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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Tahereh Ashchi of Energetic Vitality

    in Self Help

    Lake Alfred, FL – Tahereh Ashchi is an energy healer and a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner who is the founder of Energetic Vitality, where she assists people to overcome the physical, emotional, mental and psychological pain through an energy healing modality known as the Emotion Code.

    “I’ve always been sensitive to energy,” says Tahereh. “Whatever I do I aim for excellence and I found through this process that energy healing is something I could really excel at. It was as if I already knew how to do it, I just didn’t have the words to articulate it.”

    The Emotion Code is one of a number of modalities that addresses the energy of emotions. As an Emotion Code practitioner, Tahereh connects with her clients energetically to determine which emotion needs to be released, typically emotions associated with grief or trauma, shock or panic. Tahereh was able to expand her work because she can intuitively sense the density of an emotion’s energy in the body.

    “It’s natural for the body to heal on its own,” says Tahereh. “Our body knows how to do this without our even thinking about it. The body is our best expert."

    Tahereh discovered Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code book about six months after her first heart attack. She’d had two heart attacks in one month as well as to other complications.

    “It took a long time to restore my health to the level it’s at today. When I did the energy healing on someone for the first time, it was as if I had always done it. It came to me very easily and effortlessly.”

    For more information on Tahereh Ashchi, visit www.energeticvitality.com

    To contact Tahereh, call (863) 288 3070 or Email: energeticvitality@gmail.com

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    LUwJC#070 Aliveness and Vitality within Your Relationships

    in Self Help

    Honoring our Personal Aliveness and Vitality is a choice we all make everyday, to do so while IN a Relationship is also a choice we make everyday. This week Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri is exploring this topic on many layers and they invite YOU to come along for the ride!

    Do You choose to Honor Your Aliveness and Vitality everyday?

    What does that question even mean?
    How do You show up in Relationships?
    How do You go away in Relationships?

    With Humor and her Love of Metaphors Jen Halterman comes to this show to introduce this topic and dive into the key components of Aliveness and Vitality within Your Relationships in full Jen Style! Grab your curiosity and humor and dive into this topic with Jen!  

    Have a question? Call in and talk to Jen directly! (646) 200-0825

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

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    V for Vitality

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of Healing Through Love Seminars, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Relationship System and the upcoming 30 Day Love Challenge.

    This show is all about living your dreams, fulfilling your life purpose and creating and sustaining love and health and total well-being for the rest of your life, no matter what age you are right now.  In every episode I speak with vibrant, exciting and positive men and women who are proving that life can, and often does, get better and better as we reach our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

    Today I am speaking with Susan Brender, founder of SCR&D Communications, a multi-faceted, full-service communications company serving Fortune 100 companies and recipient of the ACE Award created by Ted Turner for Best Progam in an Educational Series, teenagers-Drinking and Driving: A Killer.  Susan has produced highly-acclaimed shows for CNBC and MSNBC.  Her credits include the Freedom Radio Network and the Wall Street Journal Report on WBIS.  With her dynamic interviewing style, Susan gives us a backstage pass to meet fascinating Masters of the Art of Living.  She has left her innovative mark on an amazing list of artistic and communication project including the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation in NY.  Her current web site and internet radio show, at VForVitality.com, helps people to enjoy richer, fuller lives by showcasing those who have done it.

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    Vitality and WellBeing with Tambra Harck

    in Self Help

    Tambra Harck creates environments that expand consciousness and connections. She facilitates innovative ways to bring people and possibilities together -- to support humanity in living more joyously and collaboratively now and in our future. For more than 25 years, Tambra has inspired clients, students and audiences with a timely message... awaken to the call of your soul, and discover real-world ways to live your soul’s desire. The innovative project she shares with us is You Are U Symposium on Vitality and WellBeing. It’s an online gathering of souls from around the world who come together to explore, expand and experience the unique ways we each express vitality. 


    Join Tambra at the You Are U Symposium!

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    Reclaim Your Health: From Sickness to Vitality

    in Self Help

    Join us for Reclaim Your Health as we welcome coach Cathy Achino. She will share how we can go from sickness to vitality and about being your own health advocate.

    Cathy Achino of Courage to Lead is a certified life, leadership and advocacy coach.  She works with individuals who want to preserve or restore their well-being by exploring alternative care or want guidance to confidently navigate the medical system to improve their health.  She also helps business owners overcome challenges such as organization, communication or time management so their business thrives.  Cathy offers both coaching and consulting and can be reached at cathy@courtolead.com or www.courtolead.com.

    About The Hosts:

    Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. blends 19 years in scientific research with cutting-edge marketing techniques to bring a unique perspective to medical marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, she combines innovative marketing solutions with extensive healthcare knowledge to create campaigns that produce results.

    Genevieve Kohn shows women how to reclaim their health through healthy diet, gentle exercise and energy healing so they can have a life they love! She also helps wellness companies and small businesses grow by establishing their presence on social media. Get your free gift at bit.ly/wellsource4me .

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    Your X-Factor meets Your Vitality

    in Self Help

    Branding Your X-Factor, by Runa Magnus shows you how to identify what makes you unique and how to brand yourself authentically.


    The Vitality Test, developed by acupuncturist, Nick Haines, of the Five Institute, will tell you which of the five elements is your dominant influence - Wood, Water, Earth, Fire or Metal.

    To get into your flow in business, it is wise to create your business in alignement with your core values, personality and energy type.

    Dr. Andrea Pennington leads a discussion with Nick and Runa to share insights into your elemental vitality in business and LIFE!

    Learn more about our guests here:



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    Vitality Talk with Sarah Pann

    in Current Events

    Vitality Talk with Sarah Pann

    During Vitality Talk, we don't just cover ways to upgrade your life through telling you what to eat. In this inspiring community, all ways to achieve vitality are sought out. We provide exclusive interviews covering supplementation, light, bacteria, electroceutical devices, conscious ways to pursue your dreams and much more. If you are looking for a healthier, happier you, direct your ears and tune in!




    Support our network by joining us to listen and chat at FreedomizerRadio.com

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    Cleaning and Clearing the Chakra's for Health, Vitality & Attraction

    in Spirituality

    Cleaning and clearing your chakra's is essential for health, vitality and for raising your vibrations to attract the kind of life you want.  When your chakra's are clear, you increase your odds of attracting more money, love, sex, happiness, and all the things that are important to you.  Find out what muddy chakra's can do to you by joining Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink for this powerful look at the chakra's and the Law of Attraction.








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    Simple Steps For Optimal Health & Vitality with Alina Z & Pam Butler

    in Self Help

    Pam Butler welcomes Alina Z,  public speaker, TV host and Health Coach, for a  conversation on how to obtain optimal health  and vitality. Alina has a teaching style that is inspirational,  fun and easy to follow…transforming the way America views health! She will discuss her new Trademaked program: Couture Nutrition.

    Alina Zhukovskaya is certified by the worlds largest nutrition school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is the founder of American’s Health Coaches, focusing on creating TV shows that transforms the way America views health. She has a unique approach to food and has developed a new concept called Couture Nutrition. AlinaZ.com

    Pam Butler, inspirational speaker, yoga and meditation teacher and spiritual coach. Pam is currently writing her first book, Return To Life: part memoir and part spiritual guide, hoping to inspire and guide readers to find balance and bliss in their lives. returntolife.com

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    The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and wellbeing.

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    The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and wellbeing.