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    The Conservatism Series: Conservatism and Black Voter Suppression

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum a show about how politics results in policies that impact people. I’m Michael Fauntroy. The Forum premiers every Friday at Noon Eastern on the Tavis Smiley Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can also hear past editions of The Forum by visiting the show page. You can follow me on my website, MichaelFauntroy.com, on Twitter @MKFauntroy, or on Facebook at Michael K. Fauntroy.

    I’m flying solo today to launch a periodic series of discussions on American conservatism. I call it The Conservatism Series and today I will focus on the intersection of conservatism and Black voter suppression. It’s a preview of sorts for my upcoming book on the topic. I’ll check in periodically to discuss some of the themes that emerge from my research on the topic over the last two years.

    I want to start by simply offering the reasons behind the book and how I define conservatism. I hope this will be an interactive conversation, so I encourage you to reach out to me with your questions and comments. You can find me on Twitter @MKFauntroy and on Facebook at Michael K. Fauntroy. Send me a question or comment and I’ll respond in the next edition of the conservatism series.


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    Voter Suppression: The new civil rights movement

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    American Vernacular takes on the issue of voter suppression and how this seems destined to become the new civil rights battle of the 21st century.  How can a nation that has proliferated war around the world inthe name of democracy deny any of its citizens the right to vote in fair and free elections? It's time to ask the question.  AV announces the launch of Sisters Of Action, a grassroots organization established to get urban women registered to vote. 
    Tune in and join the conversation. To call, dial 619-768-2924. 

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    Voter Suppression - State by State

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    The United States has a long, rich history of voter suppression dating back all the way to 1776, the year to the signing of the  Declaration of Independence.  Once signed, existing restriction on voting rights that limited the right to vote to white, male property owners while barring Catholic, Jews and Quakers.  The Voting Rights Act signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 has been essentially rendered ineffective due to the Supreme Court's majority decision in Clinton v. Holder (2013) and open season on voting rights has begun in earnest.

    Join Fred and Marg on BTR's Lies My Country Told Me, "Voter Suppression - State by State" on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 2:00 pm EST, 1:00 Central, 12:00 pm Mountail, 11:00 am Pacific and 3:00 pm Atlantic.  Join us in the chatroom, or call in with your opinion at (347) 677-1814.

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    Some local news shorts and dance music your great-grandparents sexed up to during the first half hour.

    Then Louis Goseland of Kansas Peoples' Action discusses the recent history of voter suppression and the elected officials who are engaging in it.

    Follow Kansas Peoples' Action on twitter @KPApower!

    Second hour has Guy Evans daily podcast #171 a remembrance of a wealthy British politican who renounced it and became a member of the House of Commons, Tony Benn, who passed late last week.

    Then investigative journalist Greg Palast offers an entertaining fact based report on Charles Koch, Wichita billionaire and Kansas election rigging.

    "I want my fair share and I want it all."

    If you like to keep us on the air, make a donation.

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    A Discussion about Voter Suppression

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    A discussion about voter suppression with Terrance Dicks and Andrea Miller of PDA

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    NC Voter ID Suppression Bill Signed Into Law

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    Hillary Clinton: NC Voter ID Bill 'Reads Like The Greatest Hits Of Voter Suppression McCrory said the bill was necessary even if there are very few reported cases of voter fraud. "Even if the instances of misidentified people casting votes are low, that shouldn’t prevent us from putting this non-burdensome safeguard in place," he said in a Raleigh News and Observer op-ed. "Just because you haven’t been robbed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock your doors at night or when you’re away from home."
    The bill will require voters to show photo identification -- a driver's license, passport, veteran's ID, tribal card -- beginning in the 2016 elections. Student IDs are not an acceptable form of identification. The bill also reduces early voting by a week, eliminates same-day registration, ends pre-registration for 16-and-17 year-olds and a student civics program, kills an annual state-sponsored voter registration drive and lessens the amount of public reporting required for so-called dark money groups, also known as 501(c)(4)s.
    The bill does provide for a "free ID" to be offered at DMVs, though the state estimates that between 203,351 and 318,643 voters registered in North Carolina lack ID, and that providing them with one would cost $834,200 in 2013 and 2014, and $24,100 every two years after that.

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    Fighting Voter Suppression Legislation

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    Voter suppression legislation was introduced in all but 5 states. Virginia actually enhanced the number of documents you could use for Voter ID and defeated Photo ID.

    What does it take to beat back voter suppression legislation in the 21st century?
    Special Guest
    Dr. William Ferguson Reid
    Dr. Reid fought for Doctor’s rights to practice medicine in Richmond and was the co-founder of the Richmond Crusade for voters which registered and educated voters. According to Senator Henry Marsh, "If the Crusade for Voters endorsed you, you won."Dr. Reid, was elected in 1967 to represent the 35th House District, consisting of Henrico County and the City of Richmond. He became the first African American elected to the General Assembly of Virginia since Reconstruction and served three terms in the House of Delegates.


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    Sax & Sensibilty!!! Voter ID? That's sensibility!!! Sax Therapy!!!

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    As alway's there;s great original music and commentary on Sax Therapy tonight! I'll talk about Voter ID, I think everyone should have a state ID to vote like they do for everything else in this country. Anybody can give a name and address, I think it's pretty ridiculous that an ID is not required! I'll discuss that and other hot topics! LOL!!! (Always wanted to say that!) and play some pretty good music! In my opinion! Freshen up  your ears with Sax Therapy for your Mind, Body and Soul!!! Your station for smooth jazz and inspiration! Your prescription for smooth!

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    Politics & Beer - Yes, GOP Voter ID Laws are Racist

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    Last night a Republican caller said that the recent wave of Voter ID laws was not racist, and not designed to disenfrancise minority voters. But the facts are clear, no one can honestly debate that these laws are designed to combat voter fraud.

    I will discuss this tonight.

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    Star Gates, Pyramids, Giants & Atlantis: Suppression of History

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    Perhaps George Orwell said it best: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Blueprints for the not-too-distant future can be found in the past, but the truth about our past and important history has been and continues to be carefully controlled… for a very specific and extremely important reason.

    This deliberate censure of history is a vital tactic of deception that has been constructed by men as the foundational narrative that will enable so many to be deceived about the coming anti-Christ. The reason that so many, even the very elect, if possible, will be deceived in the final age originates at the root of all history.  It is this official narrative that acts as the basis of the coming deception, and will explain the reason behind the suppression of archaeological finds by those who control history. Exposing this suppression adds clarity and context to all of the wars, regional and global geopolitical maneuvers we’ve all read about in history books. More importantly, it explains the events we have witnessed during our own lifetime, and shines a spotlight on future events. It is that important.

    At the heart of the past actions that are ushering in the future globalist control exists rebellion against God. It is through this rebellion that the globalist control and will facilitate the “alien deception,” thus fulfilling the prophecies of the prophets, the prophecies contained in the Book of Daniel and revealing the blueprints for the end of the age.

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