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    Introduction to the Courage to Heal Series

    in Self Help

    It's time to help other survivors who are suffering find "The Courage to Heal" and Faith Reagan, host of the Surviving With Faith Radio Show, will be doing just that as she presents this multi-show series for survivors near and far!

    You may be asking yourself what exactly this is about.  "The Courage to Heal:  A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse," authored by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis is an empowering guide for survivors as they work through their healing journeys.  Written with compassion and warmth, the reader is gently guided through the steps of healing, beginning with "taking stock" and "recognizing the damage" and then continuing on to the "healing process."

    It is during this process that the reader/survivor learns to understand that the abuse was not their fault and learns to trust oneself.  You learn that grieving and mourning is an integral part of the journey as you find ways to unleash the emotions, which have been smothered by the voicelessness of your inner child, and how to move on.

    As your journey moves forward, you will learn about "changing patterns" and becoming aware of behaviors, which you want to change, and how and why these behaviors were developed.  With change often come obstacles and challenges, facing fear and striking down the negative self-talk that holds you back.  You will learn how to celebrate the achievement of your goals - no matter how small or how grand and claim the life you want to be living, the life that you deserve to be living!

    "The Courage to Heal" is for women and men survivors of child sexual abuse as well as advocates, counselors, coaches, supporters, partners, family, and friends of survivors.

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    Joy Harjo: Poet, Musician, Activist on "Bread & Roses w/ Leigh Anne & Delphine"

    in Music

    Joy Harjo speaks with Bread and Roses about the new musical she is writing, the kinship between poetry and music, overcoming fear, experiencing voicelessness in feminist/white privileged settings, and creating community among Indigenous women.  http://joyharjo.com/


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    Women! Your must learn to negotiate for yourselves...

    in Education

    This is a show for women about women and Barbara Blackstone will take us into tricky territory--the importance of negotiation, especially for women. After years of experience in public, private, non-profit, and academic settings, Barbara Blackstone created Blackstone Associates to focus on teaching women to speak up for themselves, overcome hidden obstacles, negotiate for their own needs and wants, and handle conflicts with confidence. A workplace pioneer, Barbara was one of the "first" women to hold numerous high positions she was given in her field, so she knows what it is like to work in environments where gender matters. She has made many of the mistakes that currently hold women back from negotiating for themselves. Because women are not generally taught to negotiate, we will go deep into the very basics of negotiation and why women have missed out on this crucial training. 
    Barbara is the former Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution for the State of Minnesota and currently is an adjunct instructor of negotiation and conflict management for Marylhurst University in Oregon. Blackstone holds a master’s degree in Urban Studies from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Join me and my friend Barbara Blackstone and discover that you might be better at negotiating than most people think. (Pre-recorded)

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    A Conversation: Communication Across Religions and Spiritual Practices

    in Education

    Talking about religion is tricky business, and yet, our spiritual beliefs are usually our most important beliefs. But many people have such a hard time communicating these important beliefs and values, often leaving a huge hole in their need to be heard. Have you ever noticed that it is easy to "speak" about your beliefs but less easy to "hear" another's? Join me and my good friend and fellow spiritual traveler, Anita Acuna, as we try speaking and listening about each other's spiritual beliefs, pointing out why speaking about something so personal is difficult. Anita and I will explore our different spiritual paths and religious experiences, attempting to bring the light of listening and the healing it affords into the often dark corners of voicelessness for those who stray from society’s accepted religious traditions. Join Anita and I in two weeks and hear a candid and thoughtful conversation about all things spiritual from our unique perspectives. Join Anita and I in two weeks and hear a candid and thoughtful conversation about all things spiritual from our unique perspectives.