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    Operating a Watercraft Under the Influence

    in Legal

    Boaters face punishment of a class A misdemeanor 364 days jail, $2,500 fines for operating a watercraft (boating) under the influence.  Boaters have less protections than motorists in that they can be stopped without a reasonable and articulable suspicion of wrongdoing.  Boaters can be stopped and boarded for license and safety checks without probable cause.  How are Standardized Field Sobriety tests conducted?  Will this impact your driver’s license?  What about a statutory summary suspension?  What effect will an out-of-state violation of this nature have in Illinois?  These issues will be discussed in this podcast with criminal attorney, James Doerr of Lavelle Law, Ltd.

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    Talking In Circles: Steve Byrnes Death, Kyle Busch Exemption, David Ragan's ride

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles we discuss the life and career of the late Steve Byrnes. Byrnes, the former NASCAR Broadcaster lost his life due to a battle with cancer on Tuesday. 

    Also NASCAR has said they are open to an exemption for injured driver Kyle Busch. Busch has been hurt since his opening week accident at Daytona International Speedway. Is this the right decision? 

    David Ragan appears to be headed to the No. 55 at Kansas Speedway in two weeks. Can Ragan make Chase in this ride? 

    Also NASCAR Whelen Modified Tommy Barrett, Jr was arrested and charged with a DUI. That led his Our Motorsports team to suspend him from the race at Stafford Speedway this weekend. Was this the right move by the team? Or another Kurt Busch situation. 

    Mike Wallace had triple bypass surgery last week meaning he will not race in next weekend's NASCAR Xfinity Series race. He will be replaced by his brother Kenny Wallace in the No.26 JGL Racing Toyota. 

    Johanna Long will run the No. 03 this weekend at Richmond. How will she do? 

    RCR Appeal. What's taking so long? 

    Richmond International Raceway, Toyota Owners 400. Our picks and what we expect to see. 

    Bristol review. The good,the bad, the ugly

    Plus your phone calls! Busy show this weekend! I

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    FACEBOOK, TWITTER and Social Media- use to educate, expose and enlighten.

    in Self Help

    This will be a one hour show to talk about how we can connect, become  more Un anonymous and use social media to change our culture and world regarding SUD, Substance Use Disorder. Alcohol and drug over use issues. etc. GIve a voice to the voiceless and support those who have been harmed by AA members. ALso change what is happening in the courts, and clinics and hospitals. Educate -Law, medical students as to what true medicine is when it comes to SUD and how can we get a religous cult out of our mental health and social health system. Its bad folks I have to admit....AA is so infested it feels like a "GOLIATH". I guess I'm DAVID....we are "David" ...I will have the lines open to call in. 

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    in Entertainment

    What is the worst dating crash and burn you have ever had? It cannot compare to some of the one's your host COMEDIAN GREG REIFSTECK has been on.

    Have you ever had you date get a DUI?  Have you gotten cock blocked by your wing man who was so drunk he lost his keys?  Has some alleged intellectual try to sell you on their latest book they have written?

    Greg is joined by Journalist / Bon Vivant PHILIP BARRETT and budding comedian SARAH TARPEY to share these epic fail dating tales and more. 

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    The Conservative Refuge: 4/14/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    Despite efforts by Governor Hogan to compromise, Assembly Democrats show they cannot accept the results of last November's election.  We'll discuss the results and what will happen next.

    The Governor signed over 100 bills today.  We will share some highlights.

    We will follow up on some of the bills we have discussed during the session, marijuana bills, bills to deal with hit and runs, dui bills, a bill to outlaw grave robbing and others.  Did they pass? Should the Governor sign them? Tune in to find out.

    We visit the "Nut Ball Box" as our friend Wesley J. Smith relates a story of animal rights wackos insulting Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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    Prosecutorial Discretion (DACA, DAPA, Admin Close)

    in Legal

    The President has the authority to execute the laws of the United States. He also has the discretion to execute the laws the way he sees fit. He can execute the laws to the full extent or he can execute them in a more relaxed way. (A prosecutor for the states government or a prosecutor for the federal government has the same discretion.) As a practicing attorney, I have always know that the US Government has always given some aliens more breaks than other aliens in the form of prosecutorial discretion. The recently announced DACA and DAPA are both prosecutorial discretion in other clothing. I read an article that says that it would cost about $60 Billions to deport all the undocumented people. Also based on "due process" of law this would take years to do. The rationale behind recently announced Executive Orders is to allow the government to spend its resources on what it believes to be the hard core criminals.

    For those of us who are not United States citizens (USC) please keep in mind that one DWI/DUI is mandatory detention. I have noticed this increased enforcement on DWI/DUI in the last 1.5 weeks or so.

    I do not want to suggest do not drink. If you drink, do not drive; plan a sober ride.

    Marcus Jarvis Attorney and Author, "A Simple Guide to the Immigration Laws of the US * * *. 1-( 763) 425 5447. Google: Marcus Jarvis   

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    Raising a Glass and Dublin Down on the Fun

    in Comedy

    It's time to boil the cabbage and dye the beer green as IWS Radio celebrates St. Patrick's Day 2015. Join Jay, Matt, and the hilarious IWS players as they delight in the best of Irish humor, music, history, and of course, beer...lots and lots of green beer. 

    Don't go out to party and risk poor, drunken life choices, vomitting in public, and getting popped for DUI on St. Patrick's Day, when you can stay home and be entertained by IWS Radio as you conjure up your inner drunken Irishness free from the fear of a future court date and/or paternity suit.

    So sit back, relax, call-in, and enjoy St. Patrick's Day with Jay. Matt, and the IWS gang as IWS Radio presents: Raising a Glass and Dublin Down on the Fun!!    

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    Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

    in Blogs

    At 18 one may join the military, go to college, live on their own, vote, work, pay taxes, make decisions for theirselves. Is it time that one may drink wine, beer or liquor at 18? Why is it that other countries are able to have people drink at 18 without issue? Who has it right? Assuming we do have it right, should raise the age requirement for voting or military service? The drinking age is 21 and anyway you put, the US is backwards with these age requirements. 45 states have set their own exceptions to allow underage consumption of alcohol under certain circumstances. Five states (Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, and West Virginia) have no exceptions in their underage alcohol consumption law (From: http://drinkingage.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002591 ) Lets chat talk about this. 

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 113: Will there be a 'Last Straw?'

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Will There Be a 'Last Straw?'

    Side Topics:  Illegal immigrants voting & becoming eligible for income tax refunds.  Texas man gets 2 LIFE sentences over DUI's.  SUV accident proves that not all video game physics are false.  Apple hires automotive experts for secret project.  Draw Muhammad (or is it Mohammad?) art contest to be held in Texas.  Minors in trouble for creating Child dedicated Instagram account (pretty sure I predicted this... sort of).

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    The Problem of Addictions in Your Life, Part 1 (God's Solutions #8)

    in Christianity

    Our passage from the Word of God today is Isaiah 40:31. It reads, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

    Our quote for today is from Rex Rouis. She said, "A desire becomes a hope when we discover a reason for its expectation, and there is no better reason to expect something than a promise given in the Word of God."

    Our problem today is "The Problem of Addictions in Your Life" (part 2) from the book, "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins. And, I want to remind you to take advantage of our special offer. If this podcast has been a help and blessing to you, please feel free to purchase a copy of this book -- "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins. It is available on our website for just $30. You can make your purchase today at ordainedchaplainsusa.org.

    Today, we want to share with you some causes of addictions:

    Dawn loved the bingo games. No one thought much about it until a neighbor discovered her young children home alone one night while Dawn was playing the cards at the bingo parlor.

    Reggie had always been famous for how many beers he could drink without feeling any effects. But something had changed. He'd been drunk several times recently, according to friends. You're called in when he's arrested for a DUI. 

    In 2001 there were 1.4 million arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. That is 1 out of every 137 drivers. 


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    GSCeltic: Mackinaw Watercraft at ArtPrize; Week 4 Recap

    in Sports

    Allan Deming from Mackinaw Watercraft joins Greg on Tuesday to talk about the ArtPrize entry, The One Tree #57564, and the art of Watercraft design and building. GSCeltic's weekly Monday show focuses on the Weekly Pro Football picks, updating the Fantasy football lineup after Sunday's games and the day's hot topics. Plus, the Monday night preview and last minute waiver wire sleepers.