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    The Visalus Way

    in Health

    The Vi MISSION


    One person at a time. 10 lbs. at a time.

    The biggest threat to our health, and the health of future generations, is hiding in the shadows. It’s time to face it. ViSalus leads the way, providing a platform for people to come together and fight obesity head-on. With good nutrition as our foundation and a powerful social network as our mobilizer, we’re committed to providing a real solution to this growing global epidemic. Big companies helped create this problem; we’ve challenged ourselves to be the company and community that helps solve it.

    Visalus has grown with leaps and bounds over the past few years. What makes Visalus stand out from it's competitors? Find out on February 8th, 2014, 21:00 (9pm Icelandic time) when my guests will be Mary Hall Scott, Margaret A Kerdock, and Cynthia Harvey. 3 Visalus representatives whose lives have been changed by Visalus for the better. 

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    Visalus Ambassador Travis Tarr

    in Business

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Travis Tarr to find out about his business and how he joined the Challenge.

    Tarr is a Visalus Ambassador and a physical therapist. He helps patients be in shape and recover from surgeries and other injuries. Tarr learned about the ViSalus Project 10 Challenge from a friend who went to the Miami Vitality. They were not in the best shape, so they decided to accept the challenge and become healthier.

    In this interview, Tarr explains that one of the reasons he decided to promote the Challenge was because he was dealing with people arthritic problems in his practice and yet he was not in the best shape. How could they take his advice if he was unwilling to live by it himself, he said. According to Tarr, the ViSalus products have helped his family lose 140 pounds in 90 days. His family no longer needed their blood pressure medicines thanks to this weight lost, as every pound lost leads to .4 pounds less of joint stress. Since promoting the Challenge, Tarr said his patients have lost 140 pounds too.

    Haley added “GJ brings new ideas to you and is able to dissect them.”

    GJ said, "Travis and Holly are extremely busy and have multiple businesses. They understand what hard work and staying a course is all about. They know how to use time valuement to accomplish what is important."

    "Travis and Holly also have excellent leadership with 5 Star Ambassador Bryan Bellville, his brother 3 Star Ambassador Neil Bellville and 2 Star Ambassador Bill Nissen. Great people attract great people!," said GJ.

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    ViSalus Body by Vi Champ Crystal McCarthy

    in Weight Loss

    Body By VI Champion Crystal McCarthy Discussed How She Joined the Challenge and Won the Championship On The Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

    Simply G Media Network today announced the release of an interview with Body VI Champion Crystal McCarthy on The Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

    McCarthy, a 35-year-old stay at home mom of 2 boys, was named the “Body By Vi Champion.” And it all started when a family member challenged her to lose weight.

    “The challenge has transformed my life,” McCarthy said.

    “I lost 20 pounds without exercise,” said McCarthy, who, at the time, thought running a 5K was not possible for her. Each time she got on the treadmill, she ran a mile and cried. “I finished the challenge and still despised running.”

    She finished a Body By Vi challenge and her friends kept telling her to enter the online competition. She jumped online and entered quickly. When they announced that she was a finalist, she said she was thrilled. The real shock came to McCarthy when she was named the active female champion.

    McCarthy, who is also a Regional Director with Visalus, now wants to help others. She said she wants people to believe in themselves and to reach out to her. She wants to show others that if she did it, they can do it too.

    Five-Star Ambassador and Vimllionaire GJ Reynolds said, “Crystal was challenged and accepted the challenge, She now wants others to do the same. She sees that she is a walking billboard to help transform other people’s lives.”

    McCarthy’s journey has led her to become a promoter of the Challenge. She has had success and, as a reward, now has a brand new BMW thanks to her work with Visalus. “What an amazing journey,” said McCarthy.

    You can listen to the interview by going to www.simplygmedia.com.

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    Visalus 5 Star Ambassador G's Europe Invasion

    in Business

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed GJ Reynolds to discuss his upcoming "invasion" to Europe, why he's doing it and where his travels will take him.

    Reynolds is an original Founding Member in the company ViSalus, 5 Star Ambassador, VI Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He is the author of "The Playful and Powerful Warrior within You!" (2011). Reynolds has worked out for over 900 consecutive days straight and won the Dale Brown Challenge.

    In this interview, Reynolds talked about how he will be traveling to 11 cities in 10 days. He is calling his trip G’s Invasion.

    “We had the British Invasion in the 60’s,” Reynolds said. “Now we have G’s Invasion in 2014.” He said the invasion will take him all over the UK and then Germany. According to Reynolds, this is key for the continued growth of his company.

    “We have been able to expand globally,” Reynolds continued. “This year we opened up Germany and Austria. We are looking to expand to more countries very soon.”

    “I choose to travel the entire globe,” Reynolds said. “I've lived in the Far East and I have never been to Europe. I am excited to transform and empower a billion people globally. I choose to challenge and have impact for anyone choosing to transform their life, health, and prosperity.

    Reynolds will be traveling to the following cities in the United Kingdom: Reading, South Hampton, Cornwall, Taunton, Thompson, York, New Castle. In Germany, he will be traveling to Stuttgart, Frankfort, Dusseldorf, and Hanover.

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    ViSalus' 2 Star Ambassador Madiba Thompson

    in Business

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Madiba Thompson to find out about his business and his physical transformation.
    Thompson, a 2-Star Ambassador for Visalus, is a prospecting, recruiting and personal development coach in the home business industry. He worked hard on a physical transformation that also helped him grow professionally and financially.

