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    #WEWIN with Chief Apostle Olive C. Brown & No Longer Waiting to Exhale

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    For 22 years Chief Apostle Olive C. Brown has been the Chief Prelate of International Christian Ministries.She oversees churches up and down the east coast. Known as the Queen of Facebook, this seasoned Woman of God wants the Kingdom of God to take its rightful place. She wants us to become settled that we not only win in the end, we can win right now! Go to Facebook and Twitter to see her signature hashtag - #WEWIN. 

    Chief Apostle Olive C. Brown has accomplished much, but she also had to endure much to get to this day. Listen as she shares practical solutions to overcome any obstacle you may be facing. 


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    Event Spotlight

    No Longer Waiting to Exhale  - A Woman's Day of Fulfillment 

    Hosted By Enrique Pascal

    Saturday, August 16, 2014


    Henrico Theatre





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    Lysa Comfort - Waiting To Exhale

    in Education

    Lysa Comfort has spent a long while Waiting To Exhale - and now that she has some Oxygen in her life, she finally can... on this episode of Nail Talk Radio we're catching up with the Producer of Oxygen Media's newest television series"Nail'd It"!

    Delving into the newest fashion trend of nail design, “Nail’d It!” is an innovative self-contained challenge pitting the country’s fiercest nail designers against one another. Hosted by fashionista Adrienne Bailon, each episode will feature three “Nailistas” as they are pushed beyond their creative limits to face-off crafting flawless flat paint designs and over-the-top 3D works of art using everything from gels, wraps, polishes, glitter, lace, rhinestones, 3D objects and extreme materials.  The winners of each battle will then compete in a two-part finale until only one artist is standing to claim the $100,000 prize, which will get them to the next level in their aspiring career.

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    Waiting to exhale...I can't breathe!

    in Current Events

    What should have been a happy day on December 3 had a damper on it because the No Indictment in the Eric Garner case was announced! That is my son's birthday and I was looking at him praying to NEVER have to go through what the families of these tragedies are going through. This is the second time in 2 weeks that we have had to hear the words NO Indictment. It was almost too much! I watched the video over and over just to make sure that I did not miss anything and what I saw was a man who was clearly frustrated and tired. That day was just not the day but what happened next still hurts to watch. I say him choked to the ground where the other officers piled on top of him. I saw his head pushed into the concrete all the while saying "I can't breathe". These would be his last words. I feel like I am suffocating as these police related shootings keep happening. Since then Tamir Rice the 12 yr old in Cleveland as has been laid to rest but the cop who shot him wasn't even fit for duty! So you ask yourself why was even a policeman? Today an unarmed African American man in Phoenix was shot to death after a pill bottle was mistaken for I guess a weapon. I just want to be able to exhale! I cannot remeber the last time I did. Tonight I will discuss the times when I felt this feeling over and over!

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    Are We Waiting to Exhale?

    in Spirituality

    Another Clean Glass Production & the Sisterhood Connection Presents: “ Traveling The Yellow Brick Road”-Tuesday May 28, 2013 @ 10:00 AM with our Beloved Sister Dorothy J. Muhammad Call in @ (914) 803-4041...Today's Topic is:"Are We Waiting to Exhale?"Join us as we discuss "letting go"  and  moving forward in our lives.

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    Waiting to exhale (a prophetic poem)

    in Religion

    As an author many times the Holy Spirit will give me a prophetic poem /psalm that he will release me to write or share with someone. Tune in so that this word can be a blessing to you!

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    inHALE*exHALE radio guest: 3 Girls in the Dark

    in Paranormal

    guest: 3 Girls in the Dark




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    Crossroads with Van / McCain / GOP vs. AZ Patriots

    in Politics Conservative

    Campaign for Liberty       

    Senators McCain & Flake have betrayed the voters of AZ for the Dreamers along with most of the GOP who supported HR 5759, and now waiting for Gov. & Legislators to Enforce Prop. 122 against funding Drivers License order by Federal Gov. or don't they represent US Citizens or just talkVans programs consist mainly on Political Issues and his Comments on them. He'll have Guests, and take Callins @ 347-857-4804 / 877-572-4283, join us in the Chat Room. We appreciate your Sharing the Program & Join me on Face Book with comments, postings, likes etc., Contact Van to speak with your groups in person.  God Bless You All; Van

     Campaign Site; http://vanushouse.com

    Check the #’s;

    FAIR/Pulse, Feb. 2013— poll of likely voters: * 86% believe illegal immigration is a problem in the U.S. * 74% believe the government isn’t effective at preventing illegal immigration.
    Rasmussen, Jan 2013— poll of likely voters: * 90% of Union Members say reduction of illegal immigration is important to them.
    CIS/Pulse, Feb. 2013 — poll of likely voters: * 64% say immigration enforcement is too little.*71% believe illegal aliens in the U.S. a result of a failure to enforce immigration laws
    53% would be more likely to support a political party that favored the enforcement of immigration laws.
    Check out this link as well having to do with “AZTLAN” MOVEMENT: http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jan/25/local/la-me-0126-compton-20130126 ,

    Contact; Van to share this and more Information with your groups as well. 


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    Jamila Thomas 3D LIVING: HOW? STOPS NOW! Radio Show!

    in Dreams

    HOW? STOPS NOW is a motivational radio show that encourages people to run after your dreams. The premise of the show is if you have desires and you are determined then your destiny is and will be waiting on you! HOW? is the mother of doubt! We will be given perfectly visualized visions and before we know it we have talked ourselves out of a perfectly formed vision! This radio show will inspire individuals to run after their dreams!!

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    Each & every week. The pros call him the Stephen A. Smith of Pro Wrestling talk Mike Knoxxx & Christopher Spotface along with KME Chad Rivera & you The Million $ audience. Give you the 1st & 10 version of pro wrestling talk radio with our rendition we call III count! Join us each week were will discuss & argue the week in pro wrestling! Stop by as you never know when the pros will do the same! The Barbershop is open & an appointment is waiting for you!!!

  • "I'm under CONSTRUCTION, could YOU possibly be as well?

    in Spirituality

    When we go through things in life, it is human to cry out Lord why me? At the end of the day we don't have the right to question Him. He is God, He knows about all your hurt and all your pain. He's waiting for you to ask for help. He's waiting for you to depend on Him. Waiting for you to surrender. You who have been handling it on your own, you who've been paying God.  We often say " I surrender ALL" then trust Him and let go. Could you be under construction? but you keep interupting the process.... Let's talk..


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