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    CashMoneyContent Author Wahida Clark

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    Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, will release the latest novel from three-time New York Times best selling author and Queen of Street Literature, Wahida Clark. “Honor Thy Thug” is her most anticipated release to date and follows 2011’s “Justify My Thug”  debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #19.  Also making the New York Times list was Clark’s 2012 

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    Bestselling authors Jackie Collins & Wahida Clark on Conversations LIVE

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    It is a Conversations LIVE special event: Bestselling authors Jackie Collins (Confessions of a Wild Child) and Wahida Clark (Blood, Sweat & Payback) stop by Conversations LIVE to talk with host Cyrus Webb about their amazing literary journeys, new books and how they have been able to capture readers from literally around the world with their gifts.

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    Let's Talk About Sex: Erotica Writing that is w/ Author NeNe Capri

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    This week's show will be HOT! We're talking about S.E.X: Erotica writing that is. Writing about sex is an art, so mastering the art can help your bank account. Urban Fiction News will be discussing the many ways to write erotica, the value of using a pen name, choosing an erotic subgenre and coming up with ideas for your spicy tales. Speaking of Spice we have our co-host Mr. Santiago back in the building with us as well. 

    Our special guest NeNe Capri author of the P@$$* Trap will be on at 6:30pm where she will discuss her latest releases and what gives her an edge over the competition! 

    Remember to follow for more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources. We make publishing Sexy!

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    The Scribe Spot - Mary B. Morrison, Wahida Clark, Mary Monro

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    Brian W. Smith interviews New York Times Best Selling Authors: Mary B. Morrison, Wahida Clark, and Mary Monroe

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    Wahida Clark was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She is no stranger to the hard work and sacrifices that breed success. This Trenton native owned and operated L.M. Clark Printers & Publishers Inc., a printing and publishing company in Trenton. She decided to write fiction while incarcerated at a women's federal prison camp in Lexington, Kentucky. She has been crowned the Queen of Thug Love Fiction by Nikki Turner, the Queen of Hip Hop Fiction.

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    Bosses Talk Urban Too! Welcome to the Platform Ms. BossLady NeNe Capri!

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    I hold a A.A.S Degree in Law/Philosophy...a BA in Philosophy/ Pre-Law and is on my way to law school in pursuit of a law degree, also active in The Literary Arts Society, Parents of Murdered Children and Psi Alpha Delta.
    I am The Assistant Director of Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection Services Inc. Trenton Chapter, teaching and mentoring female and male inmates preparing them for what awaits them on the other side of the wall. Also works with, deters and redirects our youth to become productive members of society.
    I am the author of “The Trap”, “The Trap 2: The Kiss of Death”, “The Trap 3: Death by Temptation” Wahida Clark Presents. “Trust No Bitch” and “Trust No Bitch 2: Deadly Silence” a collaboration with Ca$h, also a short story entitled “Shattered” in the anthology “Love is Blind” presented by Boo Jackson in which 100% of the proceeds are donated to a battered woman’s shelter to help with the fight against Domestic Violence. I am signed with G Street Chronicles, in which I released her latest novel, Tainted: Lies. Fear and Death an Dream Weaver... Also am the CEO of Boss Lady Publishing. I put on my Agent hat signing my first celebrity client star “Roxy Reynolds” to G Street Chronicles with her new novel "Secrets of Star". I live by the moto.. "Good things come to those who wait, but only what's left by those who hustle.


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    Boss Lady Publishing with S. Chameleon, Boo Jackson, and Nene Capri

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    Let's say "Hello!" to 3 authors from Boss Lady Publishing:

    * 6:00 pm (EST)/7:00 pm (AST) - S. Chameleon, "The Lordess" of Boss Lady Publishing, received her unique name because, likened to a chameleon, she has a highly developed ability to change or adapt her writing style to quench a reader's insatiable thirst. S. Chameleon, born in Saginaw, Michigan, moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she flourishes. S. Chameleon has always been a "Boss" as a wife and a mother of 2. Writing is a talent she never took for granted. When she realized she had a story to tell, she carefully adapted her pen for the challenge.

    * 6:30 pm (EST)/7:30 pm (AST) - Boo Jackson, born in Kansas City, Kansas, is the oldest of 3 children. Growing up in Wyandotte County, the roughest and poorest county in Kansas, Boo endured her fair share of hardships and still managed to graduate ith honors from Wyandotte High School in 2002. Her entrance into college to study Psychology and Social Work was curtailed to satisfy her burning desire to share the collection of stories within her. Her first novel, penned at the age of 20 while working as a security guard, was the result of a bet she had with her baby sister.

    Boo grabs her readers with engaging, unique story lines, touching all subjects from romance, street life, lust, and racism. Her style is fast-paced while remaing detail-orientated, witty, and extremely humorous. 

     * 7:00 pm (EST)/8:00 pm (AST) - Ne Ne Capri is an author of Urban Fiction, or as it has been termed, Street-Literature. She came on the scene in 2011 breaking boundaries with her first title The Trap. NeNe signed with Wahida Clark Presents Publishing and then began to build her personal brand which she has coined #Trappin. 

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    Wahida Clark Presents SHAWN JIHAD TRUMP get to know him NOW

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    Shawn Jihad Trump was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania on May 25th 1976. He has resided in the Pittsburgh area his whole life. He is married to his wife Tinesha and has two children, Shainiece and Shaianna. He began writing while serving a  84  month sentence in Federal Prison for distribution w/ intent. Writing was a way to channel his emotions and utilize his time positively. He was a contributing author in Wahida Clark Present's "Whats Really Hood." Now free he continues to write while working as a chef full time.  

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    Interview NY Times Best Seller WAHIDA CLARK

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    Join Mack Mama as she kicks it with the one and only "Queen" of Urban Lit Wahida Clark. Cash Money Content and Atria Books Present "PayBack Ain't Enough" from New York Times Best Selling Author.
    This is a special show dedicated to Mack Mama's "Shero" Wahida Clark. Her amazing success serves as an inspiration for Mack Mama and all that have come from behind the walls. 
    #Salute Wahida Clark!

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    Rumont TeKay

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    “This is gangsters, guns and drugs. I don't think it gets much scarier than this,'' said Assistant District Attorney Mary Ellen Karst in asking for the maximum prison term for Rumont TeKay, age 18, a high ranking member of a notorious street organization out of Chicago. 

    Like many of his peers, Rumont took to the street life at the impressionable age of 10 years old. After his initiation, he quickly climbed the ranks within the organization and became one of its largest distributors in the cocaine trade by age 18. Eight months after his eighteenth birthday, Rumont was convicted of the largest cocaine bust in the county’s history and received a minimum mandatory 35 year sentence, as a first time offender. 

    While his back was against the wall and hope was bleak, he found solace in the elements of another writer's storylines. His inspiration flared and Rumont TeKay put his mighty pen to paper and hasn’t let up since. Through it all, he has learned that hope never dies just as long as one breathes life into it. After six years of appeals and twelve years spent behind bars, Rumont has been released and is now on a mission to expose the atrocities dealt in the land he calls home.

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    Episode 56--Wahida Clark

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    Discussion with author and publisher, Wahida Clark.

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