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    Yusef Shakur talks about community why its important and what is zone 8? InBigD!

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    Measuring neighborhood quality is important for shaping many public policies. For instance, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is intended to expand social and economic opportunities “outside areas of poverty or minority concentration” (HUD 2008: ch. 2, p. 2-1). In other words, the program is designed to promote access to decent and affordable housing in higher quality neighborhoods compared with neighborhoods of traditional public housing projects

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    092215 Dennis Virtuoso, Jason Zona & Mark Grozio, Niagara County Legislators

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    In this segment of the Vince Anello Show the guests are three of the four Democrat legislators of the 15 member body of the Niagara County Legislature. They all represent various parts of the city of Niagara Falls, New York. Legislator Dennis Virtuoso, who is also the minority leader, represents the 6th Legislative District, Legislator Jason Zona represents the 5th Legislative District and Legislator Mark Grozio represents the 3rd Legislative District. The main topic of discussion was the Department of Social Services Direct Pay voucher program for rental units for their clients. Two years ago the Niagara County Legislature passed a law that would have landlords receive rental vouchers directly. There was a recent effort by the legislature to rescind that part of the law but it was brought back to committee. The frozen water line issue in Niagara Falls was also discussed.

    Our callers today on the issue of rundown housing were from both Niagara Falls as well as North Tonawanda.

    The New York State Comptroller's report on the audit of the Niagara County IDA was also discussed.

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    Greece Becomes Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation

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    Jim discusses the current financial crisis in Greece, how state governments are quietly raising gas taxes to take advantage of the currently low prices, what happened to the business owner that set the minimum salary for all of his employees at $70,000, why recipients of the new $15 dollar minimum wage in Seattle are unhappy, Jeb Bush's plan to replace Medicare with a voucher program, and the death of the daughter of Whitney Houston (Bobbi Kristina Brown). 

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    The Earl Hall Show 2015-07-07

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    Today on my show Terry Brown the VP of School Choice Wisconsin www.schoolchoicewi.org and http://www.chooseyourschoolwi.org was my guest. We discussed the school voucher program and the challenges that we face here in Wisconsin.

    Bill Cosby admitted drugging women to have sex with them. I touch on this topic with America's favorite dad.

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    The Liberal Redneck ~A Voucher By Any Other Name Still Stinks

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    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.   One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.


    Today, the printing press revolutionized the world, the 3-d printer will throw Texas back to the wild west.  No such thing as bad publicity?  Ask the Texas plumber who had his company truck sold to terrorists.  The Muslim hero coming out of the attack on the Charlie Hedbo attack.   Religious right's war on women meets the defense of marriage?  Who wins?  This and much more on this episode of The Liberal Redneck



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    "Education Destruction, A Continuing Saga" on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee"

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    Our Public Education is under relentless attack.  In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker slashed the education budget in favor of privatization, standardized testing, and a basketball stadium. In New York, the Board of Regents appointed MaryEllen Elia as its Education Commissioner.  Elia, who was ran out of Florida, has long ties to Common Core and Standardized Testing.  The recent Opt-Out movement that was so large in New York essentially had its face slapped. Georgia and Wisconsin both are advocating for a workforce instead of education and a growing movement to certify teachers without requiring the formal education.  The two major political parties are behaving essentially the same. We are joined again by Marla Kilfoyle of Badass Teachers, http://www.badassteacher.org/ to discuss the many issues destroying our education system. Marla offers the educator and activist perspective. BAT's mission "to give voice to every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality through education and refuse to accept assessments, tests and evaluations created and imposed by corporate driven entities that have contempt for authentic teaching and learning." So grab a cup of coffee and join us.  Longtime Activist, Journalist, Coffee Party USA Board of Director & Radio Host, Bobby Rodrigo's show "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee" on Coffee Party USA Radio airs Sunday Morning at 8:30AM. Advocating engagement Bobby points out the Constitution is the Rule of Law and why it should remain so. Money in Politics, the Political Party Machine, and partisan blind allegiance is on full display as he advocates against the erosion of Constitutional Protections in the name of corruption & tyranny. "If we focused on following the Constitution we would solve many of the ills of our society.”  

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    Dugger delema - Hamburger racism - overcoming !

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    Hr1  Yes, we're talking about the Duggar situation, now that the family has come out and made a statement.

    AND... Dr. Frank Moncher talks about the demise of masculinity, the importance of male role models in shaping boys into men, and how men and women are truly wired differently

    Hr2  Transgender author and advocate, Walt Heyer says TV is edited to romanticize and normalize the notion of changing genders.

    Race war nearly breaks out over a hamburger between 2 campus clubs. Why does everything seem to be blamed on race?

    Students a University of Washington host a "check your privilege" party calling upon white, able-bodied, straight, and Christian students to “check their privilege” before speaking out on any of their own opinions. Because if you're privileged you don't have a right to the 1st Amendment and your own opinions?

    Pelosi says Rubio's Catholic opposition to gay marriage is polarizing. Newsflash Nancy, Bible is polarizing. Jesus was polarizing. There's only one way to interpret the Bible's stance on gays. Maybe you should read it! 

