who find themselves incarcerated. His story is a powerful memorial of how wrongful convictions happen and the consequences they wreak. It's a story of injustice, grief and moral outrage as well as transcendence, lessons of love, service and self-forgetfulness, as taught by the Master, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Please join us for Matthew's amazing story!

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    Pastor Wayland B. Strong is a Pastor, Producer and Musician. He is the senior Pastor of One Accord Outreach ( Milwaukee, WI), will be our special guest on" Matters Of The Heart" SATURDAY December 29, 2012 & TUESDAY  Jan 1. He will be discussing what God HAS said regarding 2012 and what God Word IS saying for 2013. He will be sharing with us a special prophetic insight on God's numeric number (13). GET READY FOR THE PROPHET TO PREPARE YOU FOR 2013!!!  Senior Pastor of One Accord Outreach ( Milwaukee, Wi). He is a MINISTER OF MUSIC & MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. Contact info: waylandbstrong@yahoo.com

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    Faith Walk with Joyce White

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    Join me on Faith Walk with Joyce White Tuesday Sept. 9th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST.  This week's topic is The Power To Change. My guests will be Sandra Wayland and Tamala Clark-Culp with New York Life Insurance then Miss Phyllis Wallace will have another Faith in the Workplace Minute giving us tips on dealing with Complaining in the Office. Closing the show will be Charles Clark my Real Talk 30 Co-Host coming on to tell you more about his social media site called Konnect.  Log onto www.faiHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"tHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"hwalkwithjoyce.com or call 347-237-4648.

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    Death Row Inmates - Personal Stories of Spiritual Transformation - 2 Part Series

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    Last week we interviewed Wayland Matthew Fox, who was wrongfully convicted, spent 17 months in a Texas prison and did amazing prison ministry from the inside. This week we are thrilled to present a two week radio series with “Officially Approved Spiritual Advisor” Bill Sadler (yes, that is his name), who is currently ministering to death row inmates. Bill is an ordained minister with a Doctorate of Divinity. Not only does Bill have a BS in Psychology, an MA in Pastoral Studies with pastoral counseling, nearly 40 years personal experience with the Urantia Book and Movement, and a Doctorate of Divinity but he also cared for an aging mob member and worked for four years as an auditor of the work performed by newly released ex-convicts still residing in halfway houses. He is eminently qualified to minister to prisoners.

    Bill has taken on a new project doing outreach ministry at the Polunsky Unit Maximum Security Prison (known to inmates as the worst of the Texas penal system) with death row inmates at the maximum security Prison. He has been working for the past several months with various individuals and a group of death row inmates, who are also now Urantia Book students. This really is a good news story about previously hopeless inmates experiencing radical transformations of love and hope, as the true nature of our Universal Father’s love and mercy is revealed to them via the Urantia Book, and Bill. Almost all of the prisoners have spent a lot of time through their lives and in prison studying spiritual texts of different religions finding little satisfaction there to reassure or comfort them, until they found The Urantia Book. Once they start studying the Urantia Book, everything begins to change. This show features  inspiring personal stories, along with the expanding and inspiring mission of minister Rev. Bill Sadler.
    Support his ministry - Donations:  http://www.gofundme.com/c4rfl8

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    Tonia Oldham-CMS (Retired) -Life Beyond Adversities-Memoirs of a Military Chief

    in Military

    Tonia M. Oldham is a speaker, lecturer, singer and encourager. A native of Lakeland, FL, and a graduate of Kathleen Senior High School.  She received Associate Degrees from the Community College of the Air Force and the Insurance Institute of America.  Mrs. Oldham received a Bachelor's Degree from Wayland Baptist University and a MBA from St. Leo University.  

    A career which began as a cashier at Winn Dixie reached a huge milestone when she enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was eventually selected for promotion to the highest enlisted rank, Chief Master Sergeant. Only the top 1 percent of all enlisted members achieve this rank. Tonia is highly decorated, with numerous prestigious awards and recognitions.

    She has traveled extensively as a member of the prestigious Air Force Tops in Blue entertainment showcase. Also traveling the country singing the National Anthem for top-ranking military officials, as well as professional and collegiate sporting events.

    Tonia allowed her singing, Christian upbringing and God's Holy Word to help her overcome many of the adversities she faced during her adult life.  In her book, Life Beyond Adversities...Memoirs of A Military Chief, she shares her personal testimony and the challenges, she endured before, during and after serving in the miitary.  She wants her readers to find hope and inspiration by referring to God's Word and reading her personal testimony.

    Tonia and her husband Charles, a Funeral Director and Co-Owner of Oldham Funeral Home have four grown children and reside in Lakeland, FL.  They attend Pilgrim Rest Freewill Bapist Church located in Lakeland, FL.

