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    Virtual Book Tours by Gina Alzate and Jo Linsdell

    in Culture

    Virtual Book Tours are a great way to create a buzz for a new release or to put life back into an older publication. In Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home, Jo Linsdell talks about 1) What is a Virtual Book Tour? 2) How to organise your own tour 3) Promoting a tour 4) Useful resources
    Jo Linsdell is a best selling author and illustrator, award winning blogger and freelance writer. She is also the founder and organiser of the annual online event "Promo Day" (www.PromoDay.info). To find out more about Jo and her work with authors and writers, please visit www.JoLinsdell.com.

  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Market your book with Virtual Book Tours - D'vorah Lansky

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    In this our final episode for 2013 (the next show will be on 9 January 2014), I chat with Book Marketing Wizard, D'vorah Lansky. D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., has been marketing online and mentoring leaders since 1994. She is the author of several Amazon bestselling books including: Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

    D’vorah is the producer of the annual Book Marketing Conference Online and the founder of the Become a Celebrity Author community. She has worked with thousands of authors in developing their skills to effectively and affordably market their books online. D’vorah is passionate about online marketing as well as helping authors to grow their business, their brand, and their book sales.

    Eunice Nisbett,  Book Marketing Strategist, Savvy BestSellers, launched this Expert Interview Series as a FREE book marketing resource for authors. She is also the Course Instructor for the Udemy Course: Book Marketing in Five which shares tips and tools to help you market your book. Sign up today and learn how to market your book and get noticed.

    Sign up at Savvy BestSellers to receive BestSeller Gems Newsletter, your weekly insights on promoting your book, with tips and tools you can use right away.

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    Virtual Book Tours - Showing Your Book Without Leaving Home

    in Marketing

    Sorry Folks, due to technology issues with equipment this informative session will be rescheduled and we'll list the new date and time soon.   Virtual Book Tours - Taking Your Book, Product, or Services, On Tour Around the Globe Without Leaving Home   You may have heard about this exciting new way to get your book, product or service in front of thousands of new customers, across the globe, without leaving home!    It’s called a “Virtual Book Tour”, it’s easy, and it’s a lot of fun!   A Virtual Book Tour is much like a traditional in person book tour, but instead of traveling  from city to city, store to store,  hoping people will show up... You take your book on tour "virtually," to a wide variety of targeted blogs across the Internet!   Please join my special guest D'vorah Lansky on Monday, July 15th at 3pm Eastern and learn how you, as a speaker, author,  or entrepreneur can use this powerful tool!

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    Today's Show Kicks off the Virtual Book Tours This Month at the NWFCC

    in Books

    Authors showcased this month at the National Writing for Children Center begin their virtual book tours- get the details on today's show.

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    Virtual Book Tours

    in Books

    Are you an author who would like to sell more copies of your books right now? Learn more about a virtual book tour on Wednesday January 21st at 12 PM Eastern. We will guide you through the process of how to begin your own Virtual Book Tour.

  • Tanya Jones: Taking It to the Reader, One Tour at a Time

    in Writing

    Tanya with TJs Virtual Book Tours will be here with a few words for authors!

    "Looking for an economical way to promote your books? No time for book signings or manning a table at one convention or another? Just not increasing your social media network base fast enough? Let’s talk about virtual book tours."

    "One of the biggest challenges for authors, in particular indie authors, is promotion. Until that big break, a large percentage of self-published authors have to watch their costs. There’s no big advance check coming in like with some of the traditionally published authors. Virtual book tours are the way to go. There are other options, but the elements specific to tours make them a great way to get your book out there. I will touch on some of the reasons that make virtual tours an excellent choice when promoting your book."

    "TJs Virtual Book Tours provides an economical way to broaden exposure for your book. Join me Saturday, August 22nd at 10 AM Eastern time (9 AM Central) for an engaging discussion of why you should consider using book tours."

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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: Bill Clegg’s Debut Novel

    in Books

    This week, Bill Clegg talks about “Did You Ever Have a Family”; Alexandra Alter has news from the publishing world; Kathryn J. Edin discusses "$2.00 a Day”; feedback from readers; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

  • The Fourth Agreement: Don't be a Slacker (Always do your best)?

    in Spirituality

    In his book, "The Four Agreements", Don Miguel Ruiz says,  "Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret."  We will discuss what this looks like in real life application and how following this agreement leads to Self mastery.  Join us! 

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    Beyond The White Picket Fence by Shari Yantes on Change Radio w/Rhonda

    in Motivation

    Shari’s newest book, Beyond The White Picket Fence” was released April 1, 2015 and is an Amazon best seller.


    Shari was an awkward child who felt like she never fit in and wasn't good enough, She grew up following the rules, the expectations of others & society norms, doing everything “right”. Although she had it all in the eyes of everyone else, a “perfect family”, a beautiful house & lifestyle and an executive role at a public company she still didn't feel like she was where she was supposed to be and she knew she wasn’t being who she truly was deep down.


    After a series of major life events all happening within a few months, Shari found the confidence & courage to say “Screw It” and took control of her life to live the life she desired, being her authentic self.

    Shari helps other women (and men) do the same. We all have the right to live an authentic life and be true to ourselves!


    Her open communication style and thought provoking conversational techniques as well as her diverse life experiences allow you to connect and an intimate, intense and individual level.  


    Coming from a childhood and life rich in lessons; dealing with family member’s addictions, divorce, blended families, physical and emotional abuse, being a single mom, layoffs and more, Shari learned to deal with challenges and move forward quickly and successfully!


    Overcoming many challenges of her own and thriving in spite of or because of them, Shari will help you take control of your life and find your way to an authentic thriving life. 


  • January Jones- Hasten to Payson, AZ with Connie Cockrell

    in Entertainment

     Meet: Connie Cockrell  and hear all about the Payson County Fair 


    September 11, 2015 



    She began writing in response to a challenge from her daughter in October 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Her books run the gamut from SciFi and Fantasy to Contemporary to Halloween and Christmas stories.

    She’s published two novels, The Gulliver Station series, three collections of short stories and has been included in three different anthologies. Her newest book Lost Rainbows follows Shamus O'Malley on a quest to recover the Leprechaun Kingdom's magic rainbows and gold before the rainbows are lost forever.