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    John Carver Show - Why the Wait???

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    Maybe life’s “delays” are meant for us to exhaust every human means possible?!?!

    Eric Speir writes:
    In studying the lives of these great people, I've discovered 4 reasons God makes us wait:
    1. Waiting Reveals Our True Motives
    Waiting has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people. People who don't have good motives won't wait long because they're not interested in the commitment it takes to see something through. They're too interested in short-term gains or success.
    Most of us have good intentions, but a lot of what we want to accomplish is an attempt to make a name for ourselves or for our own egos. It hurts to say this, but it's often true.
    2. Waiting Builds Patience In Our Lives
    Patience in waiting for small things leads to having patience in the bigger things. If we can't wait for God to do a small thing, we certainly can't wait for something bigger.

    3. Waiting Builds Anticipation
    Why do children get so excited around Christmas? Because the wait has produced anticipation. We tend to appreciate things the longer we have to wait for them.
    4. Waiting Transforms Our Character
    Waiting has a way of rubbing off the rough edges of our lives. Most of us know the story of Moses delivering the Israelites from the Egyptians. It's a grand story of God doing great miracles.

    We married in 1988 and began our family in 1998.  Those ten years were very long and painful.  There was a purpose in the waiting.  We just didn’t see it or want to see it at the time.

    One of the biggest difficulties, for some, is to keep moving forward while you wait…to constantly be learning in the waiting room.

    Do you take opportunities to learn something while you wait?

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    They That Wait Upon the Lord

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    They That Wait Upon the Lord
    Bring us into that place of dependency upon the Word of the Lord. We long for your presence Lord, enrich our lives with your Holy Spirit. 
    Rev Peter Kelleher

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    "How Long Should a Man Wait for SEX"

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    Whether it’s Steve Harvey, Iyanla Vanzant, or many other self-proclaimed relationship “experts”… when it comes to SEX, there’s no shortage of bad advice that puts some form of time frame on how long a woman should make a man wait for intimacy. Please join me on “The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on “The 90 Day Rule: How Long is too Long to Wait for SEX?” If you think that just because a man sticks around for 90 days, that means you’ve got a keeper, you definitely need to tune in by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters”.

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    Let's Wait a While

    in Lifestyle

    How long should you wait before introducing someone that you've been dating to your family? Tune in and give your opinion. 

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    "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" Host and Motorcyclist Peter Sagal

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    Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! is NPR's weekly hour-long quiz program. Each week on the radio listeners can test ther knowledge against some of the best and brightest in the news and entertainment world while figuring out what's real news and what's made up. Prior to becoming host of Wait Wait in 1998, Peter had a varied career including stints as a playwright, screenwriter, stage director, actor, extra in a Michael Jackson video, travel writer, essayist, ghostwriter and staff writer for a motorcycle magazine. In October 2007, Harper Collins published Peter's first book, The Book of Vice: Naughty Things and How to Do Them, a series of essays about bad behavior, which was released in paperback in 2008. Does the Constitution have what it takes to keep up with modern America? Join Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! as he hits the road to find out. Traveling across the country by motorcycle, Sagal is in search of where the U.S. Constitution lives, how it works and how it doesn’t… how it unites us as a nation and how it has nearly torn us apart.

    We'll also take an online road trip to Ken's Cedar Keyside DIner in Cedar Key, Florida.

    Check out Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website

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    FIREHAWK REPORT: The Wait is Over!

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    The wait is over! America’s Militia is Striking Back!

    In this Firehawk Report exclusive, two high-ranking militia officers reveal, for the first time, planned “push back” actions to commence within days! Every American needs to hear this revolutionary message. The wait is over – it’s time to take our county back!

    This FIREHAWK REPORT SPECIAL is brought to you by New Colony Network on Blog Talk Radio. Join us at 9PM at:


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         "WAIT." The idea of waiting is not a popular one. But that is precisely what GOD asks us to do. Waiting is an exercise in courage. We experience many circumstances where waiting is painful. Psalm 27 encourages us to know that HE is our light, our salvation, our refuge and our stronghold. Our FATHER promises to strengthen our hearts as we exercise courage in waiting. Let's learn to wait by waiting on the LORD. Let us experience the strengthening of our hearts that results from waiting in prayer and meditation before HIM.  

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    Terry Hawkins - Why Wait to be Great?

    in Management

    Terry Hawkins, CEO of the international business skills training company, People In Progress Global, is in the

    business of developing people to their full potential. Her latest book, “Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either

    NOW or TOO LATE! really personifies her philosophy on life. Having been listed as one of the top 60

    motivational speakers in the world (Top 10 women), she certainly knows how to shake people up enough to

    get them going!

    Questions discussed:

    1. After 25 years as a successful business woman, speaker and author [...]

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    But They That Wait On The Lord

    in Christianity

    But they that wait on The Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31


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