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    Jennifer Ouellette & Jacquelyn Morie • Identity and virtual worlds

    in Science

    Jacquelyn Morie – All These Worlds, LLC – on identity and virtual worlds. A conversation with science writer Jennifer Ouellette. 

    Virtually Speaking Science episodes are hosted by Alan Boyle, Kelly Hills, Tom Levenson & Jennifer Ouellette

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    Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

    in Education

    Marie interviews special guest Kevin Feenan (SL: Phelan Corrimal) about the upcoming Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference (VWBPE) from April 9-12 in Second Life & OSGrid. This is a premiere event filled with great workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities. Opening keynote speaker: Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity. Over 2000 attendees representing 90 countries participate in 150-200 online presentations including theoretical research, application of best practices, virtual world tours, hands-on workshops, discussion panels, machinima presentations, and poster exhibits.

    Featured Music by Songwriter/Musician: Michael Wells.

    MrMulti Writer can be heard in Second Life on the 1st Friday of the month at Gallery Rouge and various other venues.


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    Storytellers, Musicians & Poets in Virtual Worlds Second Life

    in Writing

    Today's show is all about writers, musicians, poets and other content creators in virtual worlds. JP (brokali) joins me to share his short short stories and how microfiction writers have influenced his work. At Noon pacific, Shannon will be performing at Four Bridges. To listen to Shannon McMahon’s Music go to her website: http://www.shannonmcmahonmusic.com

    Brendan Shoreland is celebrating his 1000th show in second life at the Drunken Drow, May 3rd at 10a Pacific. In the meantime, you can listen to Brendan Walton’s music: https://soundcloud.com/david-walton-coursera and http://www.brendan-shoreland.co.uk

    Special thanks to both musicians for sharing their talents with us. All the songs are available for purchase. So, add both to your music library...


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    Virtual Worlds

    in Business

    Dave Elchoness from Association of Virtual Worlds talks about why he created AVW.

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    The Genki Spark Annual Show & Non-Profits in Virtual Worlds

    in Current Events

    March is Women's History Month! There are a lot of fantastic celebrations all around. I plan to attend  The Genki Spark's Annual Performance on March 29-30 at Simmons College. You don't want to miss it! Check out their website for updates: http://www.thegenkispark.org/

    Next segment's feature is Joyce Bettencourt (Rhiannon Chatnoir), Community Manager for NonProfit Commons in Second Life about recent and upcoming Non-Profit Commons events.

    Nonprofit Commons (NPC) was designed to lower the barriers of access to Second Life, to create a community of practice for nonprofits to explore and learn about the virtual world, and to investigate the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize this unique environment.


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    Virtual Worlds and the Future of Personality

    in Science

    The World Transformed, Part 7

    Are we living in the Matrix? Can we be sure? And even if we're not, are there reasons why we might want to live there?

    Phil and Stephen welcome a distinguished panel to discuss our future in virtual worlds, our future virtual selves, and Nick Bostrom's Simulation Hypothesis, which argues that we are already probably living in a computer simulation.

    About Our Guests

    Dr. Bruce Katz is a
    leading thinker and researcher in the field of artificial intelligence.
    He is the Chief AI
    Scientist at ColdLight
    Solutions and the author of Neuroengineering
    the Future: Virtual Minds and the Creation of Immortality.

    Michael Anissimov is a science/technology writer and consultant. He is the creative force behind one of the leading futurist blogs, Accelerating Future. He is a co-founder of the Immortality Institute, the Media Director for the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and the Fundraising Director for North America for the Lifeboat Foundation.

    Greg Campbell is an Intel alumnus and veteran of several Internet startups. He is an information technology consultant, virtual worlds researcher, and contributing editor to h+ Magazine, where he writes under the name Surfdaddy Orca. recent articles related to the show's topic include
    Brain on a Chip and Games that Design Themselves.

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    in Television

    THURSDAY 03/05/15 10pm ET/9pm CT/7pm PT - Join us for "MIKE ON THE MIC" w/Host BIG MIKE ALLBRIGHT And some possible *Surprise Special Guests* to recap #SurvivorWorldsApart!  Call in and tell us which tribe YOU would be on this season...The White Collar...The Blue Collar...or the No Collar!?!? Do you have early favorites or predictions? Call in and share with us! Since 2002, MICHAEL "BIG MIKE" ALLBRIGHT has been meeting and interacting with Survivor contestants at charity events, live finales and at parties, etc. around the United States. No fan in the entire WORLD has met more cast members (391) than Big Mike. He is a true insider who is fascinated by all aspects of the show and is always seeking to find out more information and background about Survivor. Big Mike has Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted his competition and is now known and beloved by nearly every player in the show's history, and many of the people behind the creation of show including Russ Landau, Monty Brinton, Jesse Jensen, Lynne Spielman, Jeff Probst, and even Mark Burnett himself! Call in every Thursday night to discuss each episode, talk w/ BIG MIKE, and our Special Guests at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link and scroll down the page to join us in our Live Chat Room too! Cherry Garcia and Paul from Mn. will be there to Co-Host each show. Let's talk #SURVIVOR and have some fun!


