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    VSR 204 - The Musical Stylings of Lil Poopy

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    Craig has taken up coffee for Lent, and as a result he was buzzing and ready to roll for Episode 204. Joined by Face, the core of Vertically Striped Radio discussed a tiny bit of sports including the Week in Avalanche hockey and the ridiculousness of Joe Flacco being the highest paid football player of all time before jumping into the news, a new edition of "Something to Think About" and honoring the newest inductee to the VSR Hall of Fame with a Magnificent Seven of the "Top Seven Doctor Suess Quotes". We wrapped with a musical recommendation of "We Used to Vacation" by The Cold War Kids and then had a musical encore of some terrible rap by "Lil Poopy". 

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    VSR 183 - Cooking Squirrel with a Propane Torch

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    The show started so early that we literally woke up Face Ventura with a call from the show three minutes before the the program started. Craig woke Face up by getting his blood flowing in anger about his Dallas Cowboys. After a rousing edition of the news that featured roach eating, death, squirrel roasting, and a blind man getting tased, we welcomed in The Whale and Pinedagger and together we worked our way through a new edition of Something to Think About. 
    Right before the show was about to go off the air, we briefly welcomed in Elevation and talked a bit about The Walking Dead before rounding out a morning edition of VSR with a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer" from Mumford and Sons as our music recomendation of the week.

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    I Am G3 Radio with Guest Murray/Jordan, from VSR Records

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    Interview with Artist
    Vikki Jordan  
    Randolph Murray 
    VSR Records

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    VSR 182 - If you wasted more money, You'd have more money.

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    Vertically Striped Radio starts oddly and never quite rights itself this week as right out of the gate an elephant is inducted into the VSR Hall of Fame, Craig is bummed about the dismal end to a scintillating baseball round, and Face loses his ever loving mind over Miami Hurricanes football. 
    We then move into comforting a despondent Whale after his Nationals spit the bit against the Cardinals after taking a 6-0 lead in the decisive Game 5. Craig briefly recaps going to Kansas and then Elevation calls in and helps discuss the start of The Walking Dead Season 3 this weekend before the show devolves into a free-flowing discussion that touches on a ridiculous range of topics including politics, serial gropers, and Ed's fiscal strategies. 
    With visits from Face, The Whale, Elevation, The Ed, Nalax, and DOTfan, what we lack in quality this week we make up for with quantity. The show wraps with a musical recommendation of the song "Conversation 16" by The National.

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    VSR 184 - A Scholar but not a Gentleman

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    Craig did his best to pay attention to the show while still watching his K-State Wildcats try to pull out a win at home versus Texas Tech. Showing the range of his professionalism, he manages to deliver a show while watching the game. (It helped that K-State won 55-24)
    We ended up talking about sportsmanship in blowouts with Face, talked about Hurricane Sandy with The Whale (a hurricane of which Face was unsurprisingly completely unaware) and we talked a little Walking Dead with Elevation. We also spent several minutes breaking down an epic moment in our nation's political history. (If you are unsure of which we speak, Google "Mitt Romney and Meatloaf" and enjoy the unintentional comedic goodness)
    Face and Craig finished up with a Magnificent Seven list of our Top 7 Television Shows and then the show wrapped with a musical recommendation of "Cruel and Beautiful World" by Grouplove. 

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    Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 219 - Photobomb Fail

    in Comedy

    A dash of Kline and a pinch of Face and you have the recipe for a fun episode 219. The Broncos are making it rain in free agency, the Avalanche are a feisty darkhorse in the West, True Detective ended not as sharply as we hoped, and Kline wears short shorts. We talk about it. And other odd stuff in typical VSR fashion.


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    VSR 187 - What is the population of Egypt?

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    From a gray and drizzly day in Colorado, Craig and Face looked back at how the internet has changed the world and how it's not ALL a good thing. The boys also discuss a terrible driver, pregnancy tests being used to diagnose cancer, Face's super power of ignorance, and why Craig has renamed the Saints the New Orleans Bananas.
    The Whale drops by at the end of the show to make a few comments about the internet and also share Craig's passion for giving up fantasy sports. Craig also annouced his plan this week to give up social media for a week as a social experiment. The show wraps up with a music recommendation from Miniature Tigers of "Tell it to the Volcano"

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    VSR 179 - There goes Borat

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    After spotting Borat at the Denver Zoo, Craig had to start the show an hour late. When Face made his appearance he was so wrapped up in the Miami Hurricanes game that we ended up watching the game. The guys cheered the Canes to overtime victory live on the air while talking a bit of football over the top of it.
    After the football ended, the guys finally got to the news which was highlighted by a woman hijacking a ferry and announcing she was Jack Sparrow and an update on our favorite Spanish Fresco Artist. We then talked a tiny bit to Elevation who called in to try and convince Craig to watch this season's Survivor. 
    The abbreviated show wrapped up with Craig and Face dueling head to head over a Magnificent Seven list as the guys did Top Seven NFL Logos. Then the precedings were finished up with a music recommendation of "Do It Anyway" by Ben Folds Five.

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    VSR 192 - North Korea discovers unicorns.

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    Ed dropped by to say hello and to break word that he is planning on creating his own website. Allegedly, he will be debuting TheEdFromVegas.com soon, although he hasn't registered the site as of showtime. It sounds like a glorious feat of technology featuring real time downloads of LCS Network shows, actual photos, and the ability to order McDonalds for delivery.
    After Ed left suddenly, Face and DOTfan dropped in to help with a new "Something to Think About" which allowed us to reminisce about lining up by height, wonder exactly how tight Peyton Manning keeps his helmet, and a pitch for the greatest Mountain Dew Code Red commercial of all time. (Which didn't recieve the love it was due.)
    The show wrapped with a music recommendation of "Helplessness Blues" by Fleet Foxes.

  • 02:07

    VSR 190 - Feeling Superior and Toilet Paper Guilt

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    Despite a sad and taxing week, Vertically Striped Radio came out strong this week with people feeling guilty about stolen toilet paper, a man suing a Chinese woman because she used to be ugly, and a sudden outbreak of Lotto fever across America has Craig feeling uppity.
    Face and Craig discuss the horrific Javon Belcher Murder-Suicide in Kansas City that morning, John Kline joins the show for obligatory Walking Dead discussion, and The Whale joins in as we discuss the Magnificent Seven things people do that make us feel superior. (Even though we're not.)
    This week's fun show then wraps up with a recommendation from Dear and the Headlights of "I'm not Crying, You're Not Crying, Are You?"