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    Transformers Star Mark Wahlberg

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    An interview with Mark Wahlberg who stars in the new Transformers movie, set to be one of the summer's biggest movies.

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    Transformers Star Mark Wahlberg

    in Romance

    An interview with Mark Wahlberg who stars in the new Transformers movie, set to be one of the summer's biggest movies.

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    Nation of Perpetual Punishment

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    Paid your debt to society? Think again and keep paying.

    Our literary and cinematic clichés include felons reinventing themselves after prison. Our society actively discourages reintegration. We are more like Valjean/Javert or Hester Prynne. You will wear your mistake and pay for it so long as you live.

    Most obvious are CORI-style criminal-records files that give employers an excuse to hire someone other than an ex-convict. That keeps the former felon struggling and poor.  

    Even among rich celebrities, there can be pushback. Lately Mak Wahlberg has asked for a pardon from an old conviction for a racist assault (one of several in his teens and early 20s). Seems as a convicted felon, he has problems getting liquor licenses for his burger restaurants. Consider the harm and hopelessness if you aren't a wealthy, famous music and movie star.

    At a base level though, why do the feds encourage states to bar former felons from the number one civic duty of voting? Only two New England states let incarcerated criminals vote absentee. Quite a few permanently ban participation in elections.

    There is some logic to preventing ex-convicts from getting gun permits...but only if they had committed vioent offenses. But honestly, why separate the paid-their-debt crowd from the rights of citizenship?


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    The Filthy Dish Pop Culture Show

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    H5, Stacie Face, and Nikold Blooded are locked and loaded with the latest and greatest in Pop Culture news tonight on The Filthy Dish! Tonight we will be discussing everything from Mark Wahlberg and his mission to expunge his hate crime past, to Congressional Staffers walking out in protest, to Jay-Z's meeting with Gov. Cuomo and much more! Tune in especially as we discss the Sony Execs who were put on blast after their email was publicly leaked revealing racist statements about President Obama and various celebs! We go live tonight at 9pm EST so lock us in!!! 

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    Boys Will Be Boys

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    The boys discuss the 2015 Golden Globe nominations, Mark Wahlberg's plea for a pardon, Leonardo DiCaprio's night out with 20 models, and more. 

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    Scott Saia is considered one of the preeminent security specialists in the country with over 21 years in the industry and is President of the Boston Security Group, a company he founded in 2013.

    Scott has long been sought after to design, plan and manage security at some of the largest events in the country. Scott is also considered one of the nation's leading experts in crowd management, human flow dynamics and mass behavior. His work in events of 50,000-100,000 people set him apart and has found him advising to many prominent public events. Scott has worked with a long list of celebrities and artists managing security and logistics for events, including but not  limited to, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Sandra Bullock, Barbra Streisand, The Rolling Stones, One Direction, Dwayne Johnson, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, and many more, Scott is best known as the Director of Security for the Wahlberg Family and Emmy winning, Academy Award nominated actor/Producer Mark Wahlberg. Scott is also a cast member on the Emmy nominated hit A&E series "Wahlburgers"

    Scott studied Music Business Management at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and is also a respected popular music historian. Aside from his work with a number of charitable foundations, Scott created what  has become the largest event in his hometown of Malden, Massachusetts. Malden's "Home for the Holidays"  Charity Street Hockey Tournament. This event brings hundreds of players and thousands of fans out in support of local youth programs and to date has raised thousands of dollars towards funding initiatives for the local community.

    TWITTER: @ScottSaia23

  • Hate, Lies, & Success - The Power Of Emotions

    in Radio

    Witness who testified before grand jury that she saw Michael Brown charge Officer Darren Wilson is revealed to be 'lying racist bipolar felon'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2875166/Witness-testified-grand-jury-saw-Michael-Brown-charge-Officer-Darren-Wilson-revealed-lying-racist-bipolar-felon.html#ixzz3M1jNe7S5
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    EXCLUSIVE: 'Kill the n*****! Kill the n*****!' Teacher reveals how Mark Wahlberg and 'thug' friends chased, taunted and hurled rocks at her fourth-graders - but she'll accept the pardon for an apology

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2874607/Kill-n-r-Kill-n-r-Teacher-reveals-Mark-Wahlberg-thug-friends-chased-taunted-hurled-rocks-fourth-graders-ll-accept-pardon-apology.html#ixzz3M1kVHkxE
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    'I make more money than my dad!' Meet the 11-year-old CEO who founded her own company at the age of five

