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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics

    - http://www.newenglishreview.org/,  we will be discussing the US- Iran Nuclear Deal being negotiated by the Obamajarrett Administration. Mr. Gordon has written extensively on this subject.   We will discuss whether this is a good or bad deal for America and our only true ally in the Middle East - Israel or as Iran refers to: "The Little Satan"?  What is his opionion of the letter written by 47 U.S. Senators to Iran?  did it break any US laws? What role are China and Russia playing in these neogitiations? and many more questions....

    Mrs. Clinton's latest revelation of her Immigrant Grandparents - uh oh it's a LIE!  Mrs. Clinton fabricated yet another story, this one of her grandparents immigrating to the United States. 3 of 4 were BORN in America. She just can't keep her story straight. Check your emails Mrs. Clinton, oops you deleted them! 

    Another Muslim male between the ages of 18 & 35 arrested on Terrorism, in Ohio.  MSM yet again sanitizes the fact he is a Somali Muslim - 23 yr old Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud allegedly traveled to Al Qaeda training camp in Syria. Today - 6 more Somali Muslims sorry as media reports Somali Americans were arrested in San Diego & Minneapolis. Hmm could there be an issue with Somali Muslim men ages 18 to 35? 

    Join us this evening at 6pm EST  on Blog Talk Radio

    -  www.radiojihad.org

    Twitter - #radiojihadnetwork or #mamamianosharia

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Coverage: Special Guest - Glen "Road Warrior" Johnson

    in Sports

    Left-Hook Lounge Radio resumes Mayweather vs Pacquiao coverage this evening with the help of a very special guest! Before Pacquiao/Mayweather, this got a shot of his own at doing the impossible as he faced stiff odds against the legendary Roy Jones Jr. Few around the world gave him a chance, but a feverish passion to do the impossible would give him an eventual seat in the history books as the Jamaican born Glen Johnson would go on to shock the world!  Few understand big performances under the bright lights like the "Road Warrior", and tonight, he'll share his thoughts on how he got the job done, as well as what each man here has to do to get the same results! After taking a few questions from host Vivek "Vito" Wallace, Johnson will put on his analyst cap and take a few of YOURS! Showtime is 9ET/6PT

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics

    Tonight's guest is Mr. Paul Sutlff.  Paul has a BA in Religion and Philospy from Roberts Wesleyan College and Masters in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester.  Paul also runs  the Independent Chronicle, a small news source available on the web and in hand out format.  He considers himself an average American who is just waking up to what is happening around him.  Paul wrote Stealth Jihad Phase 2, because his father once told him you are responsible for what you know. What will you learn from his books? 

    Paul Sutliff is the author of two books: Stealth Jihad Phase 2 and his latest: Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam. We'll discuss with Paul: Is the Muslim Brotherhood alive and well on your College Campus?  Isn't the Muslim Brotherhood "just" a bunch of muslims getting together to worship allah? 

    Join us Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm EST. 

    Website:  www.radiojihad.org

    Twitter: #radiojihadnetwork / @radiojihadnetwork or #mamamiaNOsharia


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    Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson Post Fight Review

    in Sports

    Premier Boxing Champions on NBC returned with two exciting bouts Saturday night as Danny “Swift” Garcia (30-0, 17 KOs) defeated Lamont Peterson (33-3-1, 17 KOs) by majority decision and “Irish” Andy Lee (34-2-1, 24 KOs) and Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin (31-0-1, 22 KOs) fought to a split draw at Barclays Center.


    The evening’s second main event saw the undefeated Garcia stalk the lightning quick Peterson around the ring while consistently attacking Peterson’s body. Peterson moved well in the first half of the fight but did not begin engaging offensively until the later rounds.


    We will also reviewAt (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes): Boxcino tournament semifinals, Andrey Fedosov vs. Lenroy Thomas, Razvan Cojanu vs. Donovan Dennis, Brandon Adams vs. Vito Gasparyan, Stanyslav Skorokhod vs. John Thompson.


    We will without a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can express your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Nestor Gibbs at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date with the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    #IPRLIVE: Athletic Commission & Union Discussion w/ John Gray & Many More

    in Wrestling

    Weekly Wrestling Podcast's own Matthew Grant & Indy Power Rankings' own John Gray return to the air on the Elite Podcast Network with the #IndyPowerRankingsLIVE. On this episode of the #IPRLive, John Gray has set up a special edition of the show discussing unionizing wrestling & athletic commissions with a bunch of guests including Jerry Jarrett, Les Thatcher, Veda Scott, Truth Martini, Hy Zaya, Kongo Kong, Ben Bell, Vito Thomaselli & many more.

