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    Appealing Your Property Tax in Cook County

    in Legal

    In this podcast, attorney Joe Vito and guest Dan Patlak, Commissioner with the Cook County Board of Review, discuss how to successfully appeal your property tax.

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    Curtis Don Vito & Kelly Magee~Musicians w/the band SNEW/ Discuss The Illuminati.

    in Paranormal

    Curtis Don Vito and Kelly Magee

    Curtis Don Vito is a singer, songwriter, artist and front man for the independent rock band SNEW. Curtis is a visionary, psychic, and clairvoyant.  Curtis has spent his entire life communicating with angels, guides and spirits from other dimensions. He is the only person I know who I can have a six hour conversation with and call him right back for more because it was so interesting!  Curtis Don Vito will be sharing his experiences and insights into the power of the spiritual, and personal freedom verses Illuminati attempts at control from the highest levels. He is sharing with us his knowledge and theories on the New World Order with his SNEW band mate, Kelly Magee. Kelly Magee is a lifelong musician, former Golf Teaching Pro and most importantly a guy who threw away his television set for good in 2005. Kelly has been reading and studying about the world power matrix and their manipulations via alternative media a minimum of two hours a day since 2005. Together they will be discussing Illuminati, which means "enlightened ones" in Latin. It appears that the Illuminati’s main goal is to destroy national identities of countries, the Catholic Church, control others and eventually to establish the New World Order. We will be discussing this and more tonight! Contact: www.facebook.com/snewyou


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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    The Baltimore mosque President Obama has chosen as the first U.S.-based mosque to visit during his presidency has deep ties to extremist elements, including to the Muslim Brotherhood.The White House announced on Saturday that Obama will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) on Wednesday. (Story From Creeping Sharia). Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, wow should we be surprised? I'm sure Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama will feel at home in the mosque. 

    Maryland High School punishes Christian student for refusing to submit to Islam. Students parent threatened with arrest. We'll discuss this issue and how this is rapidly becoming an issue in America. 

    CAIR appears to be amping up their dawa in America. We can thank Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, Rep Alcee Hastings & Rep Keith Ellison among others for legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood Front Group; Hamas CAIR having them sit in the front row of Obama's SOTU show. This also happened in Cairo, June 4, 2009 undermining then Pres of Egypt Hosni Mubarack, Obama demanding Muslim Brotherhood be in attendence at his speech, embolding the radical islamic group in the Middle East.  CAIR - FL Rep Tells State Lawmakers that Anti BDS Bill is Unconstitutional via CairFl https://youtu.be/vpCVmapf64M.  Interesting scene during this sermon by CAIR Rep, we will discuss.

    Join us at 6pm EST, where we may or may not be broadcasting live from Little Falls NY. God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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    Open line Friday

    in Current Events

    We never sang Obama's new song,"This Mosquerade",!!!!! or went to far into figuring out Buy-owa and Hillary,(six flips) Clinton. How do you get away with that???? I'll expect to see this on a episode of," Scandal"  or, "The Good Wife". This couldnt have been done any better if it were done by Tony Soprano or Vito, "The Godfather", Corleone!!!!  Will Bernie Sanders Bern up New Hampshire????? Will Obama finally hand the Golden Scepter to Hillary???? Flint water happening everywhere!!!! EXASPERATING isnt it!!!!! Welcome to Miami!!!! We're not in Kansas anymoorer!!!!

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    Supah Bowl Suckas!

    in Comedy

    Daniel Day Lewis starts for the Broncos this week for his record 4th Academy Award!

    Daniel Day Lewis is in the remake of the Godfather as Don Vito Plainview.

    Cast Robert DeNiro as Vito in the remake!

    Tommy Chong wants Bernie Sanders as our next president. And he wants to make bong water our national beverage.

    Hoverboards don't really hover. They're just a way for heavy people to get around. Problem is, we're so fat that they catch on fire.

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he had a bottle of wing sauce up his ass.

    Everyone hates Donald Trump because he said that criminals are coming across the border with non-criminals. It's his guinea pig hair that we should be mad at.

    The guy that threw tomatoes at Donald Trump is now labeled a hero. I'm sure if that phsychotic liberal tomato thrower, was able to purchase a gun but can't because he has a mental defect, he would have shot the Don and blamed it on twinkies.

