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    Kuntry Locos Presents: Flexxin and Winnin'

    in Hip Hop Music

    Kuntry Locos have the unique mix of hip hop with hispanic roots.  The group is a collective of artists, from all over the southeast region. For the last few years the group has been touring and performing in different Latin venues, producing all Spanish mixtapes and albums, and opening for big Latin acts like Akwid, Chingo Bling, Lil Rob, Mc Magic, and Diablo to name a few.  Recently, Kuntry Locos have decided to take a different approach to their music career. They found that the Latin community and Alabama as a whole were not big on hip hop.  They found it difficult to market to their own people, even if it was all in Spanish. After working tirelessly to get their music heard, they made a very difficult but good decision. For the last year and a half they've continued to stick by the hip hop market with all new English tracks on their  new project "High-Level Authenticity Mixtape".  With new videos that give movie-like visuals to the mixtape, the group has gained lots of love and support from a growing fan base.  

     "Our roots will never change. Our goal is to be recognized as hip hop artist. We just happened to be Latinos." - J.Kilo

  • What Is Music Saying These Days Compared To Music Of The Past?

    in Entertainment


    Most of today's rap music sucks when compared to music of the past...why is that? Most of these artist "ain't spittin' no tyeof dpope shit. But thats not even the bad part about it, they're not even say in words  anymore. They just got a hard ass beat to trick the masses and make them think they like it. And the visuals feature guns, girls, money, and bunch Styrofoam cups projecting their fascination of a lifestyle. But no comprehensible bars. So with that being said,  I pose the question; "What is today's rap music saying?" Tune in and weigh in on this topic and express your opinion rite here on the creation station that plays the hits ya never heard!!! The GetHeard Show. 

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    Artist Nick Sousanis on the Power of Visuals (& Comics) on Learning & Creativity

    in Education

    We'll explore what happens when we bring more visual images and visual thinking -- including comics -- into teaching, learning and creativity. Our guest is comics artist and educator Nick Sousanis, who received a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where he wrote and drew his dissertation entirely in comic book form. His dissertation has been published as the book, Unflattening. 

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes Kirby Maurier, Debuts new album “Doing The Most”

    in Music


    Kirby Maurier’s Debuts  new album “Doing The Most” debuted on Soundscan’s Current R&B charts at #162 (8/6/15). “Doing The Most” is also the first R&B album from an independent female singer based in South Florida to chart on Soundscan’s R&B Chart since December 2011.“Doing The Most” was released on Valholla Entertainment on July 31st featuring production from Miami-based producer Vegas Fontaine. The 9 track effort has been well received and was also featured by iTunes and Apple Music during the first week of release. “This release has been years in the making and thanks to Kirby’s supporters, the release was a success,” says Valholla Chairman/Chief Executive, Vince “Valholla” Eyma. “We took a risk releasing the album with no visuals or new singles, but it paid off.”“Doing The Most” features a 16 page Digital Booklet with photography by Woo Supreme, liner notes, lyrics, and is presented by Adobe Slate. “Doing The Most” is available digitally with physical albums provided through Amazon On Demand via Valholla Entertainment


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    Speaker Training: Creating Unforgettable Presentations

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Jim Comer, you'll discover:

    Your best asset as a speaker and two ways to use it wisely. How to identify and maximize your unique resources.
    The one thought process that virtually guarantees limited success and what you can do to be sure it never happens to you.
    The #1 well-intentioned mistake speakers make and how to avoid it.
    The two best ways to make a point stick with your audience.
    When visuals hurt more than they help and how to use yours to their full benefit.
    The acronym A.T.O. and how it can help you.

    Speechwriter, speech coach and nationally known speaker, Jim Comer, has worked with six CEOs, written three books, and spoken in twenty states on communication skills. He will share three decades of experience in Creating Unforgettable Presentations. Learn more at www.ComerCommunications.com

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    Episode 20 w/ Bjorn Roche - Co-Founder, Technical Lead of Shimmeo

    in Jobs

    This week I talk to Bjorn Roche, Co-Founder & Technical Lead of Shimmeo. Shimmeo is an app that allows users fun and easy ways to create music videos. You choose a song, shoot your clips, and they automatically produce a video for you to share. Bjorn will tell us all about his background, building this great app, and the ins and out of his company. Don't miss it!

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    in News

    From Paul McGuire - On tonights show I will talk about the exploding economic problems, what is coming in Sept -October and beyond, potential of WWW III over CURRENCY WARS, terror attacks, the plan to destroy America and the need for true Christians to get in the game repent, pray, intercede and believe God in faith for His supernatural power after they have repented and MORE!


    Also, I have a brand new 3-DVD FALL of AMERICA  and WHO WILL STAND IN THE GAP  for your Hagmann listeners it is at a special price normally I sell a 3 DVD set for $60.00 I am offering this to your listeners at a big discount!  which features teaching from prophecy, prayer meeting, the prayer and visuals and teaching on what is really happening in our nation and how to fight spiritually and stand for righteousness peacefully and with WISDOM!  Also, practical preparation.


    I want to mention the Babylon Code as it deals with the current financial crisis and economic crisis and they can buy it now and it will be shipped to them in about 2 weeks as it is being released.  There is a storm of publicity about this book already and Charisma Magazine is doing a cover story on it in the September 2015 issue.


    Lots more - I believe the power of God is going to move! and I have lots of intense information.


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    Mind Mapping: Capture Everything You are Thinking

    in Self Help

    Nicole Greer, PPCC wonders if you are seriously creative, full of ideas but often overwhelmed with how to capture and collect all of them.  In this Blog Talk episode, Nicole offers a strategy that will enable you to get in sync with your brains natural system for thinking and creating. The concept of Mind Mapping was developed by Tony Buzan and has been touted as the tool for taking your ideas and creating a visual map of their development.  Taking what is imagined to an image has great power to energize, impact and influence an organization. 

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to explore Mind Mapping:

    Work in Concert with your Natural Way of Thinking

    Capture what your Reticular Brain is Trying to Tell You

    Create Visuals that Explain What you are Thinking



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    Lord Have Murphy and Fran Shaw on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

    Lord Have Murphy, Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace is a visual, imaginative, realistic look at the world of Spirituality as seen through the eyes of ‘Murphy’.  Fran Shaw. Ph. D. gives us much to think about when thinking about that which we spend a lot of time thinking about and artist Bruce M. Sherman’s visuals are alone, worth the price of admission!  Published via Indications Press, Lord Have Murphy is ‘the read’ for anyone taking their spiritual journey seriously enough to step back a minute and reconsider all they believe they know. Contact Fran Shaw and obtain your copy of Lord Have Murphy at http://www.lordhavemurphy.com  Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network and you’ll find the links to all our great programs here http://www.themagichappens.com