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  • 02:17

    The Vape Week 6 - Indiana the Law the Courts the Fight

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's Guest is Greg Troutman the Lawyer suing Indiana on the Federal Level

  • 01:59

    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 102

    in Entertainment

    On the next Anti-Nanny

    NYPD must release records on backscatter x ray surveillance vans


    Off Now update

    The one true ring can get you suspended

    "Cyberpunk dystopia"

    All this and more tomorrow night at six pm dst

  • 01:53

    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 100

    in Entertainment

    Coming in episode 100

    Encryption and the government


    Raise a free range kid go directly to jail?

    CIA Investigates CIA and finds itself not guilty....

    DHS A terrifying failure?

    So join us tonight at 6PM EST

    For all this and more


  • 00:17

    The Jeannie K Show eps 95

    in Entertainment

    My cohost for the evening is the wonderful Timothy Jibba Paige from Quest Vaping...........

  • 01:24

    Click, Bang! - 365 Days of Vaping

    in Entertainment

    From a BluCigs starter kit to a HH .357...from VapeTV to VPLive - I talk about my first year of vaping and involvement with the Vaping community.
    ....and nonsense!  a classic reverse prank is dug up...
    ....and The News With Jacinda

  • 01:57

    33 1/3 minutes with dumwaldo and a .357 announcement!

    in Entertainment

    Russ chats with special guest dumwaldo and gives a rundown of all the events of the NYC and CT meetups.  Also, an important HH .357 atomizer update!  And bitcoins!!

  • 01:22

    Click, Bang! - .357 release/The News With Jacinda

    in Entertainment

    A Few Very Important HH .357 announcements!
    New reverse prank call thanks to @JonnGawlt 
    The debut of "The News With Jacinda"

  • 01:17

    Click, Bang! - Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    Russ' first official episode of Click, Bang! on VPLive, including all the reasons why you should absolutely avoid this horrible program.

  • 02:53

    The Vape Week 8 - Vape Jam UK, Expos, Marketing, Labels, Brawling Vaping Zombies

    in Entertainment

    0:00  The Open and Vape Jam UK


    20:00 From last year Dimitri and I discuss Zeller, Labels and Marketing


    53:00  Kevin of VPLive, calls in talking about on Zeller, Labels, Marketing, and Clones


    1:18:00  Blue Waffle responds to Phil Busardo with Viral Marketing


    1:27:00 Surviving PodPeople and Zombies, and those blinded by the Triffids


    1:30:00 A Sour Dream, its gets UGLY on Facebook: in other words:


    The all out public brawl about label Art, on Facebook, by Roland Tru Williams vs.

    Jeremy Dollar  (reports competitors, calls Roland scum and a Cancer on the industry

    Chris Winfrey  (wants to protect the children at all costs)

    and John Nathan  (wants certain labels regulated out of existence)

    The tag-team exposes the virtues of acquiescence to the Nanny State, because its good for you.

    (This Narrator apologizes up front for a mangled reading)


    2:05:20  A review of how this whole thing goes down. (slow-mo replay of the $#|T hitting the fan)


    2:23:30  The Phil and Dimitri presentation, never given at Vape Jam UK

    Assembled clips from Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (ie Vapingreek, Chairman of SEVIA USA etc etc) of what I approximate that their presentation would have been at the Vape Jam UK.    This is an estimate, it is by no means definitive and could only be a small set, of what they intended to speak to at VapeJamUK.   Assembled from an interview in the UK discussing all these issues.


    2:46:00 Maybe Taoist philosopher Pooh knows best?