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    Sittin in da Park

    in Comedy

    Z is joined by the star of the Tam Show, Tam where they discuss their three favorite memes from the State of the Union address and bitch shit. You can follow Z on Instagram and Twitter @Zoluwaseyi and Tam can be followed on Instagram @_The_Tam

    Feedback is greatly appreciated

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    Holly Elle, Pop & R&B Singer/Performer out of Nashville

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Holly Elle, a Pop and R&B Singer and Performer from Nashville to the show. 


    An electrifying bond of authenticity links modern chanteuse Holly Elle’s radiant voice to lyrics, melodies and beats. With soul infused pop as a point of reference – and the mantra “No Labels, no rules, no limits” – Holly arrives with verve, vision and vibe.  
    Her viral video hit “Freak” struck a resonant chord, especially with young LGBT audiences who drew inspiration from the song’s message of empowerment and inclusion. Praised by opinion makers across the board, it was highlighted with two articles in the leading national gay publication The Advocate. Further strengthening this connection, Holly was invited to perform at the 250,000 strong Atlanta Pride Weekend.

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    Sincerity: 3 Steps to Re-capture it in Your Life

    in Motivation

    “Social networking” has replaced conventional methods of forming friendship. The computer and internet is more important than pen and paper. Polishing responses by e-mail removes the sincerity and replaces it with caution. Discussions of true feelings and the demand for respect is viewed as old-fashioned and “boring”. Videos of disrespectful children go “viral” and “twerking” is discussed as a “fashionable dance”. People who show sincerity are serious and truthful. Sincerity is necessary to unite communities and embrace humanity. Oprah Winfrey proved how hungry Americans are for the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. The world cried when Oprah cried, they talked about her vicissitudes and adopted her choices as her choices. Many say the “cult-like” influence of Oprah Winfrey came about because what she talked about appeared to come from the heart.

    Too often, what usually passes for sincerity is only an artful pretense designed to win the confidence of others. Oh how easy it is to fake sincerity and how hard it is to be sincere. Steps to becoming more sincere: 1. Act the same way alone as you do when in the presence of others. This is the real you and this is the person that people will trust; 2. Do things out of the goodness of your heart.; don't seek a reward or do things to acquire things from people; 3. Don't do it or say it, unless you believe it from your heart. Avoid situations that require you to offer compliments or to express your opinions.Opening up to others about your feelings, motives and aspirations can cause some people to react in insincere ways and attempt to drag you down. 

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    Nashville Underground Entertainment: New Artist and New Business

    in Entertainment

    It's the first show of the #NUyear, and it's a good one! Shawn calls in from the road with Nashville Underground Management's Zeke Duhon, while Matt is back at The Sound Shelter with the team's new act Viral Animal! Plus, they announce the expansion of Nashville Underground Entertainment and the new business venture, Nashville Underground Online!

    Viral Animal is a duo and production team made up of Damar “D Powers” Howard and Charles “Rokman” Rhodes, who combine EDM, Hip-Hop and Trap Pop to create ground-breaking music that stimulates a party center in the listener’s brain. With D’s infectious swagger and Rok's brilliant pop sensibilities the team is fierce and unstoppable… much like their name suggests. Viral Animal's art is not just music; it’s a lifestyle brand.

    About Nashville Underground Online

    Our name has become synonymous with great artists and local culture. The goal of the Nashville Underground brand is simple: to market and promote independent artists and local entrepreneurs. Online branding and marketing (as something our team has always done anyway) was the inevitable next step.

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    Jan 19 ~ Charlotte View: Tom Paladino, Scalar Energy the SOLUTION to Pathogens

    in Health

    Charlotte View welcomes Tom Paladino, who will present our callers and listeners with the SOLUTION for thousands of pathogenic disease. Tom is a scalar energy researcher with 25+ years experience helping people with pathogenic infection. He was inspired by various scientists, i.e., Hieronymus, Moray, Priore' and especially Nikola Tesla, as to the existence of an energy that is not of the electromagnetic spectrum. In 2012 His research has led him to the conclusion that viruses can be transmuted by the process of broadcasting scalar energy. Tom wants to present the world with the solution for ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections. It is Tom's belief and statement that the scalar energy is capable of transmuting ALL pathogens.

    During this interview Tom will:

    Explain Scalar energy 
    Explain how a "Pathogen Cleanse" operates to erradicate herpes, hepatitis C, lyme disease, as well as, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations
    Share stories of his breakthrough cases
    Talk about the use of Scalar Energy for Chakra Balancing, Nutrient Therapy and Hormone Therapy
    Remote Scalar Energy Healing 
    Talk about The 30 Day Remote Scalar Session

    805-314-9762 EST in the USA

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    Hair, Relationships and laughter

    in Entertainment

    Beauty Chat Radio 



    Guest: Meet Zeus Campbel (Topropez)

    A viral video success story Zeus Campbell is an American actor, Writer, & Producer .He is a Native of Norfolk VA where he grew up and graduated from Norfolk State University. He started writing & starring   in his own productions in 2012 when he created his own Relationship Sketch comedy Web Series entitled “ Hump Day Romance”.  His Web series Is where he gives his relationship advice & often times outrages perspective on relationships in today's society. Within one year Zeus found Internet “fame” with views in the Millions on his Partnered you tube channel. Going by the Name Top Rope Zeus, He reached international fame when one of his videos reached 10 million views on Facebook and caught the attention of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Outside of his own production Zeus is a professional actor landing lead roles numerous independent films, national commercials and Television shows. His web series   has gained him a Partnership with Marlon Wayans Comedy Website WhatTheFunny.com. Zeus continues to have success & create his own productions via the Internet getting his message out one viewer at a time. He lives by one statement, “Live your Dream Not Your Reality”.


    Youtube Channel -www.youtube.com/Topropezeus

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    Shut Your Whore Mouth 'n Such

    in Comedy

    Nobody is a bigger defender of the first amendment than Matt-Man and Jayman. We support freedom of speech and freedom of expression 100%! But, just because you have freedom of speech, doesn't mean you should use it. There are some people out there who would be much better off if they just shut the fuck up. Most of these people are politicians, athletes, celebrities and political and sports pundits. Seriously, they're just embarrassing themselves.

    Okay, so we'll mostly agree on that. There are, however, more people out there we've had enough of. Just regular everyday folks doing things like driving slow in the fast lane, searching for exact change at the register, sharing stupid "viral" videos on their Facebook page and lots of other annying things. Matt and Jay have had enough of all these people, famous or not, and they're not gonna take it anymore.

    They will also continue the national discussion about freedom of expression including telling offensive jokes, mocking religion and even rape jokes. And just what the hell is "rape culture" and "slut shaming" anyway? Matt and Jay will break it all down for ya. Or something.

    As always Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be here to add to the discussion. Bobby Kraft has discovered the DPRK News Service Twitter feed and he is in love with those guys. Phil Diller is ready to kick off his big 2015 comedy tour. If you even mention the word "whore" Drew Peacock won't be far behind. And really, who knows what else might happen. IWS is nothing if not unpredictable. All this and YOUR CALLS this week on IWS Radio!

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    in Health

    Ok, TODAY was a GREAT show about THE MIND BODY CONNECTION with a lecture from PROFESSOR CATHRYN SANDERSON, she is a wonderful lecturer, a brilliant Professional and is easy to listen to.  You might just be a believer in the FACT that THE MIND DOES INTERACT WITH THE BODY!

    Dr. LISSA RANKIN will also be speaking as well, I found a GREAT lecture she gave on the MIND BODY CONNECTION!

     If you are interested in being a Featured Guest on my show, please email me at BLOGTALKGUEST@SALLYBLESSING.COM   with your name, the name of your business and your contact info.


    * * * Do you love to TRAVEL or TAKE VACATIONS AT A FIRST CLASS RESORT or VACATION DESTINATION at LOW LOW PRICES, so LOW that my company GUARANTEES that if you book with us and find a lower rate within 7 day, THEY WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY and PAY FOR YOUR VACATION!   You have to look into this HUGE BIG BIG DREAM MAKER DEAL that is going viral as we speak just take a look at this short video WWW.VACATIONSOONER.COM then contact me with any questions (DREAM2015@SALLYBLESSING.COM) or Just go ahead and GRAB YOUR DREAMS AND JUST DO IT!   Go to WWW.DREAM2015@WORLDVENTURES.BIZ      


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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy DeNador and Guest Jake Ducey 01/16/15

    in Lifestyle

    My guest for Live Your Music on 01/16/15 is Jake Ducey.

    In 2013, Jake Ducey, a college dropout, independently released his first book entitled Into The Wind, about quitting college to backpack around the world. Without a publisher or budget, he made it to the top 300 of all books on Amazon. The book became a viral sensation, enabling Jake to build a strong and loyal on-line following, give a TEDX Talk, and speak to over 100 schools and corporations, in just a year and a half.
    The demand for more of Jake Ducey started almost immediately, and after aligning himself with the legendary literary agent Bill Gladstone, Jake secured a publishing deal with Penguin/Random-House for his second book, The Purpose Principles. It became one of the largest deals of its kind for the iconic publishing house. Jake is the youngest motivational author to ever sign a book deal with Penguin/Random-House.

    Through Jake's quick rise to success, he has been taken under the wing of some of today's most successful authors, "success coaches" and thoughts leaders. Two of these authors are Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

    Jake Ducey's second book, The Purpose Principles, was released on January 2, 2015. In Spring 2015, Jake will embark on one of the largest book tours ever, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

    To connect with Jake online, please visit his website: www.jakeducey.com

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    Victories In Today's Cultural Battles

    in Politics Conservative

    So many times both on this show and in this world today the news stories we read, review, or hear about are very negative.  Today, I wanted to do something that I do on occasion and share several stories that are very positive in one way or another.  Included in that are actually some updates on the Houston and Atlanta situations talked about on Saturday's show with the Houston mayor and the fired Atlanta fire chief.  I also have a story in Virginia in which a school district rightly decided not to persecute Christian students or Christian families.  Also there's a great viral story that has made the rounds about a certain Chick-Fil-A manager did for a homeless man who came into his establishment.  And there's a great swell growing in China as well when it comes to the spread of Christianity.  It's a positive show today and it starts at 4:30 Eastern time, archived for later listening

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    Preacher punching and Fire Chief thumping

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another year of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal. A video of a preacher bragging about bullying a youth during church has gone viral. Did his own words do more harm than help? Also Atlanta's mayor has terminated the fire chief Kelvin Cochran for a book the chief wrote denouncing homosexuality? Did the chief cross the lines of church and state separation? Is this a case of war against Christianity? Join in the discussion of this and more with Pastor Neal.

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