    Visit Tonia Oldham at :  www.encouragingtimescorp.com



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    We're Alive - Series Finale: Chapter 48 "The Ink Runs Dry"

    in Entertainment

    This is it! This is the final chapter of We're Alive. Join us LIVE for the finale, hosted by the WA Fancast along with the show's creator, Kc Wayland, for a Q & A following the broadcast.

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    Pastor Wayland B. Strong is a Pastor, Producer and Musician. He is the senior Pastor of One Accord Outreach ( Milwaukee, WI), will be our special guest on" Matters Of The Heart" December 29, 2012 & Tuesday Jan 1. He will be discussing what God HAS said regarding 2012 and what God Word IS saying for 2013. He will be sharing with us a special prophetic insight on God's numeric number (13). GET READY FOR THE PROPHET TO PREPARE YOU FOR 2013!!!  Senior Pastor of One Accord Outreach ( Milwaukee, Wi). He is a MINISTER OF MUSIC & MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. Contact info: waylandbstrong@yahoo.com

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    Changed By The Word - An Evening With Neil Anderson

    in Christianity

    Neil Anderson was born in Macon, MO in 1975. Neil married Valinda Metts in 1993 and is father of four children. Neil was saved in 1992 after reading the God’s Simple Plan of Salvation tract. Immediately after being saved, Neil took up teaching at Faith Baptist Church in Macon, MO. In 1995,

    Neil attended Baptist Bible College and in 1997 left there to work at Faith Baptist in Macon, MO as the Assistant Pastor. In 1998,

    Neil joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Hood, TX, Wheeler Army Airfield, HI, and Fort Huachuca, AZ where he retired in 2009. Over the years in the Army Neil attended several Independent Baptist Churches and has worked many positions within those churches teaching all ages, serving as Deacon, Trustee, Youth Pastor, Treasurer to name a few. Neil has also written a verse by verse commentary on the book of Revelation.

    Today Neil serves as the English speaking Pastor at Korean Joy Baptist Church in Sierra Vista, AZ and works as a government contractor at Fort Huachuca, AZ.

    Neil holds an AA (summa cum laude) in Intelligence Operations from Cochise College, a BA in History with a Secondary Major in Intelligence Operations from Wayland Baptist University, and a BA in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University and has some course work towards a MA in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. Neil’s academic affiliations include Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society and Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society and the Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges 2008.

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    Wayland Matthew Fox & Best of P I with Scott Cluthe!

    in Books

    Scott Cluthe interviews Wayland Matthew Fox about his compelling personal journey through the US judicial system as falsely accused, jailed and finally liberated witness to the  power of a system that is powered by unconcious corruption and a sense of powerlessness. As Fox was actually to turn his life and story around, so do we find an opportunity to turn around our personal story, empowerment and spiritual freedom. 
    Wayland Matthew Fox is a native Texan, married, with 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a huge extended family of friends and loved ones across the US. At present he is an independent contractor as a sales agent for a large company. He has spent much of the last 25 years exploring and speaking out about the issues and ramifications of alcoholism, abuse and addiction. Currently living on Lake Livingston, he stays in touch with childhood friends, loves fishing, gardening, writing poetry, tinkering in his garage, a good argument and wants to live forever

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    At All Costs

    in Radio

    Live from Studio 65! Join Show Hosts RaGan Richards & Cartoon Goon as they rock it out with Mitch, Phil, Dean, & Tyler of WAYLAND! Tune In & Hang On!! [Season 5 Episode 60]

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    The Desecration of Hickory Ground

    in Politics Progressive

    Guests are Hickory Ground Warrior Wayland Gray, Suzan Shown Harjo of Morning Star Institute, Rob Trepp of Tulsa Indian Art Festival.  The Poarch Band Creek of Indians desecrated a sacred site.  The Poarch Band has a $246 million casino expansion project underway and dug up almost 60 sets of Muscogee ancestors during the ground preparation. Gray and two other Muscogee Nation citizens and a Cherokee Nation AIM member were arrested last February by Poarch police and charged with criminal trespassing when they tried to access the site to conduct a ceremony.   Gray was also accused by Poarch police with making a “terrorist threat”—a charged that was dropped in May after a Grand Jury found no evidence to support it. The trespassing charges against the other three men were dropped in June. But Gray declined an offer to plea bargain.

    Hickory Ground (Oce Vpofv) is a parcel of sacred land located at Wetumpka, Alabama, which includes a ceremonial ground, burial sites and individual graves belonging to ancestors of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. After Hickory Ground was obtained with federal funds under the pretense of historic preservation, approximately 60 sets of human remains and funerary objects were exhumed in violation of federal law and in violation of lineal descendants' rights under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.  In 2010, the descendant members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma requested their ancestors to be reinterred where they were excavated. In April 2012, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, exhumed the remains, and reburied them elsewhere, to construct a $246 million casino at Hickory Ground. The initial opening of the Casino occurs on December 17th. 



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