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    Hr of Enlightenment- Rhett Vito & Beyond the Door-Christopher Balzano

    in Paranormal

    Hour of Enlightenment w/Jake Fife- Tonight we will have Rhett Vito, a Civil War reenactor on the show to discuss Civil War history, and legends such as "Old Green Eyes", a paranormal entity sighted during the battle of Chickamauga. This is going to be an amazing show!


    Beyond the door w/ Karissa Fleck& Jackie Barrett-Christopher Balzano

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    Hr of Enlightenment-Civil War Ghosts& Paranormal Happy Hour

    in Paranormal

    Hour of  Enlightement with Jake Fife- 9pm Tonight I am going to be by myself, but it will be another awesome show! 2 weeks ago I talked with Rhett Vito about the Civil War and now I will be talking about ghosts of the Civil War. I will talk about the following: Ghosts of Gettysburg, Ghost Cadets at New Market, "Old Green Eyes" at Chickamagua, and last but not least, Ghost Reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown. You will not want to miss this aweosme show!

    Paranormal Happy Hour with Hunter Burton & Frank Meade 10pm- Listen to the debut show were the boys introduce themselves and what there shows will be all about.

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    ISIS released their Paris Terror attack video, a graphic 17 minute+ video, praising allah and quoting quranic verses attacking the Kuffar, the Infidel. Included in the video production is placing Pres Francois Hollande and PM David Cameron in crosshairs, as well as prisoners ISIS took captive, prior to beheading or shooting in the head. Quran chapter 4 verse 71: commands muslims to got to War in Separate Groups or go to war altogether. The JV team seems to be not going away, but getting stronger.  ISIS is playing a major league role in casting terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, as the quran, the word of Allah commands!

    More disturbing news of abuse and rape of German women and GIRLS by Syrian "refugees", coming out Germany.  Chancellor Merkel opened Germany's Borders, Hearts and Wallets to the so-called Syrian Refugees and this is how the German Citizens are being repayed! Which should send a signal around the world, why it is necessary to suspend all muslim immigration and repatriation. Assimilation to the Western value system is not Islams strongest Character.  Yet our American president is unphased by this lack of assimilation and integration! Of course, none of the 57 Islamic States have yet to step up to given haven to their muslim brothers and sisters, while the OIC is the facilitator of the vetting process?? Figure that one out!

    Join us this evening from 6pm EST where we may or may not be broadcasting live from Little Falls, NY.  Follow us on Twitter: #radiojihadnetwork or #mamamiaNOsharia. Like us on Facebook. Website: www.radiojihad.org 

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we are honored to have the host of Freedom for All - The Captain as our guest this evening. 

    We are going to discuss his passion for Medical Kidnapping cases in America and the abuse of DCF irrespective of the state.  We'll talk about Islam, Politics including both Presidential Primary slate of candidates.  Does favor any one or two Presidential candidates, irrespective of party. We'll ask The Captain about Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and their chances of becoming president and ask his opinion of democratic candidates including the unabashed Socialist Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

    Join Al and Vito Monday evening at 6pm EST where we'll be broadcasting live maybe from Little Falls, NY.  LIke us on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter: @radiojihadnetwork or @mamamiaNOsharia. Go to our website: www.radiojihad.org

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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    Hollywood Superhero X-Men movies and entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Just raving about U.S. Hollywood movies, celebrities and my favorite HBO stars, movies, series, and 

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    Two Amigos Winery -Vintner and Co -Owner Bob Briner

    in Business

    Dr.John inter views Bob AKA Vito  and  Co - owner of Two Amigos Winery. 

    Vito and Guido Vino ( Squire and Bob) are brothers of the grape. They produce exceptional wines and have a lot of fun. You’re going to learn a lot about wine... From how to make it, to how to buy it, and how to drink it. And you will Laugh a lot.

    As They Say sometimes we will tell you the truth and sometimes we won’t. Capice?

    ~Vito and Guido Vino

    Listen ,Learn and Have a lot of Fun!

    Fun Fact  One of the Owners, Squire was the original Ronald Mc Donald!