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    The Multiverse and Chaosphere from Michael Moorcock

    in Radio

    On Thursday March 5th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will
    have a discussion on the magical heroic fantasy fiction of British
    literary lion Michael Moorcock. Moorcock. Although Moorcock did not coin
    the term Multiverse he did much to popularize it in his Elric of
    Melnibone series. H.G. Wells used it in Men like Gods, and Richard
    Shaver's Red Dwarf called it the "Simultane." Parallel Worlds is perhaps
    the best description of it. What Moorcock did coin was the "Chaosphere"
    that mace-like symbol of the black ball with eight spearheads emerging
    that was adopted by Peter Carroll as the symbol for their Chaos Magick
    system. Moorcock's literary concept of the Chaos world is presented as
    an ocean of swirling colors and energies dashing against the cliffs of
    his fantasy world -- and periodically invading and claiming lands ruled
    by the Lords of Law. The Lords of Chaos, one of which is Elric's patron,
    play a constant game with men as the pawns. Moorcock was perhaps
    influanced by Vance's Cudgel, to create his anti-hero The Albino
    ex-emperor Elric of Melnibone, who struggles to overcome the sociopathic
    heritage of his race and finally secumbs to it under the influence of
    his black-magick sword which is a vampiric weapon with a evil mind of
    its own. This was a perfect fictional character for the darkness that
    followed the era of the flower children, a presage of the current goth
    and black metal fads. Moorcock describes himself as an anarchist and is
    a controversial literary figure in Britain. He is presently writing a
    Dr. Who novel, his first using someone else's character. So if you want
    to discover the magick of Michael Moorcock tune in and we'll navigate
    the multiverse.


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    ARISE! for Women-Unveiled Women of the Bible- Woman of God It's Time For us to Straighten Up

    in Religion

    ARISE! for Women presents "Unveiled" Women of Bible Series with host(s) Dr. Lila Robinson, CEO/Founder of Spirit Alive Network, Dr. Sandra Wilkes, Author "Anybody but Granny" and Dr. Felicia Jones, President of Loudon District Women Ministry. This week: Dr. Sandra Wilkes presents Luke 13 A Woman that has gone unnoticed in the New Testament is unveiled.  Her secrets, her trials and her heart will be explored and presented by Dr. Sandra Wilkes.  

    UNVEILED is the first complete Women of the Bible Series presented live online.  You can join the women of ARISE! via email at spiritalivenetwork1@gmail.com or loudonwomenministry@gmail.com or follow us on smartchurch.com for Android phone.  For discussion questions email us and participate in the virtual bible study weekly.


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    Slicks and Sticks: Rubbin with NASCAR

    in Sports

     Slicks and Sticks is merging the Ice Hockey and Auto Racing worlds together two and sometimes three days a week! Slicks and Sticks is the official shows of Sportsrants NHL and Sportsrants Racing. The week can't get much better than going "Behind the Glass" ,"Rubbin with NASCAR" and "Slingin Mud" with our sprint car drivers and guests! The team is taking you behind the scenes of NASCAR, touring the garage, strapping in with the drivers, spending time on the NHL, AHL, NCAA and ACHA ice with the players, coaches and staff!! Don't miss a second of the action and get involved in the action on facebook and twitter as well! 

    Slicks and Sticks is Rubbin with NASCAR tonight to talk the hottest topics in the motorsports world! Recapping the weekend at Atlanta, talking more on the safer barrier debacle, the Las Vegas preview and much more! Tune in and call in as well!

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    Guest: Roger Madison, Founder, iZania, LLC.

    in Business

    Roger Madison, Founder, iZania, LLC.

    iZania, LLC. helps connect Black entrepreneurs, professionals and consumers to achieve greater economic empowerment in a virtual Black community.


    Roger Madison is an independent "thinker, seeker, learner." He constantly strives to avoid being defined by popular culture. It is obvious to hms as a black person, that he is an "African in America." As such, he is deeply proud of his unique African heritage. His driving passion is to help young African Americans reach their potential.



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