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    The Three Bears in Chinuk Wawa

    in Education

    We will be translating the children's story The Three Bears (lun itsxut) into Chinuk Wawa, as well as listening to some traditional Northwest Coast Indian music

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    The Wizardry of Wawa

    in Business

    It is one thing to set up a chain of convenience stores.  It is quite another to create 651 stores along the East coast that are intimate, a daily routine destination, and habit forming for millions of extrodinarily loyal customers.  Host Bart Jackson invites former CEO and current Vice-board Chair Howard Stoeckel to explain exactly how Wawa (which means Canada in Objibwe) generates a family-like spirit among its employees and affection from its clients.  Imagine having your two best-selling items coming from, and being implemented by, folks behind the counter, while senior management supports the innovations.  Forget all the buzzwords and lip-service, if you want to really learn how getting deeply personal has fostered success in this major corporation, tune in and take note.

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    Chinuk Wawa History

    in Education

    Learn the history of Chinuk Wawa language.

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    Do you love Wawa? Learn about The Wawa Way!

    in Television

    For more interviews like this one: www.MrMedia.com

    Order "The Wawa Way" by Howard Stoeckel with Bob Andelman from Amazon.com: amzn.to/1hEpB7R

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    Tilixam Spotlight EP#1 : Renewing Spirits

    in Lifestyle

    Tilixam Spotlight Episode #1: Renewing Spirits. We welcome Grand Ronde tribal member and advocate Jamie Adams to the studios to discuss the efforts to highlight and educate our communities about Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The Renewing Spirits Luncheon will take place on the Grand Ronde Indian reservation on Monday October 6, 2014 beginning noon at the Elder’s Activity Center.

    (chinuk wawa is the Indigenous trade language spoken on the Grand Ronde Indian reservation and throughout most of the Pacific Northwest. Tilixam is used to reference person, people, and or tribe.)

    Tilixam Spotlight is an educational program produced by Grand Ronde Wawa Radio. The show’s primary purpose it to educate the public about tribal and or other programs, people, and issues that affect the Grand Ronde Indian community. 

    The program is recorded and produced on the Grand Ronde Indian reservation at Freeman Studios. The Grand Ronde Indian reservation is home to many different bands of American Indians moved to the Western Oregon reservation beginning in the early 1850’s. Tilixam Spotlight and Grand Ronde Wawa Radio are grass-root efforts to educate, honor, and build community on and off-reservation. 

    To find out more information about Grand Ronde Wawa Radio and its shows, visit our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/GrandRondeWawaRadio , or email us grandrondewawaradio@gmail.com , or call 707.502.5894.

    Host/Co-host: Kevin Simmons

    Recording/Editing: Andrew Freeman

    Date Aired: October 3, 2014



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    Breakthrough with Chris Gheysens of Wawa, and author of FISH!, Harry Paul

    in Business

    Chris and Harry with take us through the specific actions and attitudes that create excellence in your organization and in life. 

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    Empowerment 4U - WAWA Grants & Sponsorships

    in Entrepreneur

    Hey everyone!  Join in again to hear about WAWA Grants & Sponsorships.  Get the 411 and be empowered about what is available to you in your OWN community!

    Expert Hostess: Chellerina E. Thaxton, CEO/Founder of the Philadelphia Grant Center www.philagrants.org 

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    Shop talk with Social Media Consultant John Lusher

    in Social Networking

    What's up Diamonds,

    Welcoming March and looking forward to the spring! I'm hanging in there and you're right here with me thank you so much for your continued support! This month marks the first anniversary for the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show! I have a special promtion for the month of March I will be offfering a free banner 270 x 170 on the LJDNShow.com website a $32.00 value free for the month of March. If you want more information email us.

    This month is getting a #fabulous start with my first guest this month Social Media Consultant John Lusher so get ready to gain some new followers and likes in your social media networks cause this social buzz is going to be #haute! We talk about brand building in social networks all the time on this show and its nice to welcome other opinions in this field that can add some strategic insights on best practices in social networking. Listen in you don't want to miss this one and its live which means you can also call in to ask questions phone lines will be open at 347-237-4697.

    I will also be promoting a new band this week welcoming a band out of NYC called Oogee Wawa! I am excited to have them as a part of our #DiamondDelight family! Check out their page on the website and in Reverbnation. The LJDNShow is now downloadable on iTunes free!  Let's show both of them some #DiiamondLuv on Monday's show.

    Got skills? Find out how goot you are be a part of the "Talent In 10" project in April interested? Email us at ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    You to can be a guest it's easy and free send your email inquiries to guest@ljdnshow.com



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    The EoP - BFly Denai, Shawn Gardner, Jazz Loren, WaWa Proj.

    in Culture

    Ellen Gee welcomes singer and owner of the store BeFramed B-Fly Denai, singer Jazz Loren, Author Shawn Gardner, and the ladies of The WaWa Project to this episode of The EoP on Blog Talk Radio.
    The California native turned Baltimore entrepreneur B-Fly Denai has an undeniable something that you can't help but notice. Maybe it's the free flowing locs or the beautiful chocolate skin. Maybe it's her sense of style or the energy that takes hold of your attention when she's in your space.  This singer and owner of the largest African-American Art Gallery in Baltimore drops in at 8:15 pm for a  visit to the show. 
    Author Shawn Gardner is an example of reform and determination. The Baltimore native is currently serving a life sentence but that doesn't stop him from turning his situation around and helping the youth to avoid or learn from his past. He is the Vice President and first author of Paper Chase Publishing and the Founder and President of Behind the WALL Mentors. Shawn joins Ellen at 8:30 pm to talk about his book A Hustlaz Dreams & Nightmares and his life. 
    Jazz Loren's style can be defined as R&B, hip-hop, and soul music. Between her vast range of runs, naturally pure tones, Jazz is an all-in-one artist. Her falsetto melodies with soothe your soul, her smile will excite you, and her personality will enlighten your spirit. Jazz joins the show at 9 pm.
    The ladies from The WaWa Project close out the show at 9:30 pm. The WaWa Project was created for the purpose of empowering people with disabilities through education and life skills training with the goal of creating inclusive and self-sustaining communities. 

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