    @IndyPowerRankin @elitepodcastnet





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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito and Al

    in Politics

    Tonight we will speak to Mr. Jerry Gordon of The New English Review concerning the Obama deal with Iran! We'll discuss Mr. Gordon's recent article in New English Review: http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_direct_link.cfm/blog_id/60340#.VR649dlImIw.yahoomail

    Over 140 Christians slaughtered in Kenya by Fundamental Islamic Terrorist Group - Al Shabab. Where are the condemnations?  Terrorist attack on Christians right before Christian holiday of Easter and very little outcry or outrage. 

    Was the Obama Regime's deal with Iran a good or bad deal?  Is it yet another smoke and mirror agreement by Obama-Jarrett Administration?  Another Obama Soundbite!  Ayatollah Ali Khoemeni leads a "Death to America" chant while John "lurch" Kerry and company are negotiating a nuclear deal - reports are the "Chanters" didn't mean it, it was just "habit"? What? Just habit?  So is it just a habit the Ayatollah, who likes little girls, hates the Big Satan United States of America?  It's just a "Habit" he's gotten into the past 20 yrs? 

    Two women arrested in NYC this past week on Terrorism charges.  No mention if they were muslim, even though one appeared in court in full islamic garb.  Why does media continue to sanitize enemy? What is the media afraid of in identifying the enemy?  Enemy combatants who are trying to instill fear into the hearts of the disbelievers in America!!

    Mama Mia NO Sharia!  Join us this evening at 6pm EST

    www.radiojihad.org / follow us on twitter: #radiojihadnetwork or #mamamianosharia

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Coverage: (Special Guest - Ryan Burton of BoxingScene)

    in Sports

    Left-Hook Lounge Radio's "Mayweather vs Pacquiao" coverage continues tonight as host Vivek "Vito" Wallace shifts gears to take fans a little closer to the action. Last week, we heard from several fighters and trainers around the sport. This week, fans can gauge the analytics as Left-Hook Lounge takes a walk down media row to get a different perspective. The guest list this week includes Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole, trainer/analyst Iceman John Scully, HBO's Kiernan Mulvaney, and tonight, BoxingScene's Ryan Burton. Showtime is 9ET/6PT. Call in live at 949.943.1665 or follow this link!

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Coverage: (Special Guest - Trainer Henry Ramirez)

    in Sports

    Tonight, Boxing's only true sports talk radio show kicks off an unprecedented breakdown of Mayweather vs Pacquiao with insight from some of the best in the business!  "Left-Hook Lounge Radio" will go from the typical Tuesday night "Takeover" to full coverage, 5 days per week, leading up until fight night.

    In this episode, Trainer Henry Ramirez who was widely known for his great work with Mexican Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola will serve as special in-studio guest to break down the fight. Show time is 9ET/6PT. Call in live at 949.943.1665 or follow this link to hear what Vivek "Vito" Wallace thinks!

  • 01:47

    Naomi Rose and Company Week 5

    in Entertainment

    This week join me as I interview hip hop music guests Pretty Lek and Vito Brown.  I will also explore more Tips of the Trade for Indie Artists as well as a little topic discussion about dating.  

  • 01:59

    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics

    Tonight we will discuss Vito Esposito's interview on WIBX 950AM.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labeled Radio Jihad Network a "Hate Group".  Are they? Or is SPLC showing their intolerance of Free Speech?  Is reading quotes from the Quran (Allah's word) and Reliance of the Traveler now considered Hate Speech?  SPLC also failed to due their due diligence and lists RJN Network as being based in Little Falls, NY.   So if SPLC is falsely reporting RJN location are they just being lazy in accusing RJN Network of "Hate Speech"?  Imagine standing up for the US Constitution, the values of our Founders and being proud of our Republic is now considered Hate by radical left wing so-called progressive groups?  Our Founders are turning in their graves! 

    We'll also discuss the desserter Bergdahl and Obama being called out for Dishonoring with prisoner swap for the Fab 5 Taliban Terrorists.  Reports are 3 of the Fab 5 are trying to make their way back to the arena of War.  Well as Gomer Pyle would say: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! 

    We'll broadcast from 6pm to 8pm EST on Blog Talk Radio

    Follow us on Twitter:  #radiojihadnetwork or #mamamiaNOsharia

    Website: www.radiojihad.org  and of course LIKE us on Facebook! 

    Mama Mia NO Sharia! 

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    Left-Hook Lounge Radio (BoxingTalk)

    in Sports

    The Tuesday night takeover continues as Boxing247.com's Resident scribe, Vivek "Vito" Wallace touches on the hottest topics in the world of Boxing. Left-Hook Lounge Radio is a 2 hour long broadcast with a vintage sports talk radio platform where the fighters fight and the fans talk! On the table tonight will be a glimpse at the Mayweather/Pacquiao camps, Gary Russell's stunning performance over Johnny Gonzalez, Charlo/Martirosyan, Khan, Berto, Ward, and more! Showtime is 9ET/6PT. Call in live at 949.943.1665 or follow this link to hear what Vito thinks! (Follow Vivek "Vito" Wallace on Facebook, Instagram (ViveksView), & Twitter (@lefthooklounge1)

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