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    The Secret Language of Wade Robson... Craig James Baxter

    in Culture

    Recently Craig made a video where he read and described the body language of Wade Robson. His findings were incredibly interesting. The results were so share-worthy that I asked him on short notice to speak to us. He graciously agreed. We will also hear about his books on this subject. They are truly worth reading!   Craig’s debut book ‘Behind The Mask: What Michael Jackson's Body Language Told The World’ has become an  International Best Seller. Craig's most recent book, Unmasked, goes into even greater detail. We will be studying the body language of Wade Robson, as we seek to understand these new allegations that have been made on Michael Jackson.

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    The King Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce their next  feautured guest Susan Constantine the world renowned Body Language Expert./Jury Consultant/Florida Supreme Court County Mediator and President of Silent Messages on Thursday, May 23rd at 7PM EST- 4PM PST. Susan Constantine will be disputing the Wade Robson accusations against Michael Jackson. She will be giving an indepth analysis of the interview that Wade Robson gave and will give you her opinion about the interview.
    You do not want to miss this exciting and informative interview with one of  the most respected body experts in the world today.
    Check out : www.SusanConstantine.com
    We will be taking your calls.

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    Tom Mesereau on Jim Clemente Sandusky,Wade Robson and Safechuck on KJR 5-8-15

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    Tom Mesereau's return's to King Jordan Radio  to respond to Jim Clemente & All of his comments not to mention his article on Jerry Sandusky maybe needing a new Trial?? Plus His Thoughts on The Whole Wade Robson & Jimmy SafeChuck situation not to mention the Year Not Guilty 10 years Later Tom Will take a look back at The Criminal trial where Michael Jackson was found not Guilty on all 14 counts The Trial Went from Feb- June 13 2005 Jackson was Cleared on Every Count  Follow The Show on Twitter @MrKingJordan

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    Wade Robson analyzed again by body language expert Susan Constantine KJR

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    Susan Constantine. is World renowned body language expert that is coming back on to   We will be talking, Wade Robson and his change in stories, and Joran.vander sloot and the story about him being stabbed in prison. Plus the very latest on the Jodi arias retrial penalty phase.,For more information  on Susan Constantine Please Visit her Website @



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    Tom Mesereau on The BladeRunner Trial and the latest on Wade Robson

    in News

    Tom Mesereau returns to King Jordan Radio this Wedsday March 26. 2014.

    He will be covering The BladeRunner Trial and the latest on Wade Robson.

    Mr. Mesereau who last joined us on  Jan 2 ,2014 will also be covering the

    new  paperback edition of Randall Sullivan's book .


    We will be taking your calls.


    If you have any questions please call and we will try to answer all of your


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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller interviews Jim Ross

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller interviews Jim Ross about current events in pro wrestling including Summerslam, NXT, Raw, and Night of Champions. Call in live or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

  • Inside The Investigation 8/25/15 with Actors Kevin White & Wade Williams

    in Legal

    www.InsideTheInvestigation.com - Like, Share, Listen, Love

    Join us Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 at 6pm Eastern

    Actor’s Kevin White and Wade Williams, from the movie The Investigator, join us this episode!

    Kevin and Wade will tell us more about their movie The Investigator, written by Rich Romano (Ray Romano’s brother) and based on true life events!


    To learn more about the movie visit www.TheInvestigatorMovie.com

    See the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F17ShAV6y4k

    See Rich and Ray Romano talking about the movie here https://youtu.be/01flWdZbdj8


    Wade Williams is an actor/musician. Having spent twenty years in Los Angeles in the entertainment business, he has composed music for Telepictures and more recently he released an original song CD, The Very First Time.

    Credits Include - Masked, The King's Disciple, King' Gambit, Medium Justice, Dead of Night, Unbridled Chaos, Targets, God Where Are You?, Zombie Clean-up, Child of God, The Bros, Over There, Killer Cop, Power Rangers Time Force.

    Kevin White is known for his work on The Lunar Pack (2004), The Investigator (2013) and Death Plots (2005)

    Credits Include - Alien Vengeance II: Rogue Element, Stopped Dead, All Wrapped Up, Dodge University: The Movie

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    Talk Show: Inside The Investigation

    JMA Investigative Services, Inc.


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    "Abortion" Should it be legal Or Illegal?

    in Entertainment

    Every since the debate over whether abortion should be legal or illegal, continues to divide Americans long after the Us Supreme Court's 7-2 decison on Roe Vs Wayde {49} declared the procedure to be a fundamental right on Jan, 22, 1973. People idenifiying themselves as Pro -Choice contended that choosing abortion is a woman's right and it shouldn't be limited by the Goverment or Religious authority. However, Pro - Life  feels that this type of act is conciderd to be the imoral killing of an innocent human being. They say abortion inflicts suffering of the unborn child, which because of that fact, should not be allowed, period. Now our question to you is,, are you Pro- Choice or Pro Life?.. We'll be waiting to hear your answer on this controversial topic thats been on the debate table for many years. But within this first hour, the queens of the red carpet room is moments away from conversing with Published Author/Rap Artist "Carl Hicks" as he takes us on a trip inside his world of many talents. Its all about to go down on Diversity Of The Minds. Only on blog talk radio

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller & Jason Powell with live calls

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller hosts the Tuesday Livecast with Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net taking live calls and emails following the big Summerslam Weekend. Call in live or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    Wade Ayer & WI Congresswoman Christine Sinicki: Assembly bill 255

    in Family

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Hour 1: Wade Ayer: 

    Hour 2: Christine Sinicki on Assembly Bill 255  WI

    Mission: To bring National attention regarding Medical Practice. Please read: "The Who's Next Club-A cosmetic surgery disaster"

    This page is to have the victims tell their story & be heard, and what Malpractice really means. Here is a question we ask society: How reckless does it have to be before a Doctor before it is criminally charged? How many protocols does a Doctor break before it is deemed criminal, if ever. If law wouldn't prosecute this case, law won't prosecute any medical malpractice death. I want your stories. http://www.nmmaa.org/   The primary goal of the National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. is to build and foster a culture of philanthropy and create social change.

    Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
    The National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. seeks to enact a comprehensive intervention plan aimed at creating and maintaining a culture of patient safety.  As an advocate for social justice, The National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. (NAMMV) empowers the community through education and opportunities for activism.
    NAMMV is a groundbreaking initiative that changes despair into hope


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    black on black violence

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