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    Liberal Fix with Walter Brasch, author of "Fracking Pennsylvania"

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    Excellence in Progressive Radio. Join us for our 30 minute progressive politics news update. A daily dose of politics and the Liberal Fix to fit your busy schedule.

    As always, we offer news, commentary and analysis important to progressives and liberals across America. This is a must-add to your can't-miss directory of Progressive Podcasts or Liberal Podcasts.

    Monday night's episodes are hosted by sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana. 

    If you are interested in being a guest and for any other inquiries or comments concerning the show please contact Naomi Minogue at naomi@liberalfixradio.com.

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    PNN - Green and Blue

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    PNN's Guests this week:
    Join News Director Rick Spisak with this weeks guests:

    Edwin Enciso - Progressive Organizer will talk about organizing Progressives
    Walter Brasch - Author, Pennsylvania Progressive Activist - updates on issues in PA/OH/NY
    Dr. Karen Dwyer - Human Rights Activist will give us an update on Drilling on the West Coast of Florida
    Charles Messina - Progressive Candidate running for the state legislature will talk about his campaign and his agenda

    solidarity & peace

    Rick Spisak

    TUNE IN LIVE 7pm each Sunday or Anytime

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    THE H.E.R.M.  H.E.R.M. (HUMAN RENEWABLE ENERGY MEASUREMENT) MUST BE PART OR OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM. THIS ONE SYSTEM CONTROLS ALL THE SYSTEMS AROUND THE WORLD. SO WE MUST FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT FAIR. check us out on going beuond radio. 8-9p  and on our streaming planet tonight we will be talking about Fracking our guest will be Walter M Brasch on (WWW.OURSTREAMINGPLANET.COM) at 8-9 pm est plz join us on both programs thx jeff

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    Walter Brasch - New Book "Before the First Snow"

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     Walter Brasch's latest journalistic novel, Before The First Snow: Stories From the Revolution, looks at the counterculture of America from 1964 to Jan. 15, 1991, the eve of the Persian Gulf War. Underlying plot themes look at nuclear energy, the environment, the anti-war/peace movement, civil rights, worker rights, and the American mass media. Its topics are as relevant now as they were a generation ago.

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    Interview with Walter Brasch, Progressive Writer

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    Tonight, Walter Brasch, writer for many Progressive sites will be on tonight discussing his views on the state of the Union. Go to WalterBrasch.com To order his book "Before the Snow"

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    Dr. Walter M. Brasch - Fracking Pennsylvania - NPTR 38

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    Dr. Walter M. Brasch is an American professor and social issues journalist. Dr. Brasch's latest work is a 2013 publication called Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting With Disaster. In this work, Brasch digs into the natural gas industry and extracts the truth about fracking. The  author's investigation concludes that errors made by the natural gas industry have caused significant public health and environmental problems while delving into their effect on agriculture, wildlife, and livestock. 

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    Will Roberts Weekly radio WALTER M. BRASCH, Ph.D. “FRACKING"

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    Thursday: 11 AM PST – BlogTalkRadio   Saturday: 3 PM PST 6 PM EST WeActRadio.com  Sunday: 1-2 pm KKRP Oklahoma AM 1610   Radio Show Line-up The Interview: WALTER M. BRASCH, Ph.D. “FRACKING” WALTER M. BRASCH, Ph.D., is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor in California, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, former multi-media writer-producer, and magazine editor. He is the author of a weekly syndicated newspaper column, Wanderings. Dr. Brasch is also an emeritus professor of mass communications and journalism. He is a social activist, dating from the mid-1960s, when he was active in anti-war and civil rights movements. He continues working in those areas, and has developed expertise in free expression and freedom of information issues. He is also active in animal rights, the environment, and is co-founder and executive vice-president of the Northeast Pennsylvania Homeless Alliance, and vice-president of the Central Susquehanna chapter of the ACLU.    

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    We talk to Authors Faydra Deon and Walter Brasch

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    This week we talk with Author Faydra Deon about her book "The Pride" a story about Four women who have two things in common. They’re all mothers, and the father of their children is the same man. Faydra is also an expert in social media and Web Development.
    We also talk with Walter Brasch, Ph.D. about his book "Before the first Snow", a journalistic novel of Stories From the Revolution, a look at the counterculture of America from 1964 to Jan. 15, 1991, the eve of the Persian Gulf War. Underlying plot themes look at nuclear energy, the environment, the anti-war/peace movement, civil rights, worker rights, and the American mass media. Its topics are as relevant now as they were a generation ago.

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    Interview with Walter Brasch on Privatized Education

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    We'll seee how inadequate priitived education really is. This is a threat to American education.

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    Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Women

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    Find out how one woman made it her mission to help plus size women look and feel beautiful for those special occasions in their life. It all started when she had to wipe away the tears from her teenage daughter's face. You see, her daughter could not find a prom dress that worked for her plus size body.
    Not only was Phyllis upset about what her daughter had to go through, she was mad. Mad that fashion catered to thin girls and women when the reality is that one in every four high school girls in the U.S. wears a size 12 or larger.
    Phyllis Brasch Librach (‘LEE-BROCK”), an award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur, launched a business at an age when many women would retire. Today she runs Sydney’s Closet, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, leading a Fashion Team that designs and manufactures plus-size special occasion dresses for teens and women
    to wear to once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.  Sydney’s Closet original designs have been worn by women across the USA and around the world and seen on the red carpet on celebrities like KayCee Stroh, Gabourey Sidibe and Phyllis Smith. The specialty apparel company has been featured in O, Oprah Magazine,Seventeen, Teen Prom and seen on the Today Show, Dr. Phil , E! Entertainment and Kelly and Regis.

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    Who Has the Inside Scoop on Obama and Romney and More!

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    Maybe Walter Brasch can tell us the truth.  Who is Walter Brasch?
    A  journalist, a writer who looks at society and tries to understand, then analyze and explain its many complex parts as they relate to each other to help people better understand their own lives and what's both necessary and important to their lives.
    What's fact what's fiction regarding Romney and Obama claims?

     Several times during the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney claimed President Obama had stolen $716 billion from Medicare to fund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.
     That claim wasn’t original with Romney. Thousands of Republican candidates have said the same thing. And, thousands of Republican candidates are wrong. Most know the facts. But in their zealous attempt to spin the truth and get senior citizen votes, they still use that $716 billion claim as fact.  Here are the facts.   Over a 10 year period—that’s 10 years not immediately, as stated—Medicare will lose $716 billion. But, that’s primarily because of two provisions of the new law, found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.  http://www.walterbrasch.com

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