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    Up Against the Wal! (-Mart)

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    Wal-Mart wants to open stores in DC. Local government demands Wal-Mart pay a "Living Wage."  Wal-Mart re-evaluates. Is the world's largest retailer evil, or is it just business? We'll discuss.

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    A-Wal on FnF Studio Radio

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    A-Wal on FnF Studio Radio

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    #08: Wal-Mart Workers & Rebellion in Turkey

    in Politics Progressive

    Today's topics:
    * OUR Wal-Mart Campaign Spreads: Revolutionary Industrial Unionism Needed * Mass Movement in Turkey: Regime Change or Revolution?

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    Father's Day and The fine people of Wal*mart

    in Comedy

    Tune into a very special Father's Day episode of the Questionable Intelligence Report. Mike goes to Wal*mart and meets a special friend. We'll finally find a use for Lew and Mick. Kristy will stop giving birth long enough to talk about the Eric Cantor upset and what that will mean for the GOP. And we'll thank our fathers for impregnating our mothers whether they like it our not.

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    Politics & Beer - New Poll Shows How Stupid & Uneducated the Tea Party is

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    A new poll shows just how dumb & uneducated the Tea Party people really are.

    Of course the GOP is caving on its "demand" for Obama's Immigration order to be defunded. What did you expect? Did you really think this nutbag party has ANY ideas?

    The real reason why Wal-Mart is hiking wages for its employees, and it's neither pressure from citizens, or because they feels it is "right."

    And more......

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    Wal-Mart the Evil Empire

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    Should We Admire Wal-Mart? The giant retailer's low prices often come with a high cost.

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    The Justice Resource Center - What a Shame about Wal-Mart - Who is Really & Why Protesting!

    in Spirituality

    The Focus Show - {Follow One Course Until Successful}  "A male/female becoming a man/woman". The show is live at studio 670 10am to noon Wednesday in Louisville Kentucky. Come hear a mid-week dialog for men /women to be heard, understood and share their life style living choices (LSLC) as men/women. The Focus Show visiting guests and the co-host of men/women friends. We are discussing our life living style choices and our wisdom we have matured. We want you to listen or join in but, determine for yourself the value of spiritual, real, confident and free Believer's. As we dailog about the processing issues from birth to present-day to a male/female becoming a man/woman.

     MeShorn will lead a focus thought, as a professional believer in God. He has come to live by his own beliefs and make his own choices. Why? Because of the adult-males/Alpha-men who sowed some valuable lessons into him. MeShorn now seek to give back. MeShorn, believes the process to life living choices for all, is knowing your own beginnings. (KYB). The Focus Show will remind, witness and reveal (RWR) to believers and non-believers through our "keep it spiritually simple" (KISS) "barber-shop" format. A method style & conversation, listening and teaching within the show. The Focus Show has a message & mission to restore males/females to the understanding, knowledge and wisdom to becoming a man/woman. We invite any & all to enjoy this 21st century programming. The Focus Show - A male becoming a man.


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    The Black Friday Wal*Mart Boycott

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    This half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled "The Black Friday Wal*Mart Boycott." Special guest and boycott organizer Michelle Mundy explains the reasons for the national boycott. The Wal-Mart business model is based on the worst elements of globalism. It's a store front for China and thrives on exploitative capitalism on its labor force in every part of the supply chain. We've all seen the abhorrent video clips on You Tube of Americans behaving worse than stupid animals as they rush into a Wal-Mart on a Black Friday and then stampede other customers and employees ... to death.  

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    Dawatul Hikmah Wal Yaqeen

    in Spirituality

    The teachings of islam and sufism and learning more about prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) the messenger of Allah (S.W.T).

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    How To Sell To Wal Mart

    in Business

    If you have an idea to pitch to Wal-Mart, you can be sure you’re only going to get one shot to present it to them, so you’d better make it count. You’ve got to think like a large retailer and talk to them in terms they will understand. You also have to do your homework to make sure you’re even a good
    fit for the mass-merchandising giants. And in this audio you’ll hear how to conduct the kind of research you need to make sure you’re ready for the big
    retailers, and how to pitch yourself to them when you are.

    Key Concepts

    ?? How to make sure the mass market carries what you want to sell to wal mart

    ?? What to do if your product is considered “seasonal”

    ?? How to conduct research on Wal-Mart—even if you don’t have one nearby

    ?? How to make deals with everyone—including your competitors

    ?? What to do if you discover you’re not quite ready for Wal-Mart so that you can get ready right away

    ?? How to prepare for the “big sales calls” to the big department stores

    ?? The criteria you’ll need to meet in order to sell to mass merchants

    Remember, the shelves of Wal-Mart aren’t sitting empty waiting for your product to come along. If you’re going to replace an existing product, you’ve got to show buyers why they should make the switch. But nothing is worse than going into Wal-Mart unprepared.

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    Between 1960 and 1962 more than 14,000 Cuban children escaped Fidel Castro’s communist regime as part of an airlift known as Operación Pedro Pan. LORENZO PABLO MARTÍNEZ was one of these children. In CUBA, ADIÓS: A Young Man's Journey to Freedom, Martínez vividly recounts his participation in a program that bridged two different cultures and achieved great political significance over the years. At eighteen, he forfeits a music scholarship to Prague to accept an unknown future of exile in America without knowing the language, money to pursue an education, or family to help. Plagued by guilt around his sexual identity and having to care for a younger brother, Martínez forges ahead to become the composer of his future; later he opens the doors that enable his sisters and parents to join him after a harrowing sojourn in Mexico City. With the same determination, he attends college and pursues a music education, obtaining a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music, then a doctorate from Columbia University. Even after his music compositions are published and performed on television and at international festivals, Martínez feels restless and spiritually unfulfilled. Until, that is, he is able to define the true music of his freedom. CUBA, ADIÓS is a poignant, thoughtful account of one boy’s survival and self-acceptance, written with unflinching honesty and a wry humor.

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