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2875203/I-make-money-dad-Meet-11-year-old-CEO-founded-company-age-five.html#ixzz3M1lKvCrf
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    Were you BORN a thug? Experiences can make a criminal - but genes are to blame for violent behaviour too, study finds

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2874341/Were-BORN-thug-Experiences-make-criminal-genes-blame-violent-behaviour-study-finds.html#ixzz3M1oOM9p8
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    That's Entertainment

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    Why is R&B singer Ginuwine crying broke?  Why was Tyga's music video shut down by police?  Which member of the Sugarhill Gang lost his battle with cancer?  Which celebrity couple is next in line for a reality show?  Which magazine did Kim Kardashian bared her behind for?  And why does Nick Jonas want you to have sex to his music?  Tune in to That's Entertainment!  Your #1 source for entertainment news and pop culture, every Wednesday afternoon, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs at 1pm ET.  

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    Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats w producer writer Jeff Gendleman

    in Film

    Jeff Gendelman, writer and producer, wrote and produced The Surface, an 18-year journey of perseverance from idea to production. The film stars Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey and Mimi Rogers and was directed by Gil Cates Jr. Jeff also produced and directed the award-winning short film, In Passing. He produced the Los Angeles world premiere of the play, The Letter Writer, and then developed it to be made into a film. He produced and directed two science documentaries, and a pilot for a syndicated TV series. As an actor, Jeff co-starred with Christopher Lambert in the feature film, Splitsville. He had a supporting role opposite Robert Forster and Donnie Wahlberg in the feature film, Diamond Men. His TV work includes guest-starring roles on NBC’s Law and Order and he was featured on Beverly Hills 90210. Jeff was also a series regular on the television dramas One Life to Live, Guiding Light and Loving (nominated for Outstanding Actor in a daytime TV series). He studied in film classes at the American Film Institute (Los Angeles), New YorkUniversity, USC, and at the BBC (London). Jeff has also been involved with the theater since age 10. After graduating from the University of Minnesota he went to train in the American Conservatory Theater Advanced Actor Program in San Francisco. He has acted and directed at theaters throughout the United States and Japan, including Old Globe Shakespeare Company (San Diego), Milwaukee Repertory, Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles), and Riverside Shakespeare Company (New York City). Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com  Visit and subscribe to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat Blog at http://www.RexSikesMovieBeat.me for articles and more about the industry we love and work in.

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    WonderTwins Diplays Their Art With Dance

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    "The Wondertwins" Billy & Bobby Mcclain are amazingly talented identical twins from Boston, Massachusetts who have spent the majority of their lives living and breathing the world of dance.

    They began their careers at the young age of ten, when they were asked to be a part of Boston's first professional street dance crew, called "The Funk Affects."

    At that time, they were already supporting acts behind hip-hop icons Run DMC, KRS One, LL Cool J, EPMD & SLICK RICK, just to name a few.

    Eight years later, they decided to rebrand themselves as "The WONDERTWINS" which proved to be a successful undertaking, given the long list of accomplishments that unravelled before them since.

    Their repertoire includes: ~ Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre, not just once, but an astonishing six times~ tour dancers ~ Good Day New York with hip-hop icon MC Lyte and R&B; legend Regina Bell ~ Blockbuster film "Purple Rain" co-star APOLLONIA KOTERO's UK tour in 1991, tour dancers ~ Jerry Lewis's UCP telethon with New Kids on the Block and Mark Wahlberg, 1992 ~ NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, as the creative team of choreographers behind the 'Magic Summer" tour in 1993 ~ ~ MAURICE HINES JR's sold out shows "Club Harlem" live at the Apollo Theatre, featured dancers, 2014 ~ NBC NEWS, featured with with Apollo Theatre executive director Mikki Shepard, 2014 ~ DANCE MOGUL MAGAZINE, featured in the #1 Urban Dance Magazine, 2014 ~ The Arts Fuse online magazine, where they were the featured interview by Debra Cash, 2014 ~ Jacobs Pillow Unreal Hip Hop Dance Festival and Tap the Yard 2, where they are headliners, 2014.

    Their piece "Broadway to Hip Hop", 2014, has been reviewed several times, and continues to receive more glowing recommendations. 


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