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    The Virtuous Woman - A MarketPlace Mogul

    in Christianity

    A word from Prophetess Collette Williams of Zimbabwe. Africa: "God is raising up women for such a time as this. Some are called to preach on the pulpit or serve in ministry and some are called to the marketplace. In the next couple of days we will discuss marketplace and ministry callings. You can be called to both and the 5 fold can also operate in both. More coming soon." -  May 7, 2015  Facebook.com

    When God began speaking to me about this marketplace ministry, I felt like a fish out of water. I had been preaching the gospel for 35 years and never once considered speaking of the marketplace. Every message was formed for maximum effect and to get men and women to love God and serve him with all their might. Today, I realize that those messages fell short of the glory that God wants to reveal in each of us. 

    Without me knowing it, I had propagated a gospel that was only good for Sunday morning or conferences. People listened and shouted amen and may even have jumped up and down with glee, but they didn't go home and apply a single word... for the most part. Most people cannot even remember last week's sermon. It's like last week's dinner. It tasted good but it is long forgotten and the next meal is all that matters.

    Now that God has opened my eyes, I see the marketplace as a viable ministry in itself. The marketplace employs potential and empowers purpose.Throughout the scriptures we see the marketplace faded into the background, but it is always there.

    The virtuous woman is a woman who lives life to the fullest in every area, and does not fear the future for she knows her God and does exploits.

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    The Husband of the Virtuous Woman

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    Who is he? Why does she choose or accept his proposal in marriage?  She is already an accomplished woman so what is it about him that makes her say "yes"? Let's take a look into their relationship and talk about the pros and cons of it. Can we perhaps find some answers to wedded bliss in this passage of scripture? Proverbs 31 is a loaded chapter! Tune in for more nuggets on this couple. Perhaps they have some sound advice for the couples of today.


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    The Habits of the Virtuous Woman

    in Christianity

    Our success is directly connected to our daily habits or regimen. What we do repeatedly creates the life we see around us. So what isit that the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 does that you also do. What things do you need to change? You are uniquely designed to function in a certain way and at a certain level. If you are malfunctioning, it's time to go back to the manufacturer. Take an inventory today of your potential. Now compare it to your production. Do they match up? Check your daily habits and tune in every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am eastern to Waves of Glory on Blogtalkradio.com.

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    Daughters of Yishra'Al: The Practical Virtuous Woman

    in Religion

    HalleluYah!!  Join us in our study of the Prov. 31 superwoman, Ashet Chayil. Unlike other studies, we are examining each verse through the wisdom of the Hebrew alef-bet.  What does this woman really look like and how do we know if we've perverted her example

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    The Fashion of the Virtuous Woman

    in Christianity

    Habits. While studying this virtuous woman, I discovered that the word" habit" in French means clothing. That is so very appropriate as the virtuous woman is dressed for success. On this episode,we are going to discuss the fashion of the Virtuous woman. Some would say God doesn't care what you wear, just come as you are. I would agree but once you come to him, he re-dresses you. Back to the Garden, Adam and Eve came as they were but what they attempted to clothe themselves in was inadequate. Tune in on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am eastern to hear the rest of the story.

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    Womanly Word - The Modern Day Virtuous Woman

    in Christianity

    This broadcast is specifically for the ladies! This quick word of encouragement is designed to help propel you through the week by empowering you to go forth in The Spirit of God. Lady Stephanie Newells along with other highly anointed Women of God will be teaching, preaching, prophesying and praying for you. You never know what you may hear on this broadcast, but it is sure to bless you.  In this episode, Lady Newells describes the characteristics of the modern day virtuous woman!

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    Fly Woman Radio with Latoya Johnson

    in Women

    Laurasha Lovett is a healing and transformation motivational speaker with Coal 2 Diamond. She is a big believer in rebirth in one’s life. Laurasha is no stranger to empowerment, inspiring and uplifting women. She has more than 12 years of experience in leadership and mentorship. Prior to starting her business, Coal 2 Diamond, Laurasha spent 12 years in United State Marine Corps. Laurasha encourages women who have experienced sexual abuse and assault by working with them hand in hand with their healing process. This is what expired Laurasha to created C2D. She wanted to provide women with the tools to build confidence and self-worth, and guide them into embracing their true purpose in LIFE. Through C2D Laurasha offers a wide range of programs and services, from individual coaching to group coaching. She is passionate about helping women get their shine back and fulfilling their purpose. Laurasha provides services that help heal, transform and start a new shining life. To contact Laurasha Lovett for a speaking engagement please email her at laurashalovett@gmail.

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    Fly Woman Radio with Latoya Johnson

    in Women

    Fly Sisterhood, join us Sunday November 8th at 6:30pm EST/ 5:30pm CST /3:30 PST with your host Latoya Johnson. We'll discuss "Gratitude in Your Attitude-What do Success Looks like for You?" Also, Loving Yourself Authentically. You'll have a chance to win a great giveaway! Join the conversation by calling (657) 383-0171

    Lashana N Williams, the Success Navigator and CEO of Women’s Journey 2 Success LLC, is a certified career and life coach whose personal mission is to “motivate, inspire, and empower women to uncover their life’s purpose and achieve their personal and professional best.” Lashana N Williams has held several leadership positions, and successfully climbed the corporate ladder from temporary employee to finance executive. She is no stranger to the challenges one faces on their journey to success. Fueled by her personal mission, she is committed to helping you discover your “career fit” – the career that is aligned with your passions and purpose.

    Throughout her career she served as a mentor to numerous professionals at varying levels, provided business solutions to several entrepreneurial ventures and created a formal mentor program for a top fortune 500 company. As a success navigator, 

    Her resume may speak to her experience as an accounting/finance professional. But her years of providing one-on-one career coaching, co-hosting women’s retreats, and offering programs to help women navigate their careers, is evidence of her passion to help you boldly chart your career path and ultimately find the career that is custom fit just for you.


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    Woman Up Radio!

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    Bringing WOMAN up to their highest place of POWER and PURPOSE in their individual lives, families and ministries!