    In the interview, Thompson explained how he went from being a single father of four who was flat broke to making life-changing income in just 8 short months thanks to The Visalus Challenge.

    His latest 90-day challenge, which Thompson also discussed on the show, has taken things to the next level. He hired a personal trainer and, thanks to this move, now has an accountability partner. According to Thompson, this helps him stay focused on reaching his goals.

    Thompson said he believes in the great leadership in Visalus, especially as they continue to improve the messaging. He is also pumped about the new Challenge and is especially about Project 10, a program that helps a person reach his or her goals 10 pounds at a time. This is the magic number. When people reach their goal they will help a child who is struggling with their weight.

    During the discussion, Thompson also boasted that he is excited about launch of Visalus events in Germany and Austria and explained what it is like to work with Vimillionaire GJ Reynolds.

    "GJ has tremendous integrity," Thompson said. "He always is a man of his word. He has been around Visalus for years and is here for the long run. Not only does he value the people he works with, but he is also fun to be around."

    You can find out more information on Thompson by going towww.madibathompson.com. You can listen to the interview by going towww.simplygmedia.com.

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    GJ Reynolds-ViSalus Top Producer

    in Entertainment

    Today on the BeachLifestyle Show, Host Neil Haley will interview GJ Reynolds and discuss what it was like earning "Top Producers" for ViSalus!

    Orlando, Florida - July 22, 2013 - GJ and Alita Reynolds were recognized at the ViSalus Vitality Event in Orlando, Florida, as the top producers in Business Building for the first two quarters of 2013.  This Top Producer status is a reflection of their hard work and that of their team.  

    The Top Producers at ViSalus, a nutrition and fitness company, create the greatest volume of sales during a quarter/cycle.  ViSalus' Body by Vi Challenge is the Number One weight-loss and fitness challenge platform in North America, enrolling thousands of people every day.  GJ and Alita were tops in volume among those thousands of enrollees.

    GJ, a successful author, motivational speaker and teacher, and Alita, a strong entrepreneurial business woman and mother of three, work hand in hand to mentor and motivate their direct sales team.  The result of their hard work and guidance is evidenced by the recent Top Producer acknowledgment.

    "The ViSalus products and Challenge are at the core of our success, helping people become healthier, more fit and more prosperous," says GJ.  While Alita adds, "Helping others is our primary interest.  We aim to impact the lives of one billion people, worldwide, and are humbled by our success thus far."    

    To learn more about GJ and Alita and their Top Producer program with ViSalus, please go to:


    Neil Haley   412 244-1882

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    MLM After Hours Discuss Human Element of MLM Challenges Vemma-TelexFree-Zeek

    in Business

    MLM After Hours Discuss Human Element of MLM Challenges Vemma-TelexFree-ZeekRewards.....

    What is happening in the MLM and Network Marketing industry?  Find out on MLM After Hours with Peter Mingils and his guests.  This week we will be talking about Telex free, Visalus, Vemma, and the FTC and SEC actions at the beginning of 2016.  

    You can also listen to previous radio shows on www.buildingfortunesradio.com/mlm-after-hours

    Join us live every "odd" Monday night at 10:00PM Eastern, The 1st,3rd, and 5th Monday of every month.

    Hear the insights from Doris Wood, Mel Atwood, Rey Pasinli, Michael Linden, Peter Mingils, Len Clements, Carol LeClerc, Keith Laggos and others.  This week we are taking aboutevents and news in 2016.

    MLM After Hours is a unique Building Fortunes Radio Show which allows some people in the industry to talk informally about some of the issues that surround the MLM Industry. It's sure wild out there.

    The MLM After Hours show is sponsored in part by The MLMIA. The Multi-level marketing International Association has supported the industry for almost 30 years.

    You can find more news too on www.mlm.news

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    2014 ViSalus Vi Model Winner-Darren Noad

    in Business

    Today on the BeachLifestyle Radio Show, Host Neil Haley The Total Tutor & GJ Reynolds, will interview ViSalus’ 2014 Body by Vi Model winner Darren Noad!

    Darren is the newest winner of the 2014 Vi Model Competition which took place leading up to the National Success training in Atlanta in November 2013! 

    Congrats to Darren again for his great accomplishment!

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    How to CREATE Success in your Home Based Business & with ViSalus

    in Entrepreneur

    Create a Millionaire Mindset and Change your path TODAY.  Tips on the POWER of the 3-Way Call.


    Jennifer Webster is an entrepreneur, trainer, and motivational success coach. She is a respected leader in the networking industry. Jennifer has committed her life to sharing with others how she has built a successful networking business along with her personal life and empowers others to achieve the same. 

    So what is Jennifer's secret to success? Through her unique way of connecting individually with her team, even in a group settings. Jennifer has the ability to get her team to take immediate action and produce results! 

    “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar

    *Jennifer has spent the last 3 years building an international networking team recruiting on a national and international basis and currently has 1 of the largest and fastest growing teams in Visalus. Jennifer also brings with her more than twenty years of diverse national and international business experience that includes Import/Export, Financial, Legal, and Pharmaceutical areas of expertise. 

    Jennifer received her BA degree from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL specializing in International Business and Marketing. 

    Call me directly at 404-907-6978 or visit www.JoinTeamFit4Life.com

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    Ryan Blair-Visalus' CEO

    in Business

    Visalus Sciences CEO Ryan Blair and Neil Haley owner of Total Tutor discuss education, New York's Best-Seller: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, and overcoming challenges.

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