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    Hotel Dodds; Government Industrial School (GIS); Cahill and Political News

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    Hotel Dodds.   Her majesty's Prison in Barbados, Dodds, under investigation for inmates and prison wardens dating, having sex in prison cells and containers and setting up home with convicts on bail or ex-convicts.  Is there a security breach?  Is this how Winston Hall was allowed to escape (he walked right through the front gate).

    Dodds Government Industrial School (GIS) should be under investigation for lack of care to its wards. 

    How Effective is Barbados' Attorney General: Adriel Brathwaite?

    Cahill, the waste to energy plant issues are not going away as minister Denis Lowe will approve plans once other government departments are on board.

    Other: Politiall News with Rawle Maycock.

    Books:  The Khaki Boys; The Men are Under her Spell, Naked Departure, Marc is Dying (The Trilogy Series); Boys in the Band.

    Sheri Veronica.  Rawle Maycock.  Alex Mitchell

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    Politics Done Right - Wake up. The media is laying the rational for war

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    This week I will touch on the comedy skit that was the Republican Debate. But that was not the real news of the week. Americans are kept entertained by the idiocy of an incoherent pointless political game as the real game is played elsewhere but in from of our eyes.

    Today I will discuss the drumbeat to war. The drums however are not being beaten by the Obama administration. Yes we know all American presidents have a proclivity to war, its the gravity of the U.S. presidency. But this time it is the media as wards of the military industrial complex doing it. At first it was somewhat subliminal. Now it is in your face.

    What are your thoughts? Let’s  talk. I will also be following our hashtag #PoliticsDoneRight on Twitter @EgbertoWillies. Give me a call, listen to the live stream, or listen to the podcast/vlogcast. We are also broadcasting live on Periscope at handle EgbertoWillies.

    Blog of the week

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    Radio Revival Hour

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    Have you lost your passion for Jesus?

    Join us as Dr. Jerry Spencer teaches us about A man of Passion- Speaking of Paul  Maybe you have lost your passion? Join us and be reminded why our PASSION for Jesus and the gospel is so important!

    6:00 pm CentralTime zone ---  And don't forget ...Q&A time after wards.

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    Join us for another wondefull message from Bro Jerry Spencer. A Holy Ghost Filled evangelist from the United States. We promise you will be blessed! 

    Remember after wards we have a time of questions and answers. 

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    TS RADIO: The rights of wards and conservatees

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    TS Radio – Nov 25  Beverly Newman & Linda Kincaid
    California advocate Linda Kincaid and Florida advocate Beverly Newman will discuss the rights of wards and conservatees.  They will present specific regulations in California, North Carolina, and Florida.  Similar regulations likely exist for all states.  This discussion will give direction to victims wishing to file complaints concerning violations of civil and personal rights.

  • RADIO REVIVAL HOUR with Jerry Spencer!

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    Maybe your church does not have Sunday night service? Maybe you are home bound (or know some one who is)? Maybe you Just LOVE Dr. Jerry Spencer? or maybe you just love some good ol fashioned SHUCKING THE CORN!!! YOUHAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!!!  

    Dr. Jerry Spencer is a hero of the faith to many of us! His unique preaching style and ability to proclaim the Word of God is rejuvinating. Come join us to hear this wonderful evangelist and man of God illuminate the scripture for us. After wards join us for a time of questions and discussion. Dr. Spencer may even be able to call in and join us from time to time! 6:00 pm Central every sunday might 

  • Politics Done Right - Our failed media almost led us to war with Iran and beyond

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    Anyone watching the news would think it is 2003 all over again. We have the Right Wing neocons out insinuating that the Iran Nuclear Deal is an existential threat to the United States and Israel. That is simply not true.

    Support is under water for the agreement however. Why is that? It is simple. There is a well-funded misinformation campaign designed to lie and misinform Americans. As we all know by now fear is more effective than resolve or hope.

    What is disconcerting is the involvement of a foreign government to influence our own government. Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has had undue influence on Republicans on this issue.

    If our media weren’t derelict, two realities would be made known to the American public. Those on the right are simply lying. And the Republican Party has allowed a foreign government along with the neocons, the wards of the military industrial complex, to put their wants over the well-being of Americans.

