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    The War in Afghanistan

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    How many of you think about the war in Afghanistan? Does it even seem like there is a war goin on?  Aside from the occasional story on a service member who has been killed or tragically injured there is not much being said about a war that has been going on for almost 11 years.  As a veteran I have my own feelings about this and all wars and tonight is your opportunity to voice your feelings about this issue. I encourage all veterans, family members and spouses of veterans to please call and share your feelings or stories about how you have been affected by the war. War, What is it good for, on Rap Sessions Radion this Thurs., March 21, 2013.

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    Voices of the Cannabis War Episode 4

    in War

    Voices of the Cannabis War showcase the voices of the victims in the cannabis war!  We show the trauma going on with those and those possess, sell or cultivate it . This week's theme is women in prison!  You will hear from Stephanie Landa, Amy Pova, and Andrea Harps about their time in prison!  You don't want to miss what these amazing women have to say!  You will also hear from Craig Cesal who is serving a life sentence and possibly Jason Nelson, a federal plant prisoner from Oregon! Our plant prisoners earn less than 20cents an hour, often moved away from their families, and forced to live with murders and thieves.  Over 50 are serving life sentences and have been in since the 80's.  This show is an effort to remind the world of their sacrifices.  Voices of Cannabis War is hosted by Eugene Fischer and Kristin Flor.  It is presented to you by volunteers.  Regular guests include Craig Cesal (serving life in prison), Stephanie Landa, Mindi Griffiths, Miggy 420 and many more!



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    What is wrong with the tip toe rinos? The partie del l muerte has declared la guerra on ninos and the rinos who control the congress can't stop the baby killers.

    The flag burner party of death to all God's children for spare parts profits pretends to care about women and makes it their party platform. The same platform that kicked God out at the last convention. The party that gets over on the poor. They convince a mom in trouble she can't afford that child. Then they raid her womb for spare parts that they sell for $24,000 dollars. The mother goes home feeling guilty possibly suffering depression and weeping syndrome. Planned slaughterhood pockets Lamborgini money as if they were eating lettuce.

    In this murder debate Men are the biggest jerks. They are told it is none of your business butt out. They are half the equation. The word fetus is passe.JR.and Sis are for real.

    If larceny enters into this voodoo ritual it won't be long before guys who wouldn't give you cab fare to the chop shop will be demanding 50% of the profits, once they see the prices of baby parts that get donated to the party of death. The government that used to pay for scalps now pays by the head.

    Not only are children being murdered in the womb by the democrat party they are also being murdered in the mind by being denied vouchers for a communist free education.





  • Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - Mayweather vs. Berto, September 12 on PPV

    in Sports

    Tuesday, August 4, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents an in-depth "Mayweather vs. Berto is official" edition of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!

    The prolific boxing coach will share his thoughts with the listening audience, concerning the September 12th PPV featuring Money Mayweather and Andre Berto!!

    - Why PPV and not "Free TV"?

    - Why Andre Berto?

    - Why did it take so long to announce the event?

    Coach Ronnie will also size up the September 12th match-ups!!

    - Mayweather vs. Berto, 12 round main event for the universally recognized Welterweight Champion

    - Martinez vs. Salido, 12 round co-main event for the WBO Super Featherweight Championship

    - Jack vs. Groves, 12 round special feature for the WBC Super Middleweight Championship

    - Smith vs. Martirosyan, 10 round special feature in the Super Welterweight division

    The renowned Houston, Texas based trainer will close out the 90 minute program with an all-new edition of "Fact or Fiction"!!

    Join us for another edition of "Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields"!!

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    Season 2 Episode 5: Free Safety Derrick Ferguson Southeastern Oklahoma

    in Football

    Inside the War Room is back for another new season getting you prepped for the 2016 NFL Draft! Season 2 is underway and we will have some great guests lined up for this year!

    Tonight David West will be hosting Free Safety Derrick Ferguson Southeastern Oklahoma!

    With ideal size that scouts are looking for at 6'3, Ferguson is built like a truck and is a fearless player in space. He plays with agressivness and knows how to lay a big hit. Athletic ability shows up on film and high points the ball nicely!

    He is an active in both in pass coverage and stopping the run in the back field.. He is a great team player who brings out the best in his teammates each and every game!

    6'3 215 FS

    Follow him on twitter as he prepares for his final season: @Dferg_9

    Check out all the past interviews from this season at http://www.nfldraftwarroom.com/interviews.html


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    Episode 291: Chattanooga, Omar, Nigeria & Kurdistan, Long War Hour w/Bill Roggio

    in Military

    This summer, the terrain shifted in the long war that we thought we needed to bring back one of our regular guests, Bill Roggio, to discuss in detail for the full hour.

    Bill is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Bill is also the President of Public Multimedia Inc, a non-profit news organization; and the founder and Editor of The Long War Journal, a news site devoted to covering the war on terror. He has embedded with the US and the Iraqi military six times from 2005-08, and with the Canadian Army in Afghanistan in 2006. Bill served in the US Army and New Jersey National Guard from 1991-97.

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    the war of psalms 83

    in Christianity

    what will take place in the psalms war

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    Sweet Science with Don Chargin and James Gogue - Garcia, Golovkin, and more

    in Sports

    Monday, August 3rd, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special "Swift, Triple G, and Canelo" edition of "The Sweet Science" with boxing legend Don Chargin and three decade fight trainer James Gogue!!

    To open up this week's edition of "The Sweet Science", "The Don" of boxing will talk about the respective paths of progress for Danny Garcia, Triple G, and Canelo Alvarez!!

    - Does Danny Garcia need a new head trainer?

    - How should Danny's handler's match him at 147 lbs?

    - Is Triple G ready for the Canadian puncher on October 17th?

    - Can Canelo defeat the current WBC Middleweight Champion on November 21st?

    At the 30 minute mark of the special two-hour program, expert fight trainer James Gogue will review this past weekend's action from Brooklyn, New York, and examine the upcoming boxing calendar!!

    Join us for another exclusive edition of "The Sweet Science" with Don "War a Week" Chargin and James Gogue!!


    in Prayer

    There's a saying, 'It's not what you know but who you know." This notion holds true particularly in Spiritual matters.

    We know the one who possesses the greatest authorithy and that is CHRIST JESUS. He is the one who has given us authority 

     HE wants us to exercise that authority in doing HIS businiess of the KINGDOM. Our engagement wil  most often involve wresttling.

    Wrestling involves the use strength against strength. However, the strength given to us is real and  superior to any that opposes us.

    It is the strength of CHRIST. Our relationship with HIM is nurtured and strengthened with prayer. Join us for live prayer

    at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

  • America's Biggest Enemy Continued . . .

    in Politics

    Tonight, we will continue our discussion on how America is destroying itself with its own people.

    25 things we did as kids, now may land your child in the pokey.  For what?  Being a kid?  

    In New Hampshire:  The term "American" now is offensive

    2 Illegal Immigrants now serve as commisioners in Huntington Park, CA.   They should not even be in the country, much less in our State's governments.

    Illegal Immigrant Sets Police Car on Fire, Declares “War” on America

    27 Iraqi Christians, crossed our border as refugee's are still being held in custody.  Meanwhile, rapists, murderers, thieves and other criminal immigrants are set free . . . Gunna need an explanation on this one!