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    The 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo with Barry Jacobsen

    in Politics

    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger....we will look back at the the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo..........

    Barry has written and published a multi-part series on the battle, looking at and blasting many of the myths about it.......we will look at Napoleon's life, his rise to the top and eventual collapse.....his last years in prison.....

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    Episode 284: 200th Anniversary of Waterloo with John Kuehn

    in Military

    18 June will be the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, fought in present-day Belgium.   

    Just in time, regular guest to Midrats, John Kuehn has his latest book out, Napoleonic Warfare: The Operational Art of the Great Campaigns where he covers the operational level analysis of European warfare from 1792 to 1815,  including the tactics, operations, and strategy of major conflicts of the time.

    More than just a description of set piece battle, there is a discussion of naval warfare, maneuver warfare, compound warfare, and counterinsurgency.

    We've got him for the full hour ... we should be able to get to most of it.

    Dr. John T. Kuehn is the General William Stofft Chair for Historical Research at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He retired from the U.S. Navy 2004 at the rank of commander after 23 years of service as a naval flight officer in EP-3s and ES-3s. He authored Agents of Innovation (2008) and co-authored Eyewitness Pacific Theater (2008) with D.M. Giangreco, as well as numerous articles and editorials and was awarded a Moncado Prize from the Society for Military History in 2011.

    His previous book was, A military History of Japan: From the Age of the Samurai to the 21st Century.

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    Effective communication with a family lawyer

    in Legal

    It is vital that an attorney and client communicate effecitvely regarding their family law matter.  In this episode, we will discuss some tips for effective communication with an attorney.  

    To find out more on this topic, you can read an article on Family Law Headquarters titled: How to keep communication effecitve with your attorney?  

    For more information, you can call us at 1-855-805-0595.  You can also contact as at Missouri and Illinois Family Lawyers. 

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    Be careful with written correspondence

    in Legal

    When parties are going through a divorce or child custody case, parties often communicate in writing.  These communications can be by text, e-mail or through social media.  When tensions are high, many can say things that may not reflect fondly upon them in the family court.  In this episode, we will discuss this topic and how individuals can be politte and civil in written communication.  You can also find out more by reading our article on Family Law Headquarters titled: Be Careful About Written Communications.  

    You can find about Stange Law Firm, PC by calling 1-855-805-0595 ir you can go to our page on St. Louis Divorce and Separation in Missouri and Illinois. 


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    Should I file my divorce first?

    in Legal

    One of the most common questions people ask regarding divorce is whether they should file first.  Many wonder whether there is an advantage or not in filing first or whether it matters.  In this episode, we discuss this topic by going through the potential pros and cons in filing for divorce first.  

    To read more on this topic, you can read the article titled: Should I file my divorce first?  You can also go to our webpage and red more on Divorce FAQs or you can call us at 1-855-805-0595.

    Stange Law Firm, PC is a divorce and family law firm with offices in Missouri in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, Lincoln County, Jefferson County, Boone County and St. Louis City by appointment only.  In Illinois, there are offices in St. Clair County, Madison County, Sangamon County and Monroe County by appointment only. 



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    The View Up Here & Mark Bourrie make the new government priority list

    in Politics

    November 4 is the day. The new government is sworn in. On one hand we have campaign promises. On the other we have obvious priorities. Do they intersect? How much stupidity will the Trudeau administration be committed to from all the senseless litigation courtesy of unconstitutional Harper legislation? There will be as many different priorities as people you ask. Expectations are a bitch. But a majority insulates against immediate demands. With 150 rookies in caucus, Cabinet will be an interesting selection process.

    Mark Bourrie (@MarkBourrie) is an award winning Canadian journalist, best selling author, historian and lecturer at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. His work has also appeared in many major magazines and newspapers. Mark has a BA in History from the University of Waterloo, a diploma in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Guelph, a Masters in Journalism from Carleton University and a Doctorate in Canadian media history from the University of Ottawa.

    Join us as Mark and the intrepid host (haha) discuss how priorities can be gleaned from a massive pile of problems left behind by the CPC gong show. Don't let us skip or omit anything. Call in and let us know!

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    Financial statements in divorce

    in Legal

    When parties file for divorce, they are almost always required to complete financial statements.  The requirements can vary by state and locality.   However, they usually entail listing the marital property and debt of the parties along with the alleged separate property.  Parties also usually have to list their income and expenses.  This generally takes place on a monthly basis.  This episode talks about the importance of being thorough.

