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    How to Crowdfund Your Own Vocation

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    Thanks to crowdfunding a whole new level of startup publicity has opened up, and is paving the way for a total reinvention of the American economic system. Our guest, Austin Muhs shares how many of the new business models will change the emotional, economic, and vocational paradigms for corporations and small businesses alike.  

    In his early days Austin wanted to learn as much as he could about working life, which resulted in his working of over 30 jobs and starting 6 businesses. (all started via bootstrapping) This unconventional vocational path gave Austin a unique perspective on startup life. Having started his first small business at 22, he knows what it takes to get passionate, take action, and fail forward.

    Experience in digital marketing, social media marketing, and sales gave him a solid foundation from which to pursue larger, more unique endeavors. Lead Generation, client relations, and business model renovation are some of his main areas of expertise.

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    BGU: How To Choose A College Major/Vocation

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    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses how to choose a college major/vocation.

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    Clerical Formation Process

    in Religion

    What do you suggest as the process to train and develop clergy? Clergy Formation is the process of discerning, identifying, equipping, empowering, and releasing clergy to minister.   Individuals will discern a sense of call with their pastor, local church, and the Diocese; they will undergo background, psychological and marital evaluations; take an ordination exam; participate in interviews with the Bishop, ordination committe and others as they go through the process of clerical formation.

    Though a degree may not be require for ordination, it is expected that candidates will avail themselves of theological training and continuing education opportunities.

    What type of knowledge and level of scripturaldevelopment should one have before they are sent out.

    www.coaab.org for more information


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    "Now What?" with Pastor Tina Blount

    in Christianity

    Are you struggling with questions about your work life? Are you in a time of transition? In this episode of PF Women Talk Radio, director Deanna Shrodes has a conversation with Pastor Tina Blount, author of the book, "Now What?" 

    Tina Blount is an Inspirational Communicator who serves the Lord as the Connections Pastor at Brandon Assembly of God. She is also a speaker, author and certified Christian life coach but her favorite role is being a mom to her 16 year old daughter, Jenna. Tina is passionate about equipping and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential and fulfill the purpose for which they were created. In her spare time, she loves to read, go to the movies, lay by the pool and drink lots of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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    Episode #6: Losing My Vocation (But Not Losing Faith In Jesus)

    in Christianity

    [Episode #6] Please join us for our next broadcast of A Lutheran Layman in an episode we're calling "Losing My Vocation (But Not Losing My Faith In Jesus)" during which we'll be discussing...

    "News With A Lutheran Layman's Views"
    Story of The Week: What's The #1 Feature of A 'Meaningess' Job? (LinkedIn)
    My thoughts on the Doctrine of Vocation and the nature of faith after losing my job unexpectedly...

    "Apologetics Q&A The Lutheran Way"
    Catechisis: Answers To Common Criticisms, Objections, Questions. What We BELIEVE, TEACH, and CONFESS As Confessional Lutherans. Not Just WHAT We Believe, But WHY We Believe It, and HOW To Confess It To Others In Our Lives...

    Question #1: What Is God's Will For Your Daily Life?
    Question #2: Does Losing My Vocation Mean I'm Losing My Faith Or Jesus?
    (The Doctrine of Vocation And How It Is Different From What American Evangelicalism Believes And Teaches; "Locus And Focus"; It Is Written - 1 Peter 2:13-25 Submission: Like A Boss!)

    Of course, we'll take your comments, questions, and prayer requests on-air as time permits. You can send me your questions or comments to: info@lutheranlayman.com or @LutheranLayman

    [AUDIO: "Bittersweet Symphony" Instrumental; "Wedding Song" By City Harmonic; Some Additional Sound Bytes From Table Talk Radio As Part of Intro Theme; YouTube Clips From Public Domain; Concordia Publishing House Promotional Sound Bytes]

    [NOTE: All Bible Readings From ESV Unless Otherwise Noted]

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    Episcopacy 101 - dispelling the misconceptions

    in Religion

    We are going to deal with some misconceptions about the episcopacy and the apostleship so that there can be some clear udnerstanding of what the scripture says about both.

    - Does the work precede consecration or come after consecration?  1st Tim 3:1

    - The same man who wrote Timothy writes Ephesians and book books are address to Timothy in Ephesus...

    - The work of the Bishop according to Acts 20:28 is to pastor the Church.

    - Bishop according to Scripture is an ascension gift

    and so much more

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    Children of Joshua- New American Revolution

    in Current Events

    According to Bibical citation, Joshua was a major figure in the events of the Exodus and was charged by Moses with selecting and commanding a militia group for their first battle after exiting Egypt. Joshua was one of twelve Israeli men sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan (Numbers 13:1-16), then after the death of Moses, he led the Israelite tribes in the conquest of Canaan and allocated the land to the tribes. God appointed Joshua to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites along with giving him a blessing of invincibility during his lifetime (Joshua 1:5).

    Young people born in the 1990’s and beyond have been dubbed: “The X generation”, The Millenniums”, The Lost Generation” by the media. But, in Black American communities, young people, aged 16 to 30, who are attentive to current event, seeing marked aggression toward Black males coupled with judicial indifference, are calling themselves the “Joshua Generation”. When I first heard this, I did not understand this reference. Out of curiosity, I started to talk to scholarly people, listen to wise men and women in lecture settings and talked directly to young adults aged 16 to 30. I had my eyes opened to “thinking” that I had not come upon on my own.

    Young people are satiated with false promises and overt lies about justice, “leveled playing fields” and false promises about "getting an education” and finding a good job. There is a “disbelief” in American public education citing how staying in school no longer means getting a high school diploma. And going to college means being enslaved by long-term debt without prospects of a career or vocation. Distrust, unrest and “brain-washing” of their late ancestors, have given rise to Black American youth who are ready to exact change. “Respect is earned”, they told me, and “power is taken”. 


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    Brides Of Christ Radio: Special Announcement

    in Radio

    Thank you for joining yours truly;Lisa Marie: for This Special Brides of Christ Ministries Announcement update.

    I'm so Excited to Share & Declare! What's Bursting, Blossoming, Budding of all the Administration of Heaven is Establishing in the Earth by My Election and Vocation by Brides Of Christ Ministries.

    This is the Final Faith Teir! to the Paradise of Heaven :>)

    Love you; Always In His Service;Lisa Marie


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    Upbeat w Tom Hayes and Rosemarie Young w. Ben Magno, artist and rett father....

    in Comedy

    Ben Magno is an Bangor, ME artist and rett syndrome single father. His unique and powerful story about caring and raising his two children, one with debilitating rett syndrome. Join Rosemarie and Tom as they discuss the challenges of parenthood, vocation and living with a fascinating character.  

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    Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Implementation

    in Business

    On April 1 my guest will be Bec Morse, Founder and CEO of Bec Morse Consulting, which helps purpose-driven businesses achieve their growth potential. 

    Using her proprietary method, the Simple Profits Matrix, Bec's proven approach helps businesses to discover the path from strategy to competitive growth without compromising unique company culture.  With a focus on sustainable solutions, Bec offer practical advice that aligns every business activity towards profit.

    A Program Manager by trade and a business transformation agent by vocation, Bec spent almost 20 years building capability and improving efficiency in small businesses, medium-sized companies and global enterprises.  She has learned the hard way that growth isn't easy, but it can be simple.  

    When Bec is not getting businesses into alignment, she is doing yoga, enjoying her husband's culinary creations, or piloting age-appropriate lessons on the value of communicating well with her four-year old and two-year old sons.