    Hr3  Former homeless Chicago teen mom is graduating valedictorian. Proof positive that you CAN pull yourself out of bad circumstances.

    Once again, the Obama administration has zeroed out funding for a very successful school-choice (voucher) program in Washington, DC – and once again, members of Congress are keeping the program alive.

    TTP trade deal... can we keep American jobs in America? Can we get anyone to move back here from overseas?

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    Susan Watson: Protector of Civil Liberties and Rights of the People of Alabama

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    Susan Watson was appointed Executive Director of the ACLU of Alabama on April 15, 2013. Prior to coming to the ACLU of Alabama, Watson served as the Regional Director of the ACLU of Florida. Watson’s first activity with the ACLU was in 1997 when the Florida Legislature and then Governor Jeb Bush passed a voucher scheme to divert money from public schools to private and religious schools. Susan volunteered her children to be plaintiffs in contesting the law. Susan and her children prevailed in this lawsuit, protecting public education in the state of Florida.

    In 2000 she and others revitalized a long dormant ACLU chapter in Pensacola and she served as the first Panhandle Chapter Chair. Susan also served on the State Board of Directors of the ACLU of Florida and held several positions on the Board’s Executive Committee. Susan joined the staff of the ACLU of Florida in June of 2005 as director of the Northwest region of the ACLU of Florida which stretches from the Alabama line east to Jefferson County.
    We will also have progressive news you can use, and the most important thing- You. Call in during the show with your questions or comments 347-945-7388, or email your questions to jasonisus@gmail.com

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    Every where I turn I see communists. Am I the only one left that is not brainwashed? Why did the EPA drive American manufacturing to China? Why is the Bureau of Land Management  putting ranchers out of business? Why is the IRS going after Christians? Why is the country being wussified? Why are there so many lawyers? Why is the Pentagon putting fighting men in prison and putting their families on bread lines?  Why is Obama spending millions to bring foreign educated smart people for big jobs and saying ghetto kids are to dumb to voucher.. Why are our allies now our enemies and our communist enemies are now our allies? Are you allowed to tip communist Cuban slaves or do you just pay Comrade Castro ? Why is Nothin But Communists NBC setting up shop in Havana and broadcasting from there already?  When did  Eric bag Holder package the Marc Rich pardon for president pinochhio pants. I  saw the artful draft dodger justifying the cash his counting room took in from the UAE. His excuse was he be due. You don't think that UAE money was to save a prince who was hunting with Bin Laden and  Bill called off the drone hit? You know Sheikh I save your son's life. Honey what's the wire transfer code to our charity fund?

    How did we elect a small time public official who won't let us see any proof of capability?  Who put him in power? Who sold us a bad bill of goods. Why are all these communists in the Red house?  Why is Bush wrong for going to Iraq  having gotten congress' approval first. Obama Bin Lenin bin Laden invaded Libya who had no WOMD's by executive order.Who ordered the 911 call from Benghazi to be hung up on. Who was the last one to cut the line of communication. Why do we have to change our flag? Why do we have to change our national anthem?  Can we make it the Battle hymn of the republic? Why do I have to go to reducation camp?


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    For the Sake of Our Children - Take Action - NO WAY ESEA - Stop ESEA NOW

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    Take Action Now - NO WAY ESEA!
    You must for the sake of the children of this country and those to come, go to this Report from 1992 put out by Marc Tucker’s National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), go to their page 8 and begin reading and you will know where the communist H.R. 5 Re-Authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education “Student Success Act of 2015” bill got its fuel.

    HR 5:

    Denies Parents their Rights over Their Own Children Pages 488; 522-555
    Destoyrs local, pubic schools by nationalizing education by usurping State Rights and in turn making all schools GOVERNMENT schools
    Creates radical tax collection through the assigned destruction and hostile takeover of our local schools
    Violates states rights under the United States Constitution
    Destroys PRIVATE & RELIGIOUS education legislating “Title I” choice vouchers to “follow the child”
    Legislates services to these Title I "choice" children called DIRECT STUDENT SERVICES AS A VOUCHER that must be  equitable and comparable to any public school, which is needed to satisfy Common Core.

    The Re-Structuring is a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of our Society as we know it. You must believe they are intent on controlling your children through the federal government’s control of their education. U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander has been calling for the “New American School” since the early 80’s.

     Please call and re-call Representatives and Senators – call them all and jam the phone lines – let THEM know YOU know what their intent is – most of them probably have not read the bill any more than they did ObamaCare or the Common Core Standards.

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    Wall Street Journal Reports on Truck Parking Issue and Recent CDL Student Issues

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    We cover 2 topics in our discussion in the episode of the Women Truckers Network phone conference.

    The Wall Street Journal Article on Truck Parking called "Too Many Trucks, Too Little Parking" PLUS Recent CDL Student Issues that Involve Schools Who May Be Taking Advantage of the Workforce Investment Act Voucher Grant without delivering training and other CDL Student questions and concerns.