    This episode is abused on an article on Family Law Headquarters titled: Fill out your financial statements thoroughly.  You can also find out more on this topic by going to our page on Property and Debt Division in Divorce.  You can also contact us at 1-855-805-0595.


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    The Revenue U Co-Founder John Beresford

    in Entrepreneur

    After a brief start in the pharmaceutical industry, John Beresford transitioned to the Tech Space when he was recruited to a small Waterloo company in the early 2000s called Research in Motion, which would later go on to become Blackberry.  Leading North American sales and marketing teams at BlackBerry gave John had a front row seat to the birth of the smartphone revolution.  

    While completing an MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University John met the co-founders who would eventually form a company called Eventpeeks which has evolved into Canada’s preeminent social media broadcasting company, focusing on live experiences and social analytics. 

    Like Eventpeeks, John’s passion for entrepreneurship was forged in the Wilfrid Laurier University Launchpad, a program which prides itself in applying academic rigor to the lean startup method popularized by startup gurus like Steve Blank.  The Laurier LaunchPad program also serves as an incubator for startups providing mentors, office space and community connections to innovative and ambitious founders.  Following graduation John stuck around to help manage the LaunchPad program and teach entrepreneurship courses at Wilfrid Laurier University.  It was his experience at the Laurier LaunchPad that helped inspire the work being done at The Revenue U.  

    Thus began the creation of a series of educational programs dedicated to helping early stage founders and mid market sales professionals learn the art and science of sales. Working with the Waterloo based institution Communitech over a 12 month period The Revenue U team were able to work with over one hundred of startup companies, building and perfecting the the revenue focused education they required to become profitable.  The Revenue U courses are now a staple at some of Canada’s top startup support organizations: Communitech, Ryerson DMZ and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.


  • Do character witnesses help?

    in Legal

    Inidividuals often wonder whether calling characters witnesses will be pursuasive in their divorce or family law matters.  Many consider calling their relative or their friends in the hope that this will sway the judge.  This episode addresses whether this is generally pursuasive or not.  You can read more on this topic in an article on www.familylawheadquarters.com titled: Are character witnesses important in family law cases?  You can find out more about firm by going to our webpage on divorce and family law trials in Missouri and Illinois or by calling 1-855-805-0595.


  • The Big Perm Show #79 - Hart D. Fisher & Mike "Biggie" Rhodes

    in Entertainment

    Join us this Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST / 9 p.m. EST for Horrors & Beat Downs !! 

    In the first hour we'll chat with the creator of American Horrors TV, Hart D. Fisher. Fisher is an American horror crime author, comics book writer and publisher best known for creating the comic, Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer. He's appeared on the "Sally Jessy Raphael" show, on a panel at the 2011 SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, and on The "Larry King Live" show all to discuss the comic. He also appears in the John Borowski documentary, "Serial Killer Culture". 

    In 2008, Fisher released on DVD the film, The Garbage Man. A film he wrote and produced, about an African-American serial killer, was filmed in Champaign,IL. In the midst of filming in 1993, Fisher's girlfriend, Michelle Davis, was raped and murdered during an armed robbery at the motel where she worked. Fisher testified for the prosecution at three seperate trials against the killer.

    In the second hour we'll dial up UFC & RFA veteran Mike "Biggie" Rhodes. "Biggie" is a Waterloo,IA native who currently lives in Milwaukee,WI and trains at Roufusport MMA academy. Mike has a main event battle coming up October 24th in Canada at Prestige FC: Atonement. We'll talk with Mike about his upcoming match, the ups and downs of being a fighter and we'll cover a few other topics that may surprise you !!

    The trainwreck leaves the station at 8:00 p.m. CST / 9 p.m. EST !! Don't get left behind !!

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    Shoals Area Sports Kick Off Special Number 2 (test pilot)

    in Sports

    We are doing our first test pilot of Shoals Area Sports. Its a first, making history in the Shoals area. Brooks Lions, Lauderdale County Tigers, Mars Hill Panthers, Central Wildcats, Sheffield Bulldogs, Muscle Shoals Trojans, Florence Falcons, Shoals Christian Flame, Lexington Bears, Rogers Pirates, Waterloo Cougars, Wilson Warriors, Colbert County Indians, Deshler Tigers. A look into local high school sports with current coaches and the great fans that make up the Shoals area. Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, as well as small communities throughout Colbert and Lauderdale Counties.