    What are your thoughts? Let’s  talk. I will also be following our hashtag #PoliticsDoneRight on Twitter @EgbertoWillies. Give me a call, listen to the live stream, or listen to the podcast/vlogcast.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1168

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    Tonight's special guests are Alan and Barbara Cohen from Connecticut, husband and wife. He's an attorney and author (aka Avi Morris) who's written about the experience of being a foster father in his book "Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young". Barbara's a now-retired teacher, a middle-school language arts and literacy specialist who continues to teach adult literacy classes. It was her observations of children being removed from abusive homes that led the couple to become foster parents. They began fostering teens after their own three sons were grown and on their own. Their experience with a girl and her sister became the models for the novel's main characters, which has led them to become speakers at various foster care foster care and child abuse advocacy groups. Alan and Barbara's family has not been immune from the ravages of child abuse and trauma. Their niece survived the abuses of her grandfather, but is now a major success story. There were extreme bumps along the way, including she and her younger brother becoming wards of the state after falling into drug abuse. She attempted suicide twice before age 17, and was sent to a year long rehab. When she emerged she was dedicated to sobriety, finished high school with a GED, and got straight "A"s in a community college. Her brother, who Alan and Barbara fostered, is the other side of the coin. He is still struggling with drug abuse and in the process lost an academic scholarship to a good university. "In the meantime," Alan reports, "the grandfather's abuse pretty well tore apart the whole immediate family. There are many victims of one person's abuse."

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    Choctaw Nation election controversy: evidence supporting needed reforms?

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    Ever since the US Supreme Court muddled the waters of our sovereignty in the "Marshall Decisions", our Chahta Okla have remained politically unstable with outside influences upon our traditional form of self-governance. Even in recent years, the administration  has been clouded of the Choctaw Nation has been clouded with corruption, election fraud/tampering, favoritism,and rewarding themselves enormously. Just before the election year, a former official, Jason Merida, was convicted of corruption and fraud, and sentenced to 12 years. The trial brought out testimony of widespread corruption, fraud and abuse of office. Efforts were underway to reform the constitution and election rules. Concurrently, Batton created a task force to provide election recommendations, which brought objections from citizens at the council meeting because it failed to resolve the problems.
    Recently, an issue arose challenging Wards residency. Election rules require a candidate must have lived in the district one year prior to the filing for office (May 2015). Documents appeared in the social media of Facebook indicating he was a resident of District 1 one month prior to filing for office. An election hearing was called for August 19th after the opposing candiate, Mike Amos contested the validity of Wards qualification to run for office. They met at 10 AM and and said they would give their decision by written reply.
    At the beginning of the election, three candidates were challenged on their residency. One survived the board, while the other two didn't. Alicia Nevaquaya would have been an opponent of Wards and Amos, as well as several others for the council seat. Questions have been raised about the boards thoroughness.
    This evening I spoke with Mr. Ward about this issue and invited him to come on the show and tell us what he knows. He agreed to come on. I hope other guests versed on this subject do so as well.

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    In Life Now Radio with Coach TMB and Bing Goei

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    Host: Coach TMB

    Guest: Bing Goei

    Topic: When People Say You Can't-Connecting The Dots In Your Life

    Bing's Bio

    Bing Goei is an immigrant from Indonesia and come to the United States via the Netherlands in 1960 and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With hard work and dedication, he built Eastern Floral and successful established seven locations, 60 year-round employees and more than $5 million in annual revenue.  

    Besides running his successful business, Bing is a passionate advocate of diversity and entrepreneurship.  He created a program at the Goei Center called the International Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which is a business incubator that offers low cost space to young, minority and women entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids.  This program has caught the attention of the Kellogg Foundation, GROW, MEDC and other local organizations.

    Bing received many awards and recognition for his achievements as an Asian American entrepreneur, which include: 2008 Junior Achievement West Michigan Business Hall of Fame; Michigan Floral Association Retailer of the Year – 2008; Top 50 Teleflora Florist in U.S. and Canada and Best Florist Wards by various publications– 2002-2007; 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for West Michigan – Retail Division; 2001 Minority Business Person and 2000 Small Business of the Year.

    Visit Bing Online


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    Find Out Who You Are with Coach Specialist Steve Kerr

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    Steve kerr was Born in Jamaica, and how lived in Canada 44 years.  He is married to the same woman 25 years, and is the father of 7 wonderful  children.  He is a mentor to many, has been a entrepreneur for over 30 years,  Youth counsellor for 26 years,  did marriage/relationship counselling  for 15 yrs, track & Field coach 9 years, a Life Coach Specialist for  6 years, and is the author of the  upcoming book, "WHO AM I".  He is also the RUNNER UP IN THE 2014 CITY COUNCIL RACE FOR WARDS 1&5 IN BRAMPTON.

    You can connect with Steve via his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lifecoachspecialist/photos