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    Partnership With Go To Nations!

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    Why partner with Go To Nations? Find out on this week's broadcast with Dr. Jerry Williamson!

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    SANA VOICES broadcasting live on the air with Certified Relationship Coach Demetrius Aldridge, Tuesday April 14 @8pm PST! Listen in at 347-857-3808 or log into http://tobtr.com/s/7447323. #BlogTalkRadio #SANAVOICES

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    Stop The Gun Violence: #PeaceInTheSprings Community March

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    On our next edition of America's Community Voices Network, we examine gun violence in at risk communities in the City of Tampa that has reached epidemic preportions.  On Saturday, April 18, 2015, 12 noon sharp at the Abundant Life Church Parking Lot, 8117 N 13th Street, Sulphur Springs a Community March will occur to raise awareness about the increased gun violence in the Springs threatening the safety and health of children, families and neighborhoods.  Our guest is a representative of the Tampa Police Department, Lt. Randy Peters.  This event will also provide information about positive resources available to the community.  Rally! Eat! Drink! Support.

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    Intercessors For the Nations Spiritual Intelligence (911)

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    Father God I bless your Holy name, I glorify you Father God. Be thou glorified in our prayers tonight in the name of Jesus. I thank you Father God that the seasons belong to you for you are Adonai Tzvaos Lord of Host, You are the creator of everything, there is not anything that was made, that was not made by you. We bind every witch and warlock, voodoo doctor, and every Satanist that would try to manipulate the elements for demonic purposes in the mighty name of Jesus. We bind and rebuke Satan the counterfeit god of this world and his lies and deception in the mighty name of Jesus. We come against every evil empire that would try to control the elements in the name of Jesus. Father God send your Holy fire to burn up dark works in the name of Jesus. Father God we put on the whole Armour of God that we will be able to stand against the methods of the evil one in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father God for causing us to be on the offensive for the kingdom of God.

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    voices for autism show 4

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    tonights show will be featuring a special guest, Karen Nolte supervising therapist with ABA (applied behavioral analysis). Karen holds a masters degree in behavior analysis and is BACB certified (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) She will be sharing on the important and nescessary benefits of Aba therapy, She will also be explaining how to get such services, how to diferenciate between different methods of Aba. She will be taking your calls for questions.

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    1 John, it's just so great!

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    John was with Jesus for three years, Jesus said to John on the cross," behold thy mother... " John ,"the beloved"  ...He knew something about loving people!

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    Patriot Voices Radio April 14 at 12 Noon EST - Freedom is under assault!

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    Join us for our next show on Patriot Voices Radio Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at noon ET!

    We'll get an update from Senator Rick Santorum and talk foreign policy with Herman Pircher, Jr., President of American Foreign Policy Council. We'll discuss religious freedom with Aaron Klein. He and his wife own Melissa's Sweet Cakes in Oregon.  

    Call in to listen live on your phone or you can be a call-in guest at (347) 857-3462.  Checkout our archives at http://PatriotVoices.com/radio.

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    Connie Lee to appear on Voices of Hope

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    In honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month, Connie Lee, will be on Voices of Hope on April 14, 2015 at 11 am EDT. She is a vivacious, outspoken advocate for the rights of child abuse survivors everywhere. Tune in to hear what she has to say and about awareness initiatives that she is involved in

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1075

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    Tonight's special guest is KiloMarie Granda from St. Cloud, Minnesota, a child abuse and rape survivor who's now a Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator and a Wellness Center Coordinator at University of Minnesota. She's also the founder of Unspoken Voices, where the motto is "One voice changes everything." KiloMarie has worked with both offenders and victim/survivors and has seen the damage caused in lives of many due to interpersonal violence. As a result of this and her own experience as a survivor of childhood abuse and rape, she realized that far too many individuals' voices, including her own, often remain unspoken. KiloMarie believes that if the work that Unspoken Voices does affects even one life in a positive manner, than it gives meaning to her experiences. "For far too long, victim/survivors, bystanders, and our society has remained silent on the issues of personal power-based violence. The silence must be shattered," she says. "We must be willing to raise our own voices and declare that violence is not okay, not tolerable, and should never be encouraged." To this end, KiloMarie and Unspoken Voices offer a variety of awareness, educational, and training events, regionally and nationally. She invites folks to "please feel free to reach out to this organization or another on behalf of yourself, your friend, your neighbor, or the person that you pass on the street. Violence is occuring at epidemic proportions, and only when we use our voices against it, do we have a real opportunity to create a positive and lasting cultural change."

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    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop Special

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    April 15, 2015

    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop Special - 8 PM EST to 10 PM EST

    Spirit Doulas - Expressing Empathy and Sympathy - "What To Say and When to Say It"

    What do you say to someone Loved One who has just Walked On? How do you convey your feelings and still respect their boundaries? As a Spirit Doula, we have the blessing to be aware of the journey that the grieving person is going through and also the journey the Loved One who Walked On is embarking.

    The Spirit Doulas share their insights and experience in expressing condolence and support. We invite you to this meaningful conversation about what to say and when to it.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    A GREAT GENUINE LOVE of the TRUTH is an ABSOLUTE MANDATED REQUIREMENT unto ALL who would allowed ENTRANCE unto HIS KINGDOM!   For YAH has made it VERY PLAIN to me in HIS WORD and directly via a BLESSED VISION.   It will soon be made evident unto ALL, that HE will hear ONLY the petitions of them who show that if granted opportunity to discern the way of righteous repentance, would TURN FROM ALL WORLDLY TRANSGRESSION!   In fact, ALL who would NOT seek YAH that they discern to arise to APPEASE YAH beyond ALL WORLDLY DECEIT, shall be counted before the SAVIOR as deceiving ADVERSARIES! (Isaiah 59 .. Mat.7:13-28, 5:14-24) (Yacob/ James 1:1-8>-17)

    Isa 59:19  So shall they REVERE the NAME OF THE LORD from the WEST, and shall HONOR HIM in the EAST. (Isaiah 24:1-<10-16 NASB)   When the ENEMY shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of YAH shall lift up a STANDARD against him.  20  And the REDEEMER shall come to  ZION, for THEM who will TURN FROM TRANSGRESSION in Yacob, says YAH. (Romans 11:25-12:4)

    Joh 17:6  I have made THY NAME known to the men whom thou gavest me OUT OF THE WORLD; they were THINE and THOU gavest THEM to ME; and they have kept THY WORD.  17:7  Now they know that whatever thou hast given Me is from THEE  17:8  For the WORDS which thou gavest MeI gave THEM; and THEY have accepted THY WORDS, and have known truly that I came forth from THEE, and THEY have believed that thou hast sent Me.  17:9  What I REQUEST is for THEM; I MAKE NO REQUEST FOR THE WORLDLY, but for THOSE whom THOU hast given to Me; because THEY are THINE.

    The Savior did not come to save them who refuse to believe and obey the TRUTH! (Mark 12:29-31)


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