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    Checkerboard Radio 5/17

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    @AwDarago and @LeeCrowe are back after taking Mother's Day off!  Get in there at 929-477-3322 and tell us what is on your mind this week!  Vols added a beast to the 2016 class this weekend and any other thing you want to talk about at 11 am eastern!



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    Checkerboard Radio Sunday

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    @AwDarago & @LeeCrowe are back to talk all things Vols.  Recruiting, rape cases, Manny/Mayweather, NFL Draft (Vol-less for the first time since 63), and any other thing you want to talk about.  Call 929-477-3322 to get in!



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    Speaking On Sports: Tennessee Titans and UT Vols Preview

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    Sports talk and discussion with an attitude for the passionate and hard core fan. Today we will have our Tennessee Titans and Vols correspondent Sharon Fabulosa as our guest to break down both her beloved NFL and college football team. Find out how Jake Locker is looking so far under new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and if the expectations surrounding rookie RB Bishop Sankey look like they will be met if not exceeded. On the college front, we'll investigate how the Vols look in Coach Jones second campaign and how things stack up for the opener against Utah State.

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    Checkerboard Radio 4/19 Edition

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    The boys are back talking all things Vols.  Call in at 929-477-3322.  We are taking #StudentPractice2015, Guarantano and The Video, Parker Boudreaux's Top 10, QB's in the Circle Of Life drill, and did Coleman Thomas snitch out Michael Sawyers?  All that and anything else you want to talk about tomorrow at 11 am eastern/10 am central.



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    Two People Arguing: Bill Simmons Edition

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    Our heroes discuss ESPN & Bill Simmons parting ways, the Tom Brady suspension and have Nate Rutherford on to make them both feel old.

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    The 3 Point Conversion Sports Lounge- NBA Conference Finals, NFL ,NHL, MLB

    in Sports

    This Saturday @ 10 am eastern is the hottest new podcast. Spectacular show lined up this week.

    @10:15  NBA First Team debate @10:15 am  

    @10:30 am talking NFL with special guest Charles Davis,  Lead Analyst Fox College Football; NFL on Fox Analyst, and NFL Network College Football and Draft analysyt former DB for Tennessee Vols 

    @10:40 NBA Playoffs 

    @11:00, Stop it segment

    @11:10 special guest person to be named 

     Call in at (516) 418-5946.

    @11:40 MLB and NHL talk with special guest Antwan Staley, Florida Panther, and New York Mets reporter, covering New York Giants.





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    Checkerboard Radio with Andrew Darago & Lee Crowe

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    The guys are back this week taking your calls and talking all things Vols.   Call 929-477-3322 to get in.  


    Guarantano Bay close to committing or nah?  Orange & White is around the corner.  Wide receiver depth will be explored with arguably the best WR to ever run through the "T" joining us to discuss it. Bleacher report thinks the Vols will go 10-2 AND they have called for UT to win it all in 2015.....we have to get into that.

    All that, and anything else you want to talk about tomorrow at 11 eastern/10 central!



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    Orange & White Week Recap

    in Sports

    Been a wild week on Rocky Top.  @AwDarago & @LeeCrowe will hit all the hot spots with the most straightforward talk available.  Biggest story of the week is the rape allegation and subsequent suspension of projected senior starting WR Von Pearson, but we will cover everything and take your calls at 929-477-3322!  Homer media avoids Pearson situation until TV runs with it, 2016 3* OT Brodarius Hamm commits, Orange & White Game attendance falls short of last year's numbers, and the actual O&W game (Was it a flop?) are all on the table for discussion.  Might have a guest or two or we may just not have time and stick to the mountain of news from this week!  Join us and see at 11 am eastern as always on CheckerBoardRadio!

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    Two People Arguing Podcast: Nate Rutherford Edition

    in Sports

    TwoPeopleArguing.com writers Joe Scumaci and TJ Hatter discuss, debate, argue and breakdown all the news from across the football world. They'll talk NFL headlines, recap week by week performances, who performed and who disappointed.

    It's a podcast that is sure to bring the realest football talk out there. Can't get enough of these two bros breaking down the sport we all know and love? Check out heavy.com for weekly articles and videos covering the entire landscape of the National Football League.

    Today's guest: Nathaniel Rutherford

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    Spirit behind Northern Papist Abolitionism Shown Not to be of God

    in Politics

    I am going to take up this subject by virtue of the knowledge of God in me, which I have received from heaven. The opinions of men, so far as I am concerned, are to me as the crackling of thorns under the pot, or the whistling of the wind. I break the ground; I lead the way like Columbus when he was invited to a banquet, where he was assigned the most honorable place at the table, and served with the ceremonials which were observed towards sovereigns. A shallow courtier present, who was meanly jealous of him, abruptly asked him whether he thought that in case he had not discovered the Indies, there were not other men in Spain who would have been capable of the enterprise? Columbus made no reply, but took an egg and invited the company to make it stand on end. They all attempted it, but in vain; whereupon he struck it upon the table so as to break one end, and left it standing on the broken part, illustrating that when he had once shown the way to the new world nothing was easier than to follow it. (HC 5:402.)   

                (Joseph Smith, Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith, compiled by Alma P. Burton, p.28)

    Brother Oliver Cowdery,     
    Dear Sir:-This place [Kirtland] having recently been visited by a gentleman who advocated the principles or doctrines of those who are called Abolitionists...This must be a tender print, and one which should call forth the candid reflections of all men, and more especially before they advance in an opposition calculated to lay waste the fair states of the South, and let loose upon the world a community of people, who might, peradventure, overrun our country, and violate the most sacred principles of human society, chastity and virtue.     

           (Joseph Smith, History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7 vols., introduction and notes by B. H. Roberts, 2:, p.436-437)

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    The Return Of CheckerboardRadio

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    We are back taking your calls and telling the unwashed truth about all things Vols.   We are talking pre spring depth charts, homer media, and anything you want to talk about.  Call @awdarago and @leecrowe and tell